How To Build A Food Delivery App Like UberEats or GrubHub

Date :
June 5, 2019
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Amit Rana

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Let’s Build Your Dream App!

How To Build A Food Delivery App Like UberEats or GrubHub

According to a research conducted in the USA, 87% of food delivery app users prefer this method because mobile apps make their life easier. At the same time, the food delivery apps are estimated to become a $32 billion industry by 2020.

The key reasons behind the above mentioned figures are speed and convenience. At the same time, these numbers also motivate entrepreneurs to join the bandwagon. So, if you are planning to ride the digital wave of food delivery mobile apps, this article is for you.

So, let’s begin…

Food Delivery Startup Models

There are primarily three ways to launch a food delivery mobile app; the one that works for a restaurant, one where you are a traditional aggregator and one where you also provide delivery.

Restaurant App

As the name suggests, this model works only with restaurants that want to launch their own mobile app for customers. Starbucks mobile app would be the best example.

Traditional Aggregator Model

This is an approach where an entrepreneur launches a food delivery app that brings restaurants and customers together. As a third party admin, the food delivery startup owner will be managing the customers and the restaurants near them. The delivery, however, will be carried out by the restaurants.

Food Delivery With Logistic Support

If you are planning to launch a food delivery business in the likes of UberEats, GrubHub or FoodPanda, this is the category where your business belongs to. This model brings considerably higher footfall than its aggregator version because restaurants prefer food apps that handle delivery too!


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Features Of UberEats Clone App

Focus on the following features while planning to launch an UberEats clone app:

Information/Data Access

Information is the key behind every purchase made by customers. From restaurants around them to the menu, ingredients, nutritional value, availability, estimated time of delivery and specials of the day etc., customers want to know everything. All this information helps them make a decision.

The advancement in technological world, especially in the realm of mobile apps has made it remarkably easy to provide all this information with the help of APIs. Such an API fetches all the required information from restaurants in an automated way. The moment a customer selects a food item from the menu of a particular restaurant in a given location, the API will give all the aforementioned details to the customer. An informed customer is a loyal customer.

Payment Integration

How To Build A Food Delivery App Like UberEats or GrubHub

From making online payments to the traditional cash on delivery, giving your customers the option to pay the way they want to is tantamount to great user experience. In current times, customers are making a switch from paying through credit/debit cards and netbanking to more sophisticated Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Integrating as many payment options in your system as possible will also make them move faster through the checkout funnel. The faster they move, the quicker they’ll pay.

Real Time Order Update and Tracking

Keeping customers informed about the order status (order confirmed, in preparation, out for delivery) to exactly where the delivery agent has reached keeps them in the loop. Such real time notifications and information enhances user experience as customers don’t have to call again & again to know when will the order reach.

Real time order tracking when the order is in delivery stage can be carried out with the help of CoreLocation framework (for iOS Apps) and Google Location API (Android apps). At the same time, Mapkits and Google Maps allow the delivery agent to get the best route to the customer’s location.

Advanced Analytics & Reports

Analysing customer behaviour is the key to improving your services. It will help you reach out to each of your customers in a highly personalized way. From buying preferences to frequently ordered food items to the time window when a particular customer orders the most, all this information gives you the power to enhance your business.

The same information will also help you make better food recommendations based on customer’s favorite cuisine, their budget preferences and many other parameters.

Delivery Scheduler

Customers normally order food when they need or want it right away. However, there are customers who want their food delivered later in the day. Giving them the freedom to schedule delivery will not only enhance user experience, but also build brand loyalty.

So, give your customers the power to schedule their dinner delivery in the noon or order a cake for a birthday or anniversary coming in a week. They’ll love you for it and will want to come back for more.

Referrals & Promo Codes

Want to increase the downloads of your UberEats clone app? Referrals are among the most efficient ways to do so. At the same time, promo codes are also a great way to increase your food delivery mobile app’s AOV. Make sure you send referral points and promo codes through push notifications so your customers grab the offer quickly.

Review and Ratings

How To Build A Food Delivery App Like UberEats or GrubHub

Possibly the fastest way to know how well your business is doing in terms of user experience. Reviews give you a real-time feedback on how each order was delivered and how your customers feel about it. At the same time, reviews also add to your app as dynamic content.

Moreover, you can use good reviews for marketing and promotions, while bad reviews can be used as a scope of improvement.

Methods Of Making Food Delivery App

Once you know what essential features your UberEats clone app must have, you need to finalize how you want the app built. Given the wide variety of niches Uber for X model presents, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the ways are as wide in variety too.

The choices you have are:

Hiring Your Own Team Of Developers

This method is best applicable if you are going to work on your app every hour of the day, forever. Then it will be a good idea to hire developers, designers, testers and the whole shebang. Otherwise, this method is only going to cost you time and money.

Hire A Freelancer

Hire a freelancer if he/she lives in your timezone. If your timezones vary, we recommend you figure how to keep the communication gap at bay. And then you have the possibility of the hired freelancer to be in another country. Then, you may also have to deal with the possible language barrier.

Hire A Mobile App Development Company

A custom solution that meets all your requirements minus all the hassles surely sounds like a good idea, because it is. A trusted and recommended mobile app development agency will give you great value for money. Moreover, you will be able to focus on your business while your app gets built. A win-win situation.

Speaking of win-win situations, here is another option:

Getting A Whitelabel Solution

Keeping the rising trend of Uber for X apps in mind, mobile app development companies have also launched readymade food delivery mobile apps. You simply need to see which readymade gets you going with all the essential features. You will be able to launch your app in no time, giving you a quicker entry in comparison to all the other methods.


With palatable food available at the tap of a screen, The market for food delivery provider will stay in rise for a long time. We have equipped you with the right information. Make a well-informed decision and watch your business soar to great heights. Good luck.

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