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We are an expert app development team in Dubai that is always looking for the next big challenge. Our understanding of the changing trends of the technological world helps us stay ahead of the competition. We’ve seen businesses move from brick and mortar to websites. We were there when the digital transformation introduced the realm of business mobile apps.
Your search for a Mobile App Development Dubai (United Arab Emirates) ends at Code Brew Labs. This is where everything revolving around mobile app development happens under one roof.

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Mobile App Development Dubai For Industries Such As

  • On Demand App Solutions dubai On Demand App Solutions dubai

    On-Demand App Solution

  • Ecommerce & Marketplace App Solutions dubai Ecommerce & Marketplace App Solutions dubai

    Ecommerce & Marketplace Solution

  • Food Delivery App Solution Dubai Food Delivery App Solution Dubai

    Food & Beverage Solution

  • Pickup & Delivery Solution Dubai Pickup & Delivery Solution Dubai

    Pickup & Delivery Solution

  • Blockchain Development Dubai Blockchain Development Dubai

    Blockchain Development

  • IOT app development Dubai IOT app development Dubai

    Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Social Networking App Solutions Dubai Social Networking App Solutions Dubai

    Social Networking Solution

  • Healthcare and Medical App Solutons Dubai Healthcare and Medical App Solutons Dubai

    Healthcare & Medical Solution

  • Home Services App Dubai Home Services App Dubai

    Laundry & Home Services

  • Transportation App Solution Dubai Transportation App Solution Dubai

    Transportation Solution

  • Real Estate App Solution Dubai Real Estate App Solution Dubai

    Real Estate Solution

  • Banking & Finance App Dubai Banking & Finance App Dubai

    Banking & Finance

  • Education & Learning App Development Dubai Education & Learning App Development Dubai

    Education & Learning

  • Manufacturing Business Solution Manufacturing Business Solution

    Manufacturing Business Solution

  • Enterprise Mobility Solution Enterprise Mobility Solution

    Enterprise Mobility Solution

Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Becoming an award-winning mobile app development company is not an easy feat to pull off. It all starts with a thorough consultation with clients. Commencing any mobile app development Dubai project depends on its practicality and need. And it is made possible through a strategically designed consultation process:

  • Product Definition
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Market Evaluation
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Conceptual Assessment
  • Project Scope Assessment

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Mobile App Design Dubai

From an eye-catching logo to the overall layout, everything that your audience sees on your app must ooze with an awesome user experience. We are a native and hybrid mobile app development company Dubai with a keen eye for user interface and experience. And this is exactly why our designers leave no stone unturned to create the best UI/UX designs. Our mobile apps developers dubai (United Arab Emirates) designers use avant-garde tools to give your app the face and interface it should have. Our UI/UX designing includes:

  • Storyboarding to pre-visualize the interface sequence
  • Creating design sketches
  • Illustrations (2D)
  • 3D Modelling
  • Creating journey maps
  • Wireframe creation
  • Mock-up creation
  • Visual designing

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Mobile App Design Dubai
Mobile App Development Dubai

Product Strategy

A strategy is the roadmap that transforms dreams into reality, and thus, is a crucial part of the complete mobile app development Dubai process. This is where our business analysts come into the picture. They are all proficient in requirement analysis, which comes in handy to make sure a high-quality app is developed in the most time effective way possible.
We include the following steps comprises of the following steps:

  • Identifying product objective
  • Target audience identification, discovery and analysis
  • Product price analysis
  • Product launch and marketing strategy

At Code Brew Labs, we follow Agile methodology, ensuring complete transparency, minimum TAT (Turn Around Time) and quick bug and error fixes.

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Native iOS App Development

Who’d have thought the introduction of first iPhone in 2007 will lead to a technology wave that will ride all across the globe. Since then, iPhone apps have become a highly profitable market. Keeping industry standards in mind, Code Brew Labs use Xcode framework to develop apps for Apple devices including iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads and even Apple TVs. Our highly efficient team of iPhone app developers Dubai rely on Swift and Objective C to create the best iPhone apps as per your requirements.
Our native iOS app development Dubai services include:

  • iPhone app design and development
  • iPad app design and development
  • iWatch app design and development
  • Apple TV app design and development
  • iOS app support and maintenance
  • App Store optimization

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ios app development dubai
Android App Development Dubai

Native Android App Development

Our android app developers Dubai are proficient in creating mobile apps for a wide assortment of industries. Be it e-commerce, banking, travel, social or any other industry, our developers and designers have done it all. Their experience and expertise in the realm of android app development Dubai is second to none.
Our android app development services include:

  • Android app design & development
  • Enterprise Android app development
  • API integration
  • Android app testing
  • Play Store optimization
  • App version upgrades and updates

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Hybrid App Development Dubai

At Code Brew Labs, we understand that every business has their own unique set of requirements. With those requirements, comes a unique solution. That’s why we, as a custom mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE also take pride in creating hybrid apps.

Our experience in the hybrid mobile app development Dubai helps us muster up the best hybrid apps in the most time and cost-friendly manner. Now you can have an app for all the popular mobile app platforms without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • HTML5 app development
  • Ionic app development
  • PhoneGap app development
  • React Native app development (more on this later)
  • Migration to hybrid frameworks
  • Hybrid app support and maintenance

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Hybrid App Development Dubai
Progressive Web App Development Dubai

Progressive Web App Development Company

There are times, scenarios and reasons when a native or hybrid mobile app is not a practical solution. But, the advent of technology does make it imperative to have an app. This is where the world of progressive web apps (PWAs) opens up.

When you hire top Apps Developers Dubai (United Arab Emirates), look no further than Code Brew Labs. Our team of developers are highly skilled in creating PWAs that not only look like their native counterparts but also are engaging, secure, responsive and reliable.

Our progressive web app development services Dubai comprise of the following:

  • Application shell architecture
  • Progressive & responsive web design
  • Custom Progressive Web App Development
  • PWAs with offline functionalities
  • Lighthouse app development
  • Workbox app development

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React Native App Development

React Native App Development Dubai is the most innovative way to propel your business to great heights. Joining hands with JavaScript, React Native brings the power of a native app to in a hybrid environment. Our stringent quality assurance enables us to deliver high quality React Native apps apps that work surprisingly similar to native apps. Our plethora of React Native app development services in Dubai include:

  • React Native Android App Development
  • React Native iOS App Development
  • React Native App Customization
  • React Native UI/UX Design
  • React Native Support & Maintenance

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React Native App Development Dubai
Website Development Dubai

Website Development Dubai

We not only take pride in being the top mobile app development company Dubai region has to offer, but also in offering industry lead web development services. From startups to SMEs to large scale enterprises, our team of web developers are capable of delivering the right website for businesses of any and all scales and industries. Relying on advanced PHP frameworks and their vast experience, our web developers in Dubai have made business websites for more than a hundred clients.
Our web based services comprise of:

  • Custom web designing
  • Custom web development
  • Custom web portal
  • Customized ecommerce solutions
  • Responsive web design and development
  • Content management system (CMS) development

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Backend Development

It’s the robust and skillfully developed backend that makes the front-end of a mobile app or website work perfectly. Moreover, what goes in the backend depends entirely on the business requirements. Our backend developers have a keen attention to detail when it comes to business model analysis. They identify the scalability of the model and create the right backend solution to ensure optimum performance of the system. Here are the steps that help our backend developers:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Website Backend Development
  • Mobile App Backend Development
  • Database Management System

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Backend Development
Software Development Dubai

Software Development Dubai

Code Brew Labs boasts of a team of highly skilled and experienced software developers Dubai who can conjure business apps for establishments of all scales and domains. Our software solutions are secure, reliable, completely customized and scalable. And the credit goes to our coding practices, following industry standards and leveraging upon latest technology to create the right solution in an affordable and timely manner.
When it comes to software development Dubai, we primarily focus on:

  • Cloud Development
  • Inventory Management Software Development
  • Employee Management Software Development
  • System Integrations

The result is better operations, better ROI and better business.

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Blockchain App Development Dubai

The decentralized digital ledger, the one that powers Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency in the world caught our attention too. And soon after, developers at Code Brew Labs took a deep plunge in this technological marvel to create Blockchain apps for banking, healthcare, and many other business industries. We are the leading blockchain app development company in Dubai, offering services such as:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange development
  • ICO development and marketing
  • Decentralized application development
  • Ethereum app development
  • Mobile crypto exchange
  • Smart contracts

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Blockchain App Development Dubai
Wearable App Development Dubai

Wearable App Development Dubai

Smart wearable devices are nothing short of a revolutionary technology. With the help of iBeacons and Estimotes, Code Brew Labs brings you a myriad of wearable technology based mobile apps. We don’t let the smaller screens of smartwatches hinder user experience, for we are famous for providing a seamless UX on all screen sizes and platforms.
Our wearable app development services Dubai include:

  • Custom Wearable App Development
  • Android Wear App Development
  • Beacon App Development

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AR/VR App Development Dubai

This is one vertical of mobile app technology that always excites us as much as our clients. From virtual tours for tourism apps to AR powered online furniture marketplaces, these two technology subdomains have swept the market. And this is where Code Brew Labs comes into the picture. Hire mobile app developers Dubai, UI/UX designers and 2D & 3D artists leverage upon their experience and talent to create class-leading AR/VR apps for a variety of industries. We deliver high quality AR/VR apps through:

  • Visual storyboard development
  • Augmented reality app development
  • Virtual reality app development
  • Testing on AR/VR devices

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AR/VR App Development Dubai
API Development and Integration

API Development and Integration

Depending on your business requirements, developers at Code Brew Labs can integrate any API (Application Program Interface) of your choice. Whether it a social networking API or a payment gateway, the geeks of Code Brew Labs can do it all, and they’ve done it all.

  • Third Party API Integration
  • API Architecture
  • Custom API Integration

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App Analytics

We just don’t stop at creating amazing apps, we also ensure you get best return on your investment. This is exactly why we pay great attention to app analytics. Our mobile app developers Dubai and data analysts in Dubai work in tandem to help you understand your users’ behaviour correctly. This further helps you in making more informed business decisions.
For this, we have created an inhouse analytics app, aptly named Retainlytics for both iOS and Android platforms. Retainlytics packs the power of following features:

  • User analytics
  • Attribute tracking
  • Crash analytics
  • In-app purchase analytics
  • Geo-analytics

Discover Data-Driven Insights

App Analytics
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our QA team leaves no stone unturned to make sure that every mobile app, website or software we develop is free from errors, bugs and meets industry standards. Our QA specialists subject every project to rigorous testing methods such as unit testing, regression testing, system testing, etc. to ensure we deliver only the best and right solutions.

  • iOS app testing
  • Android app testing
  • Web app testing
  • Software testing

Prepare Your App For Launch

App Deployment

Just getting your app listed on App Store or Play store is not good enough, you’ll need to ensure you put your best foot forward while doing so. We make sure that your app is not only listed, but also has all the right elements to make it visible to your audience. From right product description to a great artwork, we do everything to give your app an amazing presence out there. And we do it through:

  • App deployment on Play Store
  • App deployment on App Store
  • App deployment on iTunes
  • App store optimization
  • Play Store optimization

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App Deployment
App Iterations

App Iterations

At Code Brew Labs, we understand that there’s always a scope for improvements, and apps are no exception to this fact. Our business analysts keep analysing apps for user behaviour, scope of improvement and new features. Needless to say, app iteration is the most important part of post deployment maintenance.

  • New features
  • App enhancements
  • Tweaks, upgrades and adjustments

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Post Development Maintenance

We don’t stop at just creating a mobile app, we want it up and running at all times. We are the best mobile app development company Dubai region has ever witnessed. We’d like to keep things this way, and that’s why we are always there to resolve any and all technical issues associated with the app. Enjoy the freedom to work on other important aspects of business, let the app experts take care through:

  • Customer service support
  • Incident management
  • Software license management
  • Service requests management
  • Process management and configuration

Boost Your App Presence

Post Development Maintenance
Why Top Brands Trust
Code Brew Labs

Not only SMEs and startups, but many top brands also trusted us for getting their mobile apps built. This trust comes with our experience, our portfolio and above all, our passion to help businesses grow through technological innovations.

We have successfully deployed customer software solutions to brands like The Abraaj Group, Chalhoub Group, Asnan Tower, AW Rostamani, Nielsen, Isuzu and many more.

  • sml Logo
  • sml Logo
  • Nielsen logo
  • Chalhoub-Group
  • Data Kart
  • The Times Group
  • University of california
  • University of Alberta
  • KGT
  • Asnan
  • AW-Rostmani-Holdings
  • idea

The Fantastic 4 Factors

Why Code Brew Labs Is The Leading App Development Company In Dubai

It didn’t take us too long to establish our worth in the app development arena, for there was no code Brew Labs before 2013. But, that doesn't change the fact that there were some visionaries who wanted to transform the way apps were built.

Moreover, there are 4 factors that form a strong bond of collective effort in every Code Brewer:

  • B


    Of Your Business Idea

  • R


    A Perfect Architecture

  • E


    Bug-Free Business App

  • W


    Up For Success

Code Brew Labs Explains

Why Custom Mobile App Development Is Better Than A Readymade App

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve delivered more than 300 successful projects, with more than 10 million app downloads. And thus, we are well equipped to tell you should choose custom mobile app development Dubai over readymade apps.

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