The Ideal Mobile App Development Process

The Ideal Mobile App Development Process

The rise of mobile apps have caused a disruption in nearly all the major industries. When at one time websites were thought to be crucial for maintaining a business’ online presence, then today mobile apps are seen as indispensable for survival, growth and scalability. This sudden surge of mobility has made many businesses consider developing a mobile app. It all makes sense and it’s probably the right and easier decision to make. However, what follows next in the mobile app development journey isn’t that straightforward. The biggest challenge is perhaps that of selecting the right mobility partner for your mobile app idea. Why? Because of the sheer saturation of the developer’s market.

As per Clutch, there are as many as 6000 mobile app development companies out there; throw the various freelance mobile app developer into that mix and you have a very lengthy list to go through. What makes it tricky is the fact that each app development company is selling its services as the best of their kind, with the greatest amount of experience.

We understand the complexity of the process and to simplify everything, we’ve created a 3 parts blog series – An Entrepreneur’s Guide To App Development(find the link below) that will help you understand the various aspects of app development from selecting the right app development platform, understanding the time and cost estimates, as well as the overall development process.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide To App Development – Part 1

An Entrepreneur’s Guide To App Development – Part 2

An Entrepreneur’s Guide To App Development – Part 3

Our clients, especially the new ones almost always ask us about our app development process. Given the question is of huge importance to every client, we’ve dedicated this guide towards it. Through the course of this blog you’ll learn about the app development process followed at Code Brew Labs to create innovative and award-winning  mobile apps:

1. IP Protection 

Protecting the client’s idea is top priority for us and we take every step necessary to ensure that. Once the client has shown interest in working with us, we offer to sign an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) with them. Thing is, the better you explain your app’s concept to your development partner, the more they understand your vision. That’s crucial to build exactly the kind of app you have in your mind. With an NDA in place, we ensure both the parties involved can speak their minds freely without any inhibitions whatsoever.  

2. Meeting

The NDA is followed by a meeting with our business and development team, where we discuss the clients’ app idea in thorough detail. The client is given the full charge to lead the conversation. Here, they can elaborate their app’s concept, how they want their app to work, their budget, an earliest app completion date and the mode of payment etc. At the end of the meeting, the requirements are fixed and our team gets busy in preparing their proposal for the same.

3. Finalising Scope

Our business and development teams discuss between themselves what’s the best approach to building the required app. Being experts in mobility, we make every effort to bring the best out of client’s vision. That includes offering our own input in areas we think won’t be client’s strong suit. This is crucial as clients normally aren’t the best judges of their ideas. They’re optimistic and enthusiastic, and don’t always consider various challenges and difficulties that go into achieving their goals. We help them understand all that. Once everything is crystal clear, we finalize the scope of the app and submit our proposal to the client.  

4. Planning 

Once the client approves the proposal, a clear and coherent plan is laid out for the successful completion of the app project. This includes allocating necessary resources to the task and setting up a project completion timeline. A project manager is assigned to the task, and he/she becomes the point of contact for all questions relating to the project. He/she has to convey the requirements along with the necessary guidelines to the concerned team or individuals working on the app.

5. Design

The designing phase gets underway first. Here the app’s visual experience is defined. Our designers are explained everything about the app and then it’s down to them on how they decide to flex their creative muscles. In fact, they do a pretty good job at that. Design is often said to be the soul of any project. It’s the first thing that strikes people, so it better be a good one. Our highly creative team goes about their job in its own fashion and slowly and steadily they establish the app’s visual identity.

6. Development

In this stage, all the logical stuff and the coding brain of our developers comes into play. Code by code and screen by screen, they go about building the app and giving it its final form. Everything is performed with meticulous care. More importantly, we keep the client in loop of everything, to ensure both of us are on the same page. Once the development is complete, the app is passed over to the Testing team to look for any bugs and crashes that might have escaped the developer’s eyes.

7. Testing 

Testing is quite crucial to ensure the overall quality and performance of the app. Our testers poke and prod the app from every angle to look for any flaws and shortcomings in the app functionality. If anything is found out of place, it’s conveyed to the concerned team and they have to correct it as per the tester’s requirement. Once everything looks neat and clean, it’s time for the app’s big launch!

8. User Acquisition & Growth Hacking

People often think, that app development is finished with the app launch. They couldn’t be more wrong. The app’s actual journey into the real-world only begins at this stage. To ensure, that the app succeeds and goes on to achieve the desirable success, it needs to be marketed properly. Our expert marketing team can help you with that. They are great at devising strategies for user-acquisition and growth hacking. Knowing what message and form of marketing will make the greatest impact is something they excel at.

9. Data Analytics

Once the app is out in the real world, its progress needs to be constantly monitored to see how its performing and if it’s performing in the desired  manner. Data analytics can help with that and that’s one area where our marketing experts really like to go in-depth. By rummaging through a variety of data and understanding what it means for your app, we help our clients make the best app marketing decisions.

10. Product Iterations 

We have our fascination with the word complete, but in many instances, we can’t seem to attain it. That’s definitely true in the app’s case as well. Apps are definitely built once, but they need to be modified, refined and maintained from time to time to ensure their longevity. The key to app’s success is its users. So an app owner has to be constantly listening to its users and taking their valuable feedback to improve their app’s performance. We help our clients achieve that through continuous product iterations.

Final Thoughts

That’s the app development process followed by the Code Brew Labs team. Ideally, we like to follow that approach in each development project, but that doesn’t mean we’re absolutely rigid with that. Now, the same can be followed by almost any other app development company but it’s really the skills, competency and experience of our team as a collective that makes everything a success in the end. Hope you enjoyed reading this guide, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below:


August 8, 2018



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