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Why choose Code Brew?

Mobile App development experts

Co-Founder with no Equity

Our extensive interest and dedication in your app, as co-founders, is without equity. From the beginning, and through the app’s lifetime, we offer our assistance at every stage of your startup.

design implementation

Cutting Edge Designs

An app is as good as the design that is implemented, and its fate is decided by the user experience that thrives on a strong backend support. As evident through our past work, we focus on designs that meet market trends and your business expectations at every critical front.

Find a Growth Hacker for Your Startup

User Acquisition via Growth Hacking

We work around the principle of ‘Growth First, Budget Second’ that has been curated with a lean approach to maximise profits through low cost yet innovative ideas, all suited to meet your business requirements.

innovative ideas

Free Support for 3 Months

Without any hidden costs or surprises, we help you with consistent assistance and guidance for 3 months. Our comprehensive approach coupled with your business outlook helps your business on its path to unparalleled success.

App guidance and help

Flat Fees

Each app is built with enough room to inculcate future prospects, and during the price lock down, we ensure that the app has been customised for a great business value. All the required changes are done without any additional payments.

Good Support for customer

24/7 Communication

We love hearing from you and addressing your grievances, and you can reach out to us at any instant suited to your convenience through the mode of communication of your choice.

And our fantastic team

…which for the last three years has done wonders for the company. We have professionals with expertise in varying fields that assist your startup and ensure its success. Our work approach and methodologies are derived from the ideal practices in the industry and we continue to strive to help you with the best apps.