How to Create a Social Media App Like MeWe?

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September 11, 2023
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Shilpi Chhabra

Let’s Build Your Dream App!

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How to Create a Social Media App Like MeWe?

Have you ever imagined a social media app platform that has almost all the features of Facebook?

Yes of course here the name that replaces Facebook is MeWe.

This social media app MeWe has created a buzz! It looks and feels the same as that of Facebook. So do you want to create a social media app like MeWe? 

Here I also want to unveil one of the premium features of this app, which is no Ads, no privacy violation complaints, and no censorship. These distinctive features make it one of the most distinguished apps in the USA.  For sharing material and interacting with like-minded people, the platform provides tools including private messaging, group chat, phone and video chatting, and the opportunity to establish pages and groups. Isn’t amazing!

In 2023, in partnership with Frequency and Amplica Labs, we began our migration to the Social Web (, the next iteration of the internet that is completely decentralized, meaning it will no longer be possible for a central authority (or corporation) to own or control the users’ data. With this move, we are putting our ethos into code and completely solidifying our commitment to user protection and control. Once this migration is complete, MeWe is projected to become the largest decentralized social media platform in the world. MeWe CEO

Before deep diving into the development part of the MeWe app let’s understand what is MeWe app.

Further, I am sure this blog will help you to make your doubts clear about the rumor of the complexity of building a social media app.

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Let’s Understand MeWe App

According to Forbes, Facebook’s alternative the US app MeWe has raised $27 million to help it become a household name.

MeW app founder

There is confusion that MeWe is a Dating App, which is not true. MeWe is a global social media and social networking service. As a company based in Los Angeles, California it is also known as Sgrouples, Inc., doing business as MeWe.

The site has been described as a Facebook alternative due to its focus on data privacy

You may communicate, participate in group chats or calls, engage with friends and family via video calls, and much more. 

One can even create private and open groups, and dedicate a newsfeed to your loved ones. 

You may use it for work-related objectives as well as personal ones.

The amazing features they provide additionally include a personalized camera, GIFs, 1:1 and group chats, live video, and voice. 

It is a mobile app for a next-generation social media network, so you receive features like personal social clouds, personalized member profiles for each group, and many others worldwide.

Even if you can hide your material while chatting, that’s still remarkable.

The USA based MeWe is a social networking and social media platform is now available worldwide. 

Due to its emphasis on data protection, the website has been compared to a Facebook alternative.

Mewe user count

It is a mobile and online application for a next-generation social network. The Google Play Store and Apple Store both offer the MeWe app for download. Returning to its popularity is due to the business-centered goods that push businesses and communication to the limit.

A number of services, like newsfeed, video and audio support, 8 gigabytes of storage, and more, are available for free. 


What to Consider When Creating a Mobile Application

In 2023, an estimated 4.9 billion people use social media across the world

Here is a quick visualization of How to create a Social Media App

As we know videos make more impact on our minds. It stays long in the deep brain and makes things more clear. 

Did you know that the majority of Americans who use the internet regularly use social media? With a 90% penetration rate for social networking, it is home to over 302 million users of social media.

Social media platforms are frequently used as tools for socializing, commerce, and dating. With the growth of influencers, they have also become the basis of many jobs since they offer infinite options for local and global interaction. 

It is the time to get yourself involved stay tuned to the blog to know all the major stages of the social media app development process

After reading all the above I hope you are ready to create an app like MeWe now. The idea is the main cause of any ane origin. 

So the first step is to generate an idea, and thoughts and conceptualize that plan.

how to create an app step by step guide

Idea conceptualization:

If you have an idea about what you want to create then you are in the first stage of implementation.  This is the step where you will define the purpose of your app and know its unique features. 

Pen down these points and start a fresh journey to make an app like MeWe. 

  • Brainstorm and get the answer for why you need this app
  • Identify users’ needs and demands and know why they need this app
  • Pain points consumers’ behavior 
  • Get the possible solutions for the above questions
  • Make a clear vision of your app idea in accordance with users’ nature
  • Analyse market trends and potential before bringing it to the market

Therefore idea conceptualization is the foundation and the main pillar of the app. 

The number of social media users worldwide has swelled to a record 4.9 billion people globally. What’s more, this number is expected to jump to approximately 5.85 billion users by 2027.

 Customizable Social Networking Application Development

Looking for an app development company:

Here you have to make the major decision of your life. The top-class app development company can make your app ready with unique features and will help you grow your business 10X better. Do your homework smartly before selecting the top app development company that can make your dreams into reality. Before deciding take into consideration the portfolio, global presence, their major clients, and many more. 

A good company combines creative and innovative expertise, technical skills, and new industry knowledge and trends to accomplish your dream project and establish a brand and strong market presence. 

It is no longer a secret why people are speechless with MeWe & its eye-catching features over other social media apps. 

We all know social media is one of the most loving and trending app ideas for entertainment & business. You too must look to the bright side of the MeWe app to make a profitable business. 

MeWe app


How to Develop An App Like MeWe In Few Easy Steps

Team Development

With the use of numerous software applications and web resources, such as app builders, developing an app has gotten simpler. Any programming language, though, is only another language. The process of developing an app is still a significant undertaking that is best completed as a group. A mobile application consists of several intricate components that must work together. 

These factors make assembling a competent team the first step in creating a mobile app. You’ll gain a lot from assembling a team of people with different experiences and specialties to create an app.

You may hire top independent talent to create an app by setting up a dispersed team. You may choose independent professionals with distinctive skill sets rather than being constrained by regional boundaries or your knowledge. Find the app development company for your project by starting with Code Brew Labs.

Your app development team should, at least, be composed of:

Product Manager: Directs the team and creates technical spec papers, roadmaps, timelines, and requirements.

UX/UI Designer: creates the animations, icons, and visuals. They guarantee the software is entertaining and extremely user-friendly.  

Mobile Developer:  develops functionality and integrates databases, APIs, and others.

Quality Assurance Analyst:  checks that the app functions flawlessly on all devices. They are responsible for detecting any bugs, UX writing mistakes, and other issues.

Digital Marketer:  By utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) and establishing mobile analytics, you may aid in the effective launch of your app. 


Even more, people may be added to app development teams. For instance, larger teams can include a technical writer, web engineer, software developer, and UX writer.

When assembling your team, consider your budget and the tasks you require extra assistance with. One method to guarantee your app is user-friendly while staying within your budget is to hire freelancers for particular tasks.‍


Conduct Competitive Research

Even if we buy something we do market research. In fact, here we going to make something for ourselves and others, so how can we skip this step?  It is never wrong to study about your rivals. Our competitors might have made a few mistakes which we have to avoid. There should be no room for errors. To know how to make your product stand out from the competition, it’s critical to completely comprehend what you’re up against in terms of rival features and client requirements.

So study your target audience in depth and know about the gaps and golden opportunities. You should be able to justify the demand for your product on the market and your unique solution to problems. At this point, you might want to consider communicating with potential users. By asking clients for comments, you may gain detailed knowledge about their needs. Additionally, it can enable your team to include functions that other businesses have skipped over, providing your app with a competitive edge.

create interactive social media apps like facebook and mewe

Layout Core Features

Establish the essential app features next. You can create important features that other development teams have overlooked now that you know what the market lacks and what your target consumers are looking for.

Here in this step, you will create wireframes and mockups. 

We make these to visualize the layout of an app. Here wireframe will help you know the structural components and the mockups will add design details to your app. If you are ready with your app design idea then it will be easy to understand the flow of the app, helping in design architecture and ensuring a smooth workflow and user-friendly interface before its development part.  

Cross-platform functionality, or interoperability with both operating systems, is another feature that should be included. A search function is a fantastic utility tool to keep customers interested. While not as beneficial for game-based applications, allowing users to search the app is a good choice for social media and e-commerce applications. 

Finally, take into account enabling social network connections or push alerts for users. These and other excellent methods of giving consumers pertinent and personalized information will keep them interested and active over time. A few crucial components are speed, simplicity, and high image resolution. All of these elements are necessary for a positive user experience.


Create Mockups

A user interface (UI) and UX designer should create a mockup, template, and occasionally a tutorial on what to anticipate from the app after requirements have been gathered and key features have been identified.

A mockup is a thorough sketch of how the app will look.

A mockup often comprises photographs, the primary layout, and more and adheres to a consistent color palette and typography. The development team should have a good notion of how the app should look and work from a well-built mockup.

A mockup has several benefits, including:

Enables the design team to change how the app looks.

It demonstrates them before the development team starts to code if you’re looking for possible investors.

Explain the requirements of the development team.


App Development

Planning remains an important part of this phase. Before the beginning of the actual development, you will have to:

Define the technical architecture

Choose the technology stack and 

Decide the development milestones.

Importantly there are 3 integral parts of any mobile project: back-end, API, and front-end


The Back-end: Includes database and server-side objects. It is required to support mobile app functionality. Existing back-end platforms need to be modified for new mobile projects. 

API: An application Programming Interface is a technique of interaction between the app and the back-end server.

Mobile app frontend: It refers to the UI and UX design of the app, enclosing illustrations, interconnection, and elements that users interact with directly.


Key Approaches to Mobile App Development:

Most mobile app developers create intelligent, user-friendly, configurable, and simple apps. Along with this basic architecture, list any features that can make your app stand out from the crowd. Businesses must choose their strategy for app development before spending money on mobile apps. 

Native applications, cross-platform apps, hybrid apps, progressive web apps, and quick mobile app development are some of the most well-known methods.

A summary of each of them is given below:

Key approach to mobile app development


Technology Stack for MeWe-like App Development

Here comes the technology. Choose the tech stacks for app development. The platform for which you are designing the app determines the needed technological stack. It has a direct impact on the development cost of an app like MeWe. Here are the specifics of the tech stack needed to construct MeWe-like apps.


tech stack for mewe app development


Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the following action. An MVP is a minimally viable product that can be launched. The end-users feedback will determine if the app is modified further. The MVP also aids in determining if the program is useful to users and answers the challenges it sets out to address.

The following are the procedures for creating the mobile app MVP:

Determine the features that should, must, can, and won’t be included in the MVP.

Build the MVP while spreading out the many user stories throughout sprints.

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Mobile App Testing

The mobile app is now being examined for usability, functionality, and any issues that may be present. The many forms of testing for mobile applications include:

Functional testing: Aids in verifying the app’s appropriate operation.

Testing for Interruptions: Used to determine the frequency of interruptions to the app’s operation caused by incoming calls, poor or no internet access, etc.

Memory testing: Aids in determining how much memory a mobile application uses.

Installation Testing: Testing the installation process helps determine how long it takes to download an application from a particular app store.

Performance testing: Aids in evaluating the app’s effectiveness in both the best and worst-case situations.

All in all the QA team should consider the following when testing:

Front-end vs. back-end functionality 

Device compatibility 

App integration

Application type

Installation and storage

Security optimization

Overall, the QA process aids teams in making sure the product is prepared for release.


User Feedback 

Your development team should have a better knowledge of what consumers want from the app and if it lives up to expectations after testing it with a variety of users. Before the app launches, it should assist the team in modifying critical features to better accommodate a variety of consumers.

It’s a good idea to keep getting feedback after the app is live so you can make any required upgrades and modifications. Analyzing analytics is one technique to get feedback after the software has been released. Your development team will be better able to comprehend client behavior and spot any murky areas that need to be changed. The team may modify the program before it is released to the market with the assistance of this sort of information.‍



You may now make your app available to your intended users and regularly update it to keep it polished and up to date. 

Here comes the last stage before the post-development action plan, deployment, and support. Here the app is launched on iOS and Google Play. Different stores have different requirements and conditions. 

The process of creating social media applications is ongoing since they must be updated and changed frequently. You may create a fascinating social application that will strike a chord with consumers and experience a boom in the digital world by adhering to the social media app development stages described above.


Key Takeaways

Code Brew Labs- your trusted social media app development partner

Custom social network and messaging applications as well as full-fledged app development are among the particular media development and IT consulting services we provide. Our professionals have experience working in the mobile app development space and have assisted customers from a variety of sectors with their social networking apps.

You should now make the jump since the moment is right. You’re about to enter the world of social networking app creation like MeWe. Connect with our team of experts in social media app development to start the transforming process of influencing future digital connections.

customer satisfaction with customizable social networking application development

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