Meesho’s IPO Race 2024: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know!

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September 15, 2023
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Shilpi Chhabra

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Meesho’s IPO Race 2024: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know!

Meesho – Company Highlights

Meesho IPO is buzzing everywhere. So, dear entrepreneur, it is the right time to enter the success tidal wave of the digital era. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this amazing adventure!

Legal Name Meesho Inc.
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Founding Year 2015
Business Model B2C
Industries services E-commerce, Software, and Tech
Website URL
Core Team Vidit Aatrey – Founder and CEO
Sanjeev Barnwal Founder and CTO
Market Valuation $2.1 billion as of October 2021
Total Funding $515.2 million
Net Revenue INR 306.92 crores for FY20
Hub Tags Unicorn


Meesho sees 135% YoY growth


What is Meesho?

Meesho is a social commerce platform and smartphone app from India that enables anyone to launch and manage their own online company. 

Meeshocom focuses largely on people,  often referred to as “resellers” or “sellers,” who may use the platform to source goods directly from producers and suppliers, advertise them on social networking platforms, and then sell them to their network of friends, family, and acquaintances. In order to make product discovery and sales easier, this strategy makes use of the power of social networks.

meesho growth region wise

Currently, Meesho has 140 mn users who visit the app every month and 40 mn, who open the app every day. With a revenue growth target of 40% year-on-year, Meesho  Seller believes it can earn more without fixed costs going up.

Key features and aspects of Meesho include:

  1. Product Sourcing: Meesho links retailers with a variety of manufacturers and suppliers who produce goods including apparel, accessories, electronics, home décor, and more.
  1. Reseller Network: The Meesho seller gives people the tools they need to start their own online stores and run their enterprises, enabling them to become microentrepreneurs.
  1. Social Media Integration: To reach a wider audience, resellers may quickly publish product listings on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  1. Payment and Order Management: Meesho provides its resellers with training and assistance, as well as guidance on product selection, marketing tactics, and company expansion.
  1. Training and Support: Meesho offers training and support to its resellers, including tips on product selection, marketing strategies, and business growth.

Meesho online shopping has grown in popularity in India, especially among homemakers and women who want to create side enterprises from their homes to supplement their income. 

Investors have also expressed interest in the platform, and it has received funds to promote its development and growth.

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How to Sell Products On Meesho?

Meesho app has a success story to share with the reselling industry today, as it serves as an online multi-vendor marketplace. 

The resale market was first completely offline and only benefited a small number of participants in this ecosystem.  After a long time, Meesho, an app with roots in India, made its appearance with the idea of opening up the resale environment to regular people. Afterall, this platform gave a variety of people the opportunity to launch their enterprises with little investment with the goal of creating resale possibilities for homemakers. 

how meesho app work

Before you read the description of Meesho products, you can also go through with this articlewhich can help you knowing the development process of e-commerce apps.

How To Make Ecommerce App Like Amazon- Features, Business Model & Cost

Here is a broad description of the Meeshocom product selling process:

Create an Account:
The first and foremost step is to download the Meesho online shopping app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. After downloading on Android or iOS sign up has to be done for an account using your mobile number

Complete Your Profile:
When the user signs up from any of the said platforms he will then fill out the important information about his name, photo, and contact details.  The information given will remain safe and secure. Now you are done with the profile creation process, and ready to use the app.

Browse Products:
After profile creation user can now browse Meesho’s catalog of multiple products. You Browse Meesho’s shopping online catalog of products to find items you’d like to sell. Meesho offers various products, which include clothing, accessories, electronics, and more.

Select Products:
Select the products you want to sell and add them to your online store.

Set Your Selling Price:
Establish the price at which each product will be sold. Although Meesho offers a suggested retail price, you can change it to meet your profit margin.

Share on Social Media:
Use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and any other methods to connect with your network to share product listings.

Receive Orders:
You’ll get notifications on the Meesho app when clients place orders through your business.

Manage Orders:
Verify the orders, receive money from the consumers, and give Meesho the data it needs to complete the orders.

Shipping and Delivery:
Meesho handles the product packing and delivery to your clients. Inventory management or shipment logistics are not your responsibility.

Customer Support:
It also offer customer service and respond to any questions or issues your clients may have.

Payment Collection:
However, payment can be collected from customers through several Meesho-supported payment options.

Track Earnings:
In addition, the Meesho app lets you keep an eye on your revenue and track your sales progress.

Grow Your Business:
To grow your consumer base and boost revenue, constantly market your store and introduce new goods.

Consider reading Meesho’s terms and conditions as well to comprehend the platform’s guidelines and demands of vendors before you invest. Because before making any investment it is highly recomended to do market research. As a result you will be given with the information and insights which is crucial to make right decisions .

launch e commerce marketplace

How Meesho IPO Announcement Can Be A Game Changer For E-commerce Entrepreneurs In 2024?

But if Meesho were to go public in the future, it may have a variety of potential repercussions on operators of e-commerce businesses and the sector at large in India and overseas, from heightened rivalry and investor interest to potential legislative changes and alterations in market dynamics.

  1. Increased Awareness: Meesho’s IPO might draw a lot of media coverage, spread knowledge of the social commerce concept, and encourage more business owners to look into related ventures.
  1. Competition: As other platforms and entrepreneurs join the market to copy or improve upon Meesho’s idea, competition may intensify as a result of the increasing interest in and investment in the social commerce area.
  1. Investment Opportunities: For individuals with an interest in e-commerce and technology, Meesho’s IPO may offer investing prospects. Investors may want to think about the company’s long-term growth possibilities as well as the market impact that Meesho’s IPO may have.
  1. Innovation and Evolution: As the e-commerce sector changes, ambitious business owners should keep up with the latest trends and technology. The IPO of Meesho might result in advancements and developments in the social commerce sector, opening up new business prospects.

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  1. Regulatory Considerations: Meesho’s status as a publicly traded firm might change, which could lead to new regulations or more scrutiny of the e-commerce industry. Entrepreneurs should remain up to date on any regulatory changes that might affect their companies.
  1. Global Expansion: If Meesho’s IPO is a success, it may utilize the money to grow abroad and maybe introduce its distinct social commerce model to other nations. As a result it might have repercussions on the international e-commerce environment.
  1. Market Share Shifts: Based on its post-IPO plan, Meesho could strive to increase its market share. This may cause market share changes among current e-commerce marketplace businesses.

So, stay informed about Meesho’s IPO or any related developments in the e-commerce space. It’s always advisable to follow reputable news sources, consult financial experts. Moreover, consider the potential implications for your specific business or entrepreneurial goals.

Additionally, keep in mind that the e-commerce industry can be dynamic, so it’s essential to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer preferences.
So, stay tuned with Code Brew Labs for future updation 

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Above all, it is advised to monitor reliable news sources, speak with financial advisors, and take into account any potential ramifications for your particular company or entrepreneurial ambitions in order to keep updated about Meesho’s IPO or any relevant events in the e-commerce industry!

Additionally, bear in mind that the e-commerce sector may be dynamic, making it crucial to adjust to shifting consumer tastes and market conditions.

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