How To Make Ecommerce App Like Amazon- Features, Business Model & Cost

If you are reading this, it means you want to make an ecommerce app like Amazon. Right? Well, your idea to venture into the ever-evolving online ecommerce marketplace is great. And there are many reasons to support it.  

Ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon are breaking their growth records every year. Last year saw Amazon registering a whopping revenue of over $386 billion, per Statista reports. 

Amazon Annual Revenue

And the trend seems to go upwards in the coming times. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and changing customer behaviour. Thus, now seems to be the best time to build your ecommerce marketplace app like Amazon. To help you, here is something that can be highly useful. Read on;

The Step-By-Step Process To Make Apps Like Amazon

Here are the prerequisites to build a multivendor ecommerce platform like Amazon.  

  • Niche Selection:  The primary thing you need to decide is whether your marketplace app would offer all kinds of products like Amazon or focus on a single niche. Furthermore, zeroing in on your ideal market segment and geographical area is also crucial in the beginning. 
  • Budget Projection: After outlining the goals behind your Amazon-like app, you need to draw a realistic budget to set things in motion. First, identify the resources you have, along with the ones you may require, including funding. Doing so gives you a solid budget plan to compare against the actual expenses in the future while refraining you from overspending.
  • USP Identification: What is it that your multivendor app would offer which is not already out there in the market? Why should a user choose your app over your competitors’? Answering these questions will help you identify the unique selling point of your app. Its primary attraction; it could be anything from exclusive products, express delivery to shopping rewards. 
  • Finalization Of Design & Development Teams: Broadly there are two options- hiring freelance ecommerce app developer or choosing an expert ecommerce app development company. Working with freelancers will be time consuming and can be very expensive. The best way it to go for an experience team of ecommerce app developers to build your Amazon like app. Having the right experience and expertise, they can take care of everything. Right from the initial wire-framing to development to testing to the app launch, you get covered all.
  • App Optimisation: Similar to how websites need SEO to rank higher in the search engines, mobile apps also require effective optimization techniques to stay on top of the app store’s search results. Therefore, take out time to research how your competitors are ranking up and the keywords they’re using. And accordingly, devise your strategies. Alternatively, you could also ask your app development team to take care of the app store optimization (ASO). However, that may increase your total cost.  
  • Marketing & Promotions: If people don’t know that your multivendor mobile app exists, how would they even use it? That’s why it is critical to have all your advertising and marketing plans, from digital marketing through social media to print ads, in place.  

How Ecommerce Apps Like Amazon Work & Make Money? 

Online eCommerce Marketplace app

Generally, apps like Amazon and eBay are confused with online stores. However there is a major difference between these two. Having your ecommerce online stores allows you to offer your own goods and services. It is a single vendor store where you can set the price, track the payment, decide the delivery model, and do more. But with a multivendor marketplace like Amazon, you enjoy a lot more.

It gives you the ability to have independent sellers who can further list out their services or products, independently. In the simplest terms, Amazon is a multivendor ecommerce application that connects multiple sellers to multiple users. It empowers the vendors or suppliers to enlist and sell their products online. On the contrary, it provides users an easy way to shop, pay and review products online. 

Wondering, how apps like Amazon make money?

The multivendor app owner gets a cut on every order as a commission while the sellers would receive the rest. Apart from that, Amazon-like apps generate revenues through vendor registration/selling fees, paid user subscriptions against special perks, advertising, exclusive brand partnerships, and shipping fees.    

For those planning to build ecommerce marketplace platform, it is crucial to understand the features that make the apps like Amazon hit among users.

What Are The Features To Make Apps Like Amazon?

eCommerce App like Amazon Features

In order to create your ecommerce marketplace app, here is a list of powerful features to include. Have a look:

  • Easy Registrations:  Signing up on the app, both for the customers and vendors, has to be easy. To make it simpler, allow registrations through social media accounts on your ecommerce app. 
  • Quick Search & Suggestions: A must-have feature- the quick, advanced search enables customers to find what they’re looking for in split seconds, increasing the chances of a purchase. At the same time, your app should recommend relevant items to users based on their shopping history and preferences. 
  • Secured, Multiple Payment Options: For a seamless buying experience, users must get to choose from multiple payment options – from net banking, COD and UPI payments to debit and credit cards.  Get these integrated when building your apps like Amazon.
  • Clutter-Free Shopping Cart Page: The app must provide users with an uncluttered shopping cart page with accurate details of the items added, total costs, shipping charges, and room for product addition and deletion.   
  • Simple, Fast Checkouts: When shopping online, people want every page to load in the blink of an eye. And the transaction process isn’t an exception. So, make sure your users can make swift payments with 100% security.
  • Integration With Social Media: With social media integration, your customers can share their favourite products with their network, which, in turn, can bring in more traffic and boost sales. 
  • Wishlist: Not all users are instant buyers. That’s why your multivendor app should let users add items they may want to purchase later through wishlists. 
  • Prompt Notifications & Alerts: From shipping updates to the latest offers and discounts, real-time notifications and alerts are vital to keeping the customers informed and engaged with your Amazon-like marketplace app. 
  • Ratings & Reviews: Since many purchases happen after exploring customer reviews & stories, it is a feature you cannot do without.  
  • Hassle-free Order Management: This one is really important for vendors. The supplier on your ecommerce marketplace app like Amazon should have a dedicated order management dashboard. It will simplify monitoring and management of all their orders in real-time without any confusions.  

And the list can be very long. Foretasted are some of the essential features for  your apps like Amazon. Want to get the complete feature book to launch, run and grow your ecommerce marketplace platform? Get it here.

How Much It Cost To Develop Apps Like Amazon?

Developing a multivendor app like Amazon could roughly cost you anywhere between $20,000 to $80,000, including a minimum viable product (MVP) and customizations. However, this cost varies with the app’s platform, functions, complexities, features, and the level of expertise of your e-commerce app developers. 

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July 7, 2021



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