What is Grintafy?

Grintafy is a Saudi Arabia based football focused mobile app. It is useful for football players as well as field owners. Grintafy brings football players and football field owners together.

We helped Grintafy to launch their app so that they can engage their user base better and generate revenue.

The Craze of Football to
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Player App

How it works

Owner App

How it works

  • Smooth communication

    Searching for a soccer/football field for a game used to be a tough nut to crack. At the same time, field owners also struggled to find renters for a game.

    We built a dedicated app for Grintafy for smooth communication. After getting an app, the players are able to book the field of their choice and location.

  • Better Coordination

    Grintafy realized that players are not able to team up properly.

    We added a feature where the player needs to add all the basic information like skills, city, position on the field. Additionally, players can team up with other players according to their location for better coordination.

  • Real Time track

    Players were not able to locate nearby matches.

    With the feature of a live match in feed, now players are able to see the status of all the live matches nearby.

  • Chatting

    With the sudden jump in the number of players, the communication between them became quite difficult.

    An inbuilt vis-å-vis or team chat is created for the players for seamless communication. With the help of this, player engagement increase by 60%.

Future of Grintafy

As the downloads are rapidly increasing, Grintafy plans to add the role of referee & a photographer in the game to let users watch the live broadcast of a match.

Grintafy is running successfully in the Middle East. Till date, Grintafy app has crossed 35k satisfied users, and counting. After getting their business app from us, Grintafy has gained 20k downloads in just 4 months. We are proud to be a part of this project that brings sports lovers together.

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