How To Finalize A Name For Your Mobile App

“What’s in a mobile app name?” asked a wise man once. “Everything,” the entrepreneur replied. And rightly so, after all, when it comes to business, it all starts with the name.

Ever wondered what it would be like if Apple wasn’t Apple but Strawberry, or Bananas for that matter? What if Android was RoboOS? Things would’ve been way different, even if the two mobile operating systems looked and felt the same they do.

The point is, the name of your business can become a turning point for you. And thus, naming it right is extremely crucial. In simple words, one simply can’t afford to overlook the importance of the right business name. And it gets even more so important when it comes to finalizing the name of your mobile app.

There are various factors that revolve around finding the right name for your mobile app. If you are an app entrepreneur and want to launch an app that converts better, what follows from here is exactly what you need to know.

Minimize Confusion

Minimize Confusion

It’s one thing to take inspiration from a big brand while naming your business, but creating a name that sounds too similar to it can prove counterproductive. Remember how Snapdeal had to take the backlash due to SnapChat CEO’s remark about the Indian audience?

As a well-established and experienced mobile application development company in New York,  we know that confusion around brand names is a serious concern. And thus, it is crucial for you to shortlist names that don’t confuse with other brands.

Aim For Familiarity

This factor plays a crucial role, especially when the company in question is already an established brand in the brick and mortar world. When such a company is making a digital move through a mobile app, the first thing to be kept in mind is the brand reach.

Your mobile app’s name should be familiar with your offline conventional business name. Otherwise, your audience may find it hard to trust your mobile app as much as they trust you.

At the same time, you also need to make sure the app’s name resonates with its purpose. This will keep the guessing game out of the picture. Your audience should be able to know what you are bringing on the table the moment they read your app’s name.

Stick To The Character Limit

Apple App Store and Google Play Store, both offer a limit of 50 characters. But the optimum character limit is 23 for the App Store and 30 for Play Store. Do pay attention to this factor while discussing the name ideas for your app.

Take A Global Approach


Take A Global Approach

Give your mobile app a name that has a global reach. Apps with localized, regional or language oriented names tend to limit themselves in their outreach. Companies that aim for a global presence choose a name that is not only catchy, but also stays culturally relevant when translated in other languages.

Creating a great mobile app simply won’t be enough because you must give it a name that resonates well with the audience. And choosing an apt name that also clicks in the mind right away is definitely easier said than done.

How Code Brew Labs Suggests A Suitable Name

As a mobile app development company Dubai with massive experience in mobile app development, we have our fair share of suggesting app names to our clients.

For this, we take a thoroughly tested and completely reliable approach that we like to call METAL-M. As the name suggests, METAL-M is a backronym, comprising of 5 important aspects of naming a mobile app:

  • M: Match With The Domain Name
    Consider this, you launch a mobile app with an interesting name and it gains great traction on the internet. Now, you plan to create a website around the name too, only to find out that the name is already taken. That would be a big bummer, wouldn’t it?
    Therefore, Code Brew Labs suggests you pick a unique domain name and build an app around it. Doing so will save you a lot of time and you can also avoid a possible hiccup while doing so.
  • E: Easy to Remember
    In simple words: easy to pronounce = easy to remember. There’s no other way around it. Names with fancy or foreign accents tend to confuse people about how to pronounce them. So, we help you with an app name that is easy to pronounce.
  • T: Tells the App Features
    One look at the app and the name should immediately tell people what it does. Yes, you can surely try different names or go for a little tricky name that triggers curiosity. However, the key lies in not going overboard and confusing your audience. That will prove counterproductive. We help you stay within that thin line.
  • A: A Search Worthy Name
    Our SEO and App Store Optimization (ASO) experts analyze what kind of apps your target audience searches the most. Based on the results of these analyses along with search engine traffic analysis, we give you various app name versions that you can shortlist from.
  • L: Leveraging on the Top Apps of Your App’s Category
    This is a good way to get an idea of what’s the buzz word around your app. Top apps that share the category with yours gives us a glimpse of some probable names. At the same time, it also helps in ruling out the names that are already taken.
  • M: Mix & Match
    From camel case names to mixing functionality with the brand name, there are numerous options at your disposal. We understand that the core idea is to brew up a catchy name that sticks with the audience.

Final Words

With all said and done, it is clear that the name of your mobile app is as important as its design and functionality. After all, it’s the logo and the app name that people focus on before actually downloading the app and using it. Remember, behind every successful app, there’s great user experience and a name that is spot-on!

April 24, 2019



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