Business Opportunities Powered By Uber Like Apps

March 2009 was the time when Uber was launched to help customers book a cab as and when required. What started as a solution to a problem soon took shape of a remarkable business wave. After Uber, many businesses came into existence and the fad became what we now call the Uber for X business model.

Let’s take a look at all the businesses that are riding high on the wave created by Uber, the epitome of on-demand businesses.

Taxi Booking

Needless to say, Uber started a new wave of on-demand taxi booking that many existing and new cab businesses followed in. While Ola Cabs was launched in India in December 2010,  June 2012 witnessed the introduction of Lyft, a similar cab booking mobile app in California. Today, Uber generated a gigantic $11.2 billion in 2018, while Ola and Lyft gathered revenue worth $110 million and $2.1 billion respectively.

Food Delivery

After realizing the potential of Uber like business, it was time for other niche to join the bandwagon. The next phase of Uber wave came with the introduction of online food ordering and delivery apps. FoodPanda and other such brands were already enjoying a huge user base on their websites. It was just a matter of time when they launched their mobile apps. Online food delivery apps crossed the $19 billion mark in revenue in the last quarter of 2018.


From cab hailing to food delivery, Uber like apps have been making a fortune, and entrepreneurs soon realized this business model can also be used for healthcare industry. And thus, Uber for healthcare was introduced with Doctor on demand, medicines on demand as well as fitness experts and personal trainers on demand. On demand healthcare industry is expected to reach $60 billion in revenue by 2020.

Beauty Services

More and more consumers have started looking for personal care experts and beauty experts at the comfort of their home. As a result,  Uber for beauty services became a prolific and trending niche. From BGX to Blow Ltd to Le Salon to BeYou, the world of on demand beauty expert apps is flourishing with many competitors. As a matter of fact, beauty service mobile apps offer customers the convenience and plethora of freelance beauty experts too.

Pickup & Delivery

From packers and movers to delivering fuel and supplies, on demand logistics or simply Uber for pickup and delivery is a lucrative business idea. The business model is especially beneficial in areas where large ecommerce companies have a problem in facilitating last mile delivery. With big brands and upcoming startups looking to tap a wide coverage area, last mile delivery remains a pain point, and Uber for logistics comes across as a logical and suitable solution.

Things We Can Learn From Uber For X

The world of Uber like apps is flourishing with apps ranging from the ones we mentioned above to many more niches. As a startup owner, the options to choose an Uber like business are galore. Furthermore, an existing brick & mortar business owner can and must go mobile to maximize revenues and tap the smartphone hooked consumers.

Have an Uber Like Startup Idea in your mind? Check out Uber Business & Revenue Model now: 

June 3, 2019



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