How Much It Costs To Build An App Like Uber: Details Are Here

How Much It Costs To Build An App Like Uber: Details Are Here

Does the idea of having an on-demand app like Uber excites you? 

With Uber grabbing the 2nd rank on the list of the most disruptive companies in the world in 2018 by CNBC, this ride sharing app is currently operating in 84 countries across the globe. Bridging the gap between riders and drivers through its Android and iOS apps, it forms a 24-hour-per-day on-demand connection. 

And it is no more known for just ridesharing. While the figures might vary, yet as per the reports Uber’s market share of the US ride-hailing market is estimated at between 65 and 69%. Expanding its horizons with different verticals including food and freight industry, it has emerged out to be an inspiring business model for numerous industries. Yes, even you can build an app like Uber and UberEats.

The below infographic gives you a hint of some successful business ideas to start up afresh with the help of on-demand app like Uber. 

How Much It Costs To Build An App Like Uber: Details Are Here

Regardless of your interest among these (or other), one question that pops into the mind of every entrepreneur is- how much would something like Uber cost? Just find out how the Google Trend graph has the same story to share. 

How Much It Costs To Build An App Like Uber: Details Are Here

Let’s help you find out the answer to it here.

How Much Does An Uber Like App Cost?

Certainly, Uber’s business model has lead to significant increase in number of On-Demand Platforms. Being adapted across various verticals, Uber clone app are highly in demand. 

If you have plans to create your own Uber like app, firstly you need to understand you will require two apps. 

  • The Service Provider (Driver) App: It will be designed for the partners (drivers) who want to work with your on demand app. 
  • The Consumer (Rider) App: This is  meant for customers who book for different types of services (rides) being offered.

And then you will also need an admin panel which let you manage and monitor how your platform is working. Have a brief understanding of the features you will require for these three categories of your Uber Clone app. 

Features for an app like Uber for customers Features for an app like Uber for service providers (drivers) Features for admin panel
Registration and personal data management Personal profile editing Manage Online Orders & Bookings
Geolocation and routing Order requests & details Real-Time Order Status Tracking
Call or text the service provider (driver) Calling customer from the app Real-Time Chat with Agents
Top-notch UI and UX design Advance route optimization Automate Order Assignment
Cost estimation Free cancellation within a set period of time Promo & referral management
Payment integration Daily / monthly reports of past bookings and earnings Managing online payments
Advance scheduling Seamless navigation Analytics & reports
Split fare Proof of delivery Catalogue Management

Now when you know the features required, you might have got the hint that all these contribute to the total development cost. To make it simple, we have illustrated the approximate budget estimate by breaking it into phases.

1) Major Cost Components: It is essential to learn about the leading costing aspects of Uber like app development which tend to be the most common cost drivers. 

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web development
  • Backend development
  • Native experience qualities (Android/iOS)
  • Third-party service APIs integrations
  • Post-deployment maintenance & Quality assurance

2) Tools and technologies to build the Uber clone app: While Uber has its unique API for developers, you will require original elements of server, maps payments. In order to process thousands of driver routes,  user requests, and data everyday, you must have a viable server. 

For the programming languages, you can choose among OpenStreetMap API or iOS and Android for GPS. In the same consequence, for backend, you can pick among  Node.js, Java, Python, or PHP.

3) Platform-specific APIs:  For the android version you can trust on Google Maps and Google Location Services API. And when working for iOS, you can switch to MapKit or CoreLocation framework.

4) In-app Payment solutions: It is important to have a robust In-app payment solutions for credit cards and Wallet. If you want to deploy for third-party gateway integrations, there can be options like Stripe, PayPal Mobile SDK, etc. 

5) Backend development: When it comes to a perfect architecture of an on demand app, backend plays a crucial role for the effective functioning of the app. Simply stating, this is the phase where the story of success will be written and managed. As this tends to be the backbone for building an immaculate poise and connections, it calls for extra efforts. Along with this, the total amount of time and resources required for creating backend can vary drastically. 

On an average, the process can take somewhere around 100-200 hours. But this strictly depends on the features and customization required. 

6) Platform choice (Native iOS/Android): It is generally advised to opt for iOS and android apps separately. While this preference boosts usability of your mobile app, it is said to curb the overall cost too. After all, you need an app like Uber which offers seamless user experience and uninterrupted performance. Here you can simplify the process by choosing the right software development company, capable of building native apps. This means, with the same backend and functionality, you will have both your iOS and Android versions performing well.

The estimated time consumption for each platform can vary from 200 to 250 hours.

Note: The framework technologies and tools will change according to the target platform.

So, how much does an Uber clone app cost?

Summarizing the factors influencing the cost of Uber-like app development, the total cost will depend greatly on hourly rates. Now these vary according to country’s respective economy and commerce practices.

While in the USA, the rates are somewhere between $100-$200, you can consider Asian countries where it can be more affordable. You can easily get it done for a rate of $50 or $40 per hour.

Total Cost?

As app development and QA are the most time consuming phases, you can expect the approximate cost range to create an Uber-like app will be somewhere between $25000 to $30000 for a single platform. 

But this totally depends on your needs, and specifications you are looking forward to. 

Do you need some help in turning your dream to own an Uber like app into reality? Want an exact quote for the same? 

Get in touch with us today and our dedicated managers will provide you with custom project estimation.

August 5, 2019


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