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Why Use A Custom ERP Software?

A Custom ERP Software Is A Perfect Solution To All Your Business Prerequisites That Streamlines Your Workflow

Increased Productivity

A custom ERP serves as a central repository accessible by different departments within an organization reducing the need for manual data processing.

Reduced Operational Costs

Just the unification of IT systems is a cost-cutting exercise in itself that significantly reduces the expenses on admin resources, infrastructure, etc.

Enhanced Data Security

The objective of any ERP system is data security. It allows you to easily control who can view or edit information across various business functions.

Easier Reporting & Planning

Your employees can easily plan projects and generate reports using interdepartmental database connectivity for easy data access.

Integrated Information

An ERP software allows sharing of consistent, unique, and accurate data gathered from across various departments in an organization.

Flexible Systems

Custom ERP systems accommodate workforce changes and provide flexibility to add more users if a business expands in the future.

Why Choose Code Brew As Your Favorite
Custom ERP Development Company?

Our ERP Solution Allows You To See A Bigger Picture Of All The Data Surrounding
Your Business And Gain A Competitive Edge

Get Comprehensive
ERP Solutions

From building ERP software from scratch to revamping your existing custom solution, we do everything to boost your business operations’ efficiency.


Our ERP solution is easily accessible on mobile, web, or desktop apps. We also emphasize building an intuitive UI/UX for user satisfaction.


We incorporate all the latest technologies in our ERP software like blockchain, Magento, IoT, and Salesforce, among other third-party integrations.


Our expert development team delivers the MVP version of the ERP solution within two months of our official collaboration.


We provide complete support at each stage of the ERP app development life cycle, be it app design, or its implementation.

We Ensure Seamless
Third-Party Integrations

Our End-To-End Software Integration Services Provide Centralized Access To Different Business Operations

Let Us Know About Your Integration’s Wishlist


Achieve all your accounting requirements and tax obligations with QuickBooks integration services that simplify invoicing like never before.


Connect your Shopify-based storefront to an assortment of business applications with our end-to-end Shopify integration services.

Salesforce/ Magento

Increase your business ROI and the efficiency of your enterprise systems by integrating them with our Salesforce apps.


We incorporate all the latest technologies in our ERP software like blockchain, IoT, etc.

We Build Diverse ERP Software Modules

Manage Supply Chain

Our ERP software streamlines supply chain management by creating effective job scheduling.

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Keep track of all the products procured from suppliers and vendors, simplify automation of purchase activities.

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Human Resources

Our ERP software is specifically designed to manage, computerize, and automate all HR-related processes.

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From assembly design to packaging and sending out the finished products, streamline your manufacturing process.

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Solve a wide set of problems and obtain maximum value from data using our innovative tools.

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CR Management

Amplify your business by successfully connecting your financial and operational systems to a central database.

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Get a bird’s eye view of the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers.

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Business Intelligence

Track your business performance easily if you want to predict market shifts or customer behavior changes.

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A Glimpse Of The Tech Stack We Use

We Use The Latest Frameworks, Sdks, And Advanced Technologies To Build A Scalable ERP Solution

  • MySQL
  • JS
  • Angular
  • Django
  • Hibernate
  • Active MQ
  • TypeScript
  • Flectra
  • MongoDB
  • Spring Boot
  • jQuery
  • PostgreSQL

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A Word From Our Clients

Our supply chain business wasn’t going as planned since its establishment a year ago due to the way we handled our business operations. Thanks to Code Brew’s unique custom ERP solution, it’s not a problem no more.

Victor Cummins

It hasn’t been a long time since we were badly struggling to fulfill the requirement of raw materials in our inventory business. Code Brew is the name I would highly recommend to all enterprises looking for personalized ERP software.

Frank Martin

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