How Much Does It Cost to Build Uber Like App?

Living in cosmopolitan cities is all about crashing the road rage every day to reach the destination. This pushes many to delay or forget the idea of owning a car and adding to the parking and driving hassles. As a result, Uber like app development is becoming the hotshot of the town! 

The upsurge demand for taxi apps is a potential reason why entrepreneurs are exploring every possible answer to – how to make an app like Uber in no time. And why not when it is turning out to be a successive business model? All you need is to explore, believe and practice the success hacks for Uber like businesses to strengthen your business idea right from day one. 

Don’t believe us? See it yourself!

Uber’s Stats are Shouting Out Its Potential: 

Uber is a fine example of a SaaS application model. And it’s the most progressive application model with reliable roadmaps to success. This successively thriving business is operated in up to 84 countries and 800 cities offering unstoppable on-demand cab services. 

As per a Statista report, Uber’s global ridesharing market size has grown to 75.4 billion USD making it a prominent name in the industry worldwide. Recent data shows that up to 93 million people utilized Uber cab services in a month in 2020’s fourth quarter. After the convenience of on-demand services, Uber nails it with ridesharing-like features. Resulting, many similar apps are cropping in the marketplace with the desire to grab a piece of ‘profit’ cake. 

But remember, many other entrepreneurs or transportation companies are thinking likewise. This raises the need of standing out as unique. As per Gartner, SaaS (Software as a Service) will continue to be in the limelight holding the biggest market share globally. Stats suggest that the industry recorded a profit growth of $116 billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow exponentially. This supports the scalability and growth rate of subscription-based applications in the forthcoming years. 

After evaluating the success rate, the next major concern is taxi app development cost. It gets more crucial when you have just set up your dream venture. So, let’s start rolling the ball. 

Before you go on reading the app development cost insights, let’s see this view to brief you on the concept!

How Does It Work?

Have you ever heard of a ‘unicorn business’? This term represents a start-up business reaching an overall valuation of up to $1 billion. And it may interest you to know that Uber is one of them. Maybe that’s why a question like ‘how to build an app like Uber’ is stealing everyone’s attention. 

The business’s entire valuation value rose to a whopping worth of $68 billion in seven years of its inception. Here, the detailed insights into features and pricing facets may give you a better overview of an app like Uber. 

How Uber Like App Works

Steps explaining how Uber works:

Step 1  – Registration 

There are two interfaces for – Riders and Drivers. One needs to sign-up and create an account to get complete access to features listed under different interfaces. 


Step 2 – On-demand service request 

Followed by sign up is entering the current location and destination to see drivers’ availability. As soon as you enter the required details, you are one step closer to the drivers accepting your trip request. 


Step 3 – Cab details 

From cab number to driver’s service rating, you can view almost everything to trust the driver and begin your journey. Ride confirmation opens the gateway to checking the cab arrival time, preferred payment method, and other details. 


Step 4 – Payment & ratings 

Completing the ride requires paying off the fare. Once done, such taxi service providing apps pop up a rating scale. It may seek your feedback on the driver’s behavior, service quality, and overall experience. Further, such information is stored in the database for future references. 

Besides booking a cab, ridesharing, and exploring different payment methods, there is a series of advanced features including – 

  1. Trip status sharing 
  2. Viewing driver’s location in real-time 
  3. Canceling ride 
  4. Refer & earn options 
  5. Ride history 


Note – The overall estimated cost to build an app like Uber depends on the series of desired features. The more the features, the higher the cost. Thus, it’s important to be prudent and evaluate the viability of each feature you add to your requirement list. 

Also, remember that developing an enterprise-level SaaS app is similar to construction. You need to work on every minor detail, especially when working on the app blueprint (often referred to as ‘software requirement specifications). 

Therefore, jotting down the essential & trending features becomes the biggest need of the hour. 

Critical Features to Look Upon:

As discussed above, the application consists of different interfaces developed for – riders and drivers. 

General features of an uber-like app shown:

basic features of an Uber like app

Advanced features of an Uber like app

Customer-side Features of an Uber like app with its Cost:

It encompasses all features revolving around the end customer’s access and usability. 

#1 – Payment feature – 

As an end-user, you may see a payment gateway on several taxi apps as an easy alternative to online transactions. But waking up to the realities makes you aware of the complexities behind it. Thus, it’s essential to come up with a required feature strategy while you develop the app. It might help you get an accurate taxi app development cost.

The ride rates vary depending on the ride type chosen. For instance, the fare prices will vary for both – Black Porsche Car, an SUV, and so on. Besides, there is a set model to calculate the overall fare including – 

  • Cost per mile 
  • Base ride fare 
  • Sales ride free
  • Ride cost per minute 

When it comes to incorporating cashless payment options, it’s essential to ensure end-customers financial data security. Here, safeguarding the data with PCI compliance is essential. If not, we recommend only sticking to those payment options secured with a shield of PCI compliance. 

An overview on features’ estimated cost – 

cost insights for a taxi app

#2 – Scheduling a Ride in Advance – 

This feature lets you book a ride for a pre-planned event in advance. No wonder it’s an amazing feature saving you from time management hassles later. But at the same time, you need to be willing to pay additionally to avail such features. 

The estimated cost brief – 

Cost estimation for an app

The best part is you can make the full payment for a scheduled trip to save those payment hassles on completing the trip. 

#3 – Geolocation and Routing Features – 

It’s one of the most basic features found in any taxi service app. Its primary role is to use GPS technology to navigate you to the right path to your destination. The best part is developers can have direct access to Geolocation API to seek end users’ exact location data via this unique feature. 

An estimated cost chart – 

detailed features of an uber app with cost

#4 – Splitting Ride Fare – 

It comes under an advanced feature improving the overall ride-sharing experience of customers riding to the same destination. 

A brief cost estimation – 

cost of an uber like app features

Driver-Side Features with Estimated Cost:

Getting a complete picture of a taxi app based on the SaaS development approach is impossible without studying both interfaces. 

#1 – Driver Report – 

This feature is to develop a trustworthy relationship between the rider and driver. The report incorporates the driver’s driving approach and other essential information concerning your security. Generally, such reports are updated on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Cost estimation for Uber like app

#2 – Driver’s Destination Settings- 

With this, the driver gets access to picking a recommended location. The feature works the best for those drivers who wish to complete their personal tasks while accepting a ride to the same destination. 

feature cost of a taxi app

Factors Deciding the Overall Taxi App Development Cost For You:

The whole story of calculating the cost of building an app like Uber doesn’t just revolve around the features. Here’s what else it includes – 

Brand or Company Type – 

Companies especially start-ups come with some budget constraints making it crucial to encompass all features in one low-budget taxi app. 

Preferred Platform – 

This is another condition you will come across when getting your dream taxi service app developed. Here, we are talking about getting this app either on iOS, Android, or both. For instance – Uber launched it first on iOS and later on Android. So far, stats prove that the iOS market reach for Uber has been far more profitable than Android. As of now, up to 80% of Uber’s market share comes from iOS devices. 

Technology Stack – 

Every app type requires using a set of programming languages. These languages may vary for iOS, Android, and hybrid. However, the generic languages to consider include – 

  1. Kotlin for Android app 
  2. Paypal/Stripe 
  3. Swift for iOS App 
  4. Twilio 
  5. Amazon S3 
  6. Google Places 
  7. Node.JS for back-end development
  10. APNS 
  11. Google Maps
  12. Elastic Email 
  13. Firebase 
  14. Amazon EC2 
  15. Facebook SDK 

The team involved in this project would include – 

  • PM (project managers)
  • BA (business analysts)
  • UI/UX designers 
  • The back-end and front-end developers 
  • Technical writers 
  • Android and iOS developers
  • QA engineers 

Whom to Consult for Uber Like App Development – Freelancers or an Agency?

No wonder freelancers prove less expensive than many IT outsourcing companies. But then always keep in mind that there are many trust and work-quality constraints of hiring freelancers. 

Where technology outsourcing companies follow a predefined roadmap keeping a hawk’s eye on progress; freelancers may fail to handle your app development project with the same level of professionalism and sincerity. One of the biggest reasons is their being involved in multiple projects at one time. 

The Final Cost Calculations –  

After evaluating the different cost components of an Uber-like app, let’s explore the overall cost breakdown to get this app working. 

cost breakdown for an uber like taxi app

Thus the overall cost to develop an app like Uber is likely to cost you around $67,000 to $1,50,000 for a hybrid app (compatible with both Android and iOS devices). Also, you may need to include the overall price for admin panel development cost beginning from $14,000 at least. 

How Code Brew Labs Can Be Your Helping Hand Here?

We know and understand your zeal to be one of the Unicorn businesses in the forthcoming years. That’s why we continue to encourage our pool of knowledgeable developers to explore and inherit industry-rich trends.  

Our development team holds decades of enterprise-level experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining taxi-based service apps like Uber. From drafting an app plan to executing it on the right path, we have got you covered. All you need is to initiate a discussion with our peers. 

So, connect & let’s brew some deserving success stories for you! 

Quick wrap-up – 

An uber-like app is no less than a dream project for many entrepreneurs out there. And why not when it holds ample potential to fill your pockets with profits. All it requires is to evaluate different costs incurred in the process, brace yourself with planning a well-elaborated app, and you are done! 

Don’t Forget To Check This Live Demo of Code Brew’s Multi-Service App Like Uber:

March 1, 2022



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