Success Hacks For Uber Like Business

Uber like business is considered a viable option for entrepreneurs, but is it really failsafe? By the time you reached this page and started reading this blog, about 85 startups got shut down for good. And another business bit the dust right now. That’s how fragile the world of startups is. Uber like business ideas are not an exception either. As a matter of fact, more than 120K businesses fail every day. The numbers are worrisome, since 90% of startups don’t get to see the light of the next day.

But it’s not all doom and gloom in the valley of entrepreneurship. There is always someone guiding you towards a remarkable and lasting presence in the digital world. A wise man once said, “There are three ways of doing things: your way, my way and the right way.” Let’s take a look at how these ways differ:

Your Way: If you were absolutely sure that your way will work, you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

My Way: Most entrepreneurs take suggestions from those who succeed, but what works for them may not necessarily work for you.

The Right Way: This is where we come into the picture. Given our vast experience working with the digital business industry, we have the right knowledge base to help entrepreneurs maximise their success rate amidst the cutthroat competition.

Base 1: Research Thoroughly

Research Thoroughly

Failing to plan is planning to fail, and when you think you’ve researched it all, some new information pops up on the internet. The journey and fate of your Uber like business depend on the depth of your research.

From competitors to end users, gather as much information as you can to help you make an informed decision. The time and money you invest in research will give you insights about your target audience.

On the contrary, overlooking market research will only save you time and cost in the initial stage, but it will prove even costlier when you plan to set things right. In simple words, research doesn’t guarantee success, but it surely improves your chances to succeed.

Base 2: Get Your App Right

Get Your App Right

In continuity with the previous base, you can’t just expect to have extraordinary results with an ordinary app. From basic/essential features to advanced features that set your uber like app different from the rest, you need to make sure app looks and works according to the needs of the hour.

Segregate your app features into two categories: Essential and Influential.

The essential features are what every Uber like business app will and must have. From booking a cab to real time tracking to review and rating, all these features are necessary and thus must be included in your app. The right thing to do is to get your app built by a premium mobile app development company with a proven experience in the field.

And then there are the Influential features that make your app stand a class apart from your competitors. This is what makes research more so important. See what your audience wants, what your competition isn’t providing and tap the need to make a strong presence in the digitech world.

Above all, make sure you get the design right because bad design is the perfect formula for a doomed app.

Base 3: The Perfect App Launch

The Perfect App Launch

Launching your Uber like business app is more than simply putting it up on different app stores. You can’t just launch it and cross your fingers, waiting for the first download and then hoping for millions more. It just doesn’t work that way.

Launching an app is about announcing your presence and making your audience want to try it. Create a marketing campaign that taps the consumer pain points with existing Uber like business apps and how you have the solution for the same. Ensure your app actually delivers the claims you make it does.

Leverage upon all the marketing channels you need to spread the news. Get social media influencers to talk about your app. Do a press release to get the attention of your audience.

Base 4: Take Reviews & Ratings Seriously

Take Reviews & Ratings Seriously

Reviews and ratings do more than simply telling you what customers liked about your Uber like business and what they didn’t. Working on your app in accordance with the reviews actually helps you with better customer retention.

Reviews also add onto your app as dynamic content, that further helps in app store optimization. Moreover, reviews help you build a sound support community that further enhances the User Experience of your customers. Also, the more people talk about your app, the more visible it will be on the app stores.

Base 5: Keep Iterating and Improving

Keep Iterating and Improving

No matter how good you app is, there will always be plenty of room for improvements and iterations. At the same time, regular updates help you keep your Uber like business app free from bugs and upgraded operating system compatibility issues. Reviews and ratings play an important role in figuring out any and all scopes of improvement.


Success is not a destination, but an ongoing journey. The secret lies in ensuring a solid ground while trying new things. The points we covered in this blog will surely help you succeed in your Uber like business and be the part of the 10% startups that stay in the market for decades to come.

You must have some more points to add, and we’re all ears to your suggestions and feedback. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

May 29, 2019



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