Practo: Healthcare Done Right

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April 24, 2023
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Aastha Khanna

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Practo: Healthcare Done Right

Among all other industries, if any sector is getting the most benefit out of the on-demand economy, it is healthcare. Immediate provision of medical care to those who are suffering makes this niche among the most significant ones creating an impact. For someone who is not well and cannot go to the hospital, on-demand healthcare services can enable instant appointment scheduling with a doctor without leaving the house. Well, this is the reason this industry is booming at such a fast pace. While there are various giants who are leading this sector, in this blog we will only focus on Indian healthcare startup, Practo.

How It Started

In 2008, Shashank ND faced a situation when he could not find enough information about a doctor, who was supposed to operate on his father. It was a turning point in his life as he, along with his classmate Abhinav Lal, started one of the greatest healthcare startups in India, Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore. Unlike other players in this vertical, Practo took it steady and in just a few years more than 10 million patients were created on the platform.

Practo Ray, a SAAS software was launched with the aim to simplify information access for all users. The software had to be robust and powerful and most importantly, authentic because the entire patient data as well as hospital data are way too sensitive.

What Practo Did Right

Practo app

One of the most important factors in Practo Ray’s success was that it did not use any third-party tool or software for storing its data about doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Thus, all that data was verified by Practo first and then uploaded to the database. With the use of this software, doctors could schedule appointments, access patient records, manage prescriptions, and manage other healthcare services. Additionally, to make healthcare search more refined, the company launched its healthcare search engine Practo Search where doctors and patients could search about healthcare digitally.

How Practo Works

Practo is the one-stop solution for all the healthcare needs of any patient. With seamlessly integrated platforms, Practo has three different stakeholders:


With Practo, patients or normal users can ask, find or consult about healthcare in a few easy steps.

Health Consultation

Practo lets patients enquire about any health problem by filling in the required information that does not include any personal details of the user.

Practo Search

Patients can search for doctors, clinics/hospitals, and laboratories at any location. Also, they can look for options that are nearby. Filters help in refining the list of doctors or clinics/hospitals on the basis of experience, specialty, and availability.

Consult Doctor

Patients can choose free or paid consultations with doctors on various health problems. The platform ensures a response to every query, failing which results in a refund of money paid.

Order Medicines

Online ordering of medicines saves patients from running to different chemists and asking for their medicine. All the rarely available medicines can be ordered easily under this section.

Health Articles

An educated patient will always be aware of his health condition before the doctor. With an aim to spread awareness on healthcare, Practo has health articles on every topic.


With Practo’s solutions for Doctors, it becomes simple to manage daily appointments and mark availability to see patients. Using mobile and web solutions, doctors are able to improve user engagement as well as retain them with new offers and health lessons.

Practo App for Doctors has three offerings; Practo Consult, Practo Health Feed, and Practo Profile.

Doctors can create profiles and get listed in the healthcare database of Practo. There will be all details about experience, history, and reviews. Based on the profiles, patients connect with doctors to get a consultation as well as treatment. Doctors can provide a solution as per the patient’s condition. Also, prescriptions and reports are sent via the application and can be accessed easily anytime on the phone.

Clinics & Hospitals

The major Practo SAAS software is Practo Ray and Practo Search. With Practo Ray, any hospital or clinic can achieve efficiency in handling daily hospital operations. The software can be installed at any hospital and the staff can use it to schedule appointments, manage patient records and history, manage doctor databases, and manage transactions.

Practo Search lets you check about any hospital, clinic, or doctor to ensure that you are consulting the right person. Hospitals that want to be featured on top can make use of Practo Reach Ads. Also, Practo Pro App enables the staff to manage their hospital appointments and schedules on the App itself.

Practo Business

Source: Practo Digest

Practo’s Revenue Model


Acquisitions are a great way to extend services into other verticals and earn that extra amount of money. Practo has been acquiring a lot of companies like Qikwell, FitHo, Genii, and InstaHealth.

Practo Services

Practo Ray

It is a Practice Management Software for doctors using which they are able to manage their patient records, prescriptions, reports, and everything else. It is similar to an ERP that doctors can use by paying a monthly recurring fee.

Practo Health Feed

A social network that is used by doctors to share updates with patients who are following them. The platform is free to use but is used to promote the products or services that lead to the final buying decision of the customers.

Practo Consult

A platform that can provide answers to all your medical queries. Patients or other normal users can ask about any health problem and the doctors will reply to it within the given time.

Practo Profile

All doctors are listed on the Practo Profile where you can find about the history and experience of any doctor you want. Booking an appointment becomes easy when patients get to see all the details about any doctor.

Practo Reach

Practo provides ad space for other health providers to advertise on the website as well as a mobile app.

Practo Tab

For all the hospitals and clinics, Practo Tab enables feedback reviews

Medicine Delivery

Selling medicines to chemists and various drug stores is another revenue-generation method for Practo.

Some modules might bring direct revenue while other modules help in getting indirect revenue. The main point is the company is earning very well and remains to be the top-most healthcare startup.

While there are various other healthcare startups that are coming up with new solutions, Practo focuses on making healthcare simpler to access without any discrepancy in data. The next disruption in healthcare is IOT and wearables. Know more about wearables in the healthcare industry.

How Practo Plans to Navigate the Future

Shaped by a deep understanding of what their customers–both patients and caregivers–need and an eye on changing industry dynamics, they are committed to improving the access to quality healthcare, while considering three core values:

  1. Focus on core competencies to boost growth
  2. Solid research and innovation to drive sales and scale across new offerings
  3. Encourage top talent to continue turning passion and purpose into high-quality work.


Backed with a fierce conviction and a strong will to improve access to quality care for billions of people, Practo has to date, continued to strive long and hard to negotiate the curves and corners that the pandemic brought in its wake.

And in staying committed to the fundamental principle of surviving and thriving in a crisis by using it as a springboard to innovate and grow, the team has successfully calibrated its approach to meet India’s healthcare needs.

As evident from above, Practo has lived up to what its prospects expected from it. In fact, the brand delivered much more. And we at Code Brew Labs can’t wait to see what next it has in store! 

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