Understanding The Types Of Online Healthcare Marketplaces Around

Who would have thought that consulting a doctor would become a piece of cake in times of a pandemic? It was the various technological advancements that brought the prerequisite changes in several industries and made our survival easy. Out of these industries, digitalization in the healthcare industry had an overwhelming response in 2020, which led to the introduction of Online Healthcare Marketplaces around.

Telehealthcare Industry might see growth from $26.4 Billion in 2020 to $70.19 Billion by 2026.

Source: Businesswire

Telehealthcare has seen supersonic growth and emerged as the trendsetter. The COVID era further forced people to stay at home and consult doctors online. Telehealthcare grew dramatically in 2020. However, Telehealthcare is not just limited to doctor-patient consultation. Online healthcare marketplaces have diverse forms. It includes not just the doctor consultation, but uber-like real-time medicine delivery and on-demand medical services.

Luckily, we have developed software to create any type of online healthcare solutions. The best part is that this software comes in handy and is affordable, even for small health practitioners. If you have an interest in “Healthcare & Medicine” and want to launch an online healthcare consultation app for your services, you would not like to miss this opportunity with us to know more about India’s online healthcare marketplaces around. Because this is what is called Market Study.

Types of Online Healthcare Marketplace

Let’s learn about the three different types of online healthcare marketplaces around. We assure you to filter out the best ones for you.

1. Healthcare Consultation App

Online Healthcare App

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about online healthcare solutions is online consultation. According to Practo, online medical consultation saw a 500% spike during the lockdown period. Online doctor-patient consultation apps like Practo, Lybrate, and others like doctor-on-demand grew from rags to riches in a small time frame.

Want to know how apps like Practo are transforming the healthcare industry?

If you are a physician or a specialized doctor, you would surely want to be a part of or build online healthcare marketplaces like Practo and ZocDoc for yourself. Online healthcare consultation fills up the gaps that prevail in physical visits.

Obviously, there are various reasons to build online healthcare consultation apps – connects doctors to patients, low-cost setup, no geographical boundaries, instant availability, and quick payments. While you browse apps like Practo and ZocDoc, you will find them offering similar features. These features are what contribute to the value of an online health consultation app.

  • 1-on-1 Video Communication: An online health consultation app connects doctors to patients face to face through instant video calls.
  • Medical Record Storage: Patients can upload the previous health reports, and doctors can save them within the app as medical record storage. This is the most clever feature of apps like Practo.
  • Real-Time Chat: If not serious, the patients can also consult the doctors by real-time chat as an app feature.
  • Doctors & Patients App: Most of these online health consultation apps have a separate app for doctors and patients. This way, doctors can manage appointments and schedule consultations.

2. Medicine Delivery App

Medicine Delivery App

With the changing scenario, healthcare has also come up with an app for pharmacy delivery. Just like there is an app for food and salons, you can order medicines in the comfort of your home. With more contactless payments in trend, the online pharmacy industry will surely see a major boost.

The rise in healthcare marketplaces has fostered a boost in the ePharmacy market.

There is absolutely no rocket science in developing an online pharmacy delivery app. Pharma delivery apps like Netmeds, PharmaEasy, BookMyMeds, and 1mg have almost the same set of features.

Once the user registers their account with these apps, it has to go through the following steps:

  • Search & Compare Medicines to find the best one.
  • In the next step, the user has to upload their doctor’s prescription for verification.
  • Once the user has got the right medicines, they can add medicine to the cart.
  • Next, the user orders online with scheduled delivery. And voila, it’s done.

Most healthcare marketplace app software creates an online pharmacy app with different dashboards for the customers, vendors, and drivers.

  • Customer App: For the customers, pharmacy delivery apps should have features like searching for the medicines, uploading prescriptions, and real-time chat for consultation.
  • Driver App: For the drivers, these online pharmacy apps must-have features like customer status and address. Furthermore, there must be route optimization for choosing the quickest route.
  • Vendor App: Vendors can use the app to manage their inventory, view earnings, and track deliveries.

Learn about our telemedicine app development services here with us.

3. On-Demand Nurses & CareTakers

Nurses via App

Just like contacting a doctor on-demand is easy, certain apps in the market can also connect healthcare seekers with nurses or caretakers. This healthcare marketplace has increased since COVID.

Book the nearest nurse or caretaker through these feature-rich applications with just a tap.

While nurses can manage profiles, orders, and accept services as per their requirements, customers can check nurses’ locations, charges, and their certifications and skills before hiring them. Be it a baby’s vaccination or wound management, the on-demand nurse’s app offers everything to assist you. One of the many examples of such applications is Care24.

Wrapping Up

Telemedicine is evolving and is about to expand further in the next few years. Besides the above-mentioned healthcare marketplaces, there are various growing marketplaces in other industries, including fitness, education, and legal. It is fairly easy to build online healthcare marketplaces like these. All you need is to look for a top-notch marketplace builder, and you are just a step away from building one of your own online healthcare marketplaces.

Launch your healthcare development business online with us.

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February 1, 2021



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