Mobile App Development Trends In 2023

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May 25, 2023
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Amit Rana

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Mobile App Development Trends In 2023

Did you know that globally there are 6+ billion smartphone mobile network subscriptions

This is a result of how the dynamics of mobile development are constantly changing. The mobile application development world is ever-evolving due to the increasing demand in the market. The ease to use everything online with a click on any application is stealing the show, thanks to digitalization!  

Why this mobile app development is evolving mainly because of the rapid advancements in the world of app development software with the advent of robotic automation. 

Let us understand how mobile development is bringing a change in the way people use smartphone applications and what are the trends that are ruling this market. 

Key Statistics of the Mobile App Industry

Revenue Projections

Worldwide revenue from mobile apps will reach over 318 billion US dollars in 2020. This was an increment of $60 billion USD contrasted with 2019. In that year, the mobile games segment generated more than 200 billion dollars in revenue, followed by the social networking mobile apps segment, which generated approximately 31 billion dollars in revenue. 

By 2025, as per the Statista Digital Market Outlook, it projects that revenue in the majority of segments will climb up the next few years to 613 billion US dollars approximately. 

Mobile App Usage

The mobile app for business has undergone a significant transformation during the past few years. Businesses stay up-to-date on trends and technical breakthroughs. Mobile applications are now having a big impact on how businesses are changing and giving them a new growth platform. 

Smartphones and mobile applications have become a necessity through which the industries are expanding and business owners see potential in building a mobile app. Mobile applications have equipped most of the time of people. 

For instance, if there’s a need to make an internet call – people use apps, to drop a message – apps, in addition to daily usage of social media apps. So, the use of apps is everywhere and every time. 

The below graph represents the global usage of apps on a daily basis by users.  

Mobile App Development Trends In 2023

Apps on App Store & Google Play Downloads

After surpassing one million apps in July 2013, the number of apps in the Google Play Store was most recently reported to be 2.67 million.

Android users had access to 3.55 million apps in the third quarter of 2022, making Google Play the app store with the most apps available. With about 1.6 million iOS apps available, the Apple App Store was the second-largest app store.  

Google Play witnessed a massive blow of 110.1 billion mobile app downloads in 2022, whereas iOS (App Store) saw 32.6 billion downloads. 

Why are New Trends Growing at a Rapid Pace?

Without an iota of doubt, this is going to reach unprecedented heights that show no signs of slowing down in the future. 

The mobile app development industry is continuously evolving. Latest technological advancements and consumer demands directly impact the trends happening in the mobile app industry.

Staying up to date with the latest trends is arguably the most crucial aspect of success in this space.

List of Trends in Mobile App Development in 2023

  • Metaverse 

Blockchain technology is used by metaverse apps (and games in general) to offer a decentralized experience that enables users to preserve a high level of privacy. Numerous such apps also include cryptocurrency integration and enable real-time trading. These kinds of technologies are highly valuable for blockchain app development solution companies.

With Metaverse innovation, one can expect to see some applications directing a virtual world with a spot of AR (augmented reality). Such applications will show us genuine components for certain elements for a creative and improved client experience. Additionally, it is centered around making application advancement simpler, quicker, more productive, and a marvelous product. 

You can work, play, shop, exercise, interact with other users, organize or attend events, and do everything in the metaverse. The objective is to truly immerse yourself, to feel as though the virtual world is your real world. 

Metaverse apps (and metaverse games in general) use blockchain technology to provide a decentralized experience that allows users to maintain a high level of anonymity. Several such apps also incorporate cryptocurrencies, allowing users to get through trading in real time. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

The dynamic nature of mobile app development trends highlights the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in application development. 

Why? In every second thing, the role of AI is highly comprehended because it helps to give real-time predictions based on what we write, what we do, and how we do it. It is a human version in the form of automation that gives insights based on the data which we feed while using it. 

  • Internet of Things

The rise in penetration of IoT across a wide range of categories, segments, industries, and sectors is seemingly giving endless opportunities. People have got to accustomed to using IoT in order to bring improvisation in their day-to-day routine.  

According to the report by Statista, the worldwide number of Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, it is anticipated to significantly increase from 9.7 billion in the year 2020 to in excess of 29 billion IoT gadgets in 2030. In 2030, the largest number of IoT gadgets will be tracked down in China with around 5 billion buyer gadgets.

Mobile App Development Trends In 2023

The above market performance statistics related to ‘The Internet of Things’ has shown that this continuously growing network of internet-connected electronic devices is bringing a huge change in how we interact with devices. 

  • Beacon Technology

A new expansion in the field of mobile app development is Beacon Technology. It transmits and connects to mobile devices within a 100-foot range via Bluetooth low-energy signals. By utilizing the device location, mobile apps that use beacon technology will be able to recommend the finest services close by for the user.  

Globally, the size of the beacon market in 2018 was USD 1.36 billion and expect to grow to USD 31.61 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 48.9 percent.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality apps are changing the way we dissect and interact with the world. To many industries, this segment of trend has given rise to exploring new dimensions of technology. 

And, why not? Using AR and VR, businesses can virtually launch their products and let the end user try the products through online virtual mirrors. Such as industries like those who are selling accessories, attires, and cosmetic products online, can be highly benefited from this technology so their customers can try on the products with these virtual reality mirrors. 

  • 5G Technology 

Since hybrid apps are one of the top choices among business owners, when there is a huge hype for different products and technologies, 5G is grabbing the attention in terms of trends in 2023. 

The unveiling of 5G technology seems to leave a major impact on 2023. For developers, resellers, and businesses, this mobile app technology is unperturbed to diversify the way mobile apps were operating earlier.  

Take a look at the expected growth of 5G smartphone connections by 2024 in comparison to 2019. 

Mobile App Development Trends In 2023

Both speed and effectiveness will significantly rise. 5G has the tendency to reduce latency by 10X while increasing traffic volume and network efficiency simultaneously. Contrasted with 4G, 5G will depend on multiple network operators in terms of quick time response. 

Developers of mobile applications make use of a 5G network’s speed during the testing and development phases. In the end, mobile apps’ functionality will improve as 5G spreads its scope with new features that enable apps to perform better without sacrificing effectuation.  

  • Touchless User Interface

Another most recent portable application pattern in UI is signal control where you have some control over the applications by moving the head or screen. Remarkable new portable applications can likewise follow eye developments to assist with scrolling. With touchless user interfaces, businesses tend to perform better and more securely. 

Though, numerous clients are as of now acquainted with touchless UI, for instance, marking in or recognizing users/ clients by means of biometrics in the application. Applying this technology in finance and payment apps allows users to verify their identity using biometrics as a second authentication factor.  

Summing Up

The process of making mobile apps is always evolving due to emerging technology trends. As a business, you won’t be able to compete with today’s growing businesses if you build an app with old technological hacks.  

What do these changes entail for those who create apps and run businesses? To adapt to your audience’s changing needs, you may use on-demand app development to create a mobile app to offer a variety of features and functionalities. 

Given the emergence of the platforms they deploy, it is also very possible that on-demand apps will streamline the entire process of developing mobile apps. 

The right mobile app development software company can utilize these trends to increase your company’s exposure to adapt the usability and target the right market. Along with the income advantages, the mobile app trends outlined above can help you build brand awareness, connect with potential clients, and create your authority niche. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our proficient experts to discuss how these trends can bring a change in your business based on your business niche. 

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