How To Launch eCommerce App Like eBay: All You Need to Know

How To Launch eCommerce App Like eBay: All You Need to Know

Do you want to launch your ecommerce app like eBay but are not sure about how to start? Are you wondering about what features should be included in an online marketplace app and what will be the cost of developing an eBay clone? If yes, then you are in the right space.

eBay is a popular online marketplace and the graph of growth for eBay has been on the rise ever since the ecommerce app was launched. As per a report by Statista, the net revenue of eBay was reported to be more than $10M for FY2020. These numbers are awesome enough to pique the interest of entrepreneurs and lure them to start their own ecommerce app like eBay.

Before moving forward to answer your questions about launching eBay clone app, it is first important to shed some light on eBay business model. eBay business model has evolved from being a bidding platform to a multi-vendor online marketplace.

What Is Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace?

A multi-vendor online marketplace can be defined as a platform that connects customers and sellers while allowing buyers to search products offered by different sellers to compare their price, description and other features to make informed purchase.

While this article is primarily focused on steps to launch online marketplace app like eBay, click here to know about eBay business model and revenue model.

Steps To Launch Online Marketplace Like eBay

Launching your own eBay clone is not an overnight journey. It requires thorough diligence and research. Here are some steps to make this journey simpler for you:

Define Your Niche: If you are planning to launch your own online marketplace like eBay, the first point to consider is that ecommerce giants like eBay and Etsy cover multiple market segments and have earned consumer trust over the years. So, in order to compete against ecommerce apps like eBay, you need to focus on a unique and less explored niche. Also, define your marketing strategy to focus on your USP for gaining customer attention.

Choose Your Revenue Model: Once you have defined your niche, the next step is to focus on one of the most important aspects of starting a business – monetization. You can choose from different business and revenue models. Some popular revenue models are commission based model, membership fee model, listing fee model, ads business model, etc.

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Choose Your Strategy: In the beginning, every online marketplace suffers from dilemma, whether to sign up more vendors first or to build a consumer base first. To answer this query, experts suggest starting small with a number of high-value users. Market your idea to spread awareness and then follow up by setting time or demand constraints. In the beginning phase of launching online marketplace, it is important for every entrepreneur to know the knick knacks of starting the business.

Build Your Online Marketplace App: The next step is to provide a platform to facilitate connections between the sellers & buyers. For launching your online marketplace like eBay, it is first important to select a reliable domain name. After deciding the domain name, define the key features of the ecommerce marketplace. When building app like eBay, focus on following basic features –

  • User or seller authorization
  • Product catalogue
  • Advanced product search
  • Inventory management
  • Admin dashboard
  • Shopping cart
  • Multiple payment integrations
  • Live chat support
  • Real time analytics
  • Shipping & delivery options
  • Easy checkout
  • Order details
  • Discounts & special offers

How To Build Ecommerce App Like eBay?

When starting your online marketplace like eBay, you need to focus on four different interfaces.

  • Customer/Buyer Interface
  • Vendor/Seller Panel
  • Admin/Dispatcher Panel
  • Agent/Driver Interface

Let’s discuss features that need to be included in these interfaces of an eBay clone.

Customer/Buyer Interface: The customer or buyer interface has to be designed and loaded with features that will help in ensuring a simple buying experience for the buyers. This is necessary to ensure returning customers for generating higher ROI for your online marketplace. Here is a list of features that should be included in the customer app:

  • Easy sign up & login
  • Advanced product search with multiple filters
  • Push notifications for order confirmation & delivery status
  • Real time order tracking
  • Multiple payment mode integrations
  • Ratings & reviews

Vendor/Seller Panel: The vendor or seller panel should allow the sellers to update the available products and easily manage product listings with features to upload details including product images on the online marketplace. It should be loaded with features that allow seamless order acceptance and fulfillment. Make sure to include following features in the vendor/seller panel of your ecommerce marketplace like eBay:

  • Product catalogue management
  • Instant updates
  • Order dashboard
  • Business reports
  • Manage listings

Admin/Dispatcher Panel: The admin or dispatcher panel should include features that allow you a better control over the operations of your ecommerce marketplace like eBay. Additionally, it should also provide insight into the user behavior, order completion, order stats, etc. for better understanding of the performance of your ecommerce marketplace. In order to have a power packed admin panel, make sure to include following features in your eBay clone:

  • User & agent management
  • Automated task assignments
  • Real time analytical reports
  • Deals & offers management
  • Push notifications

Agent/Driver Interface: Logistics and delivery are an important part of running an online marketplace. This makes agent/driver interface an integral part of your ecommerce marketplace app. It should be designed with features essential to facilitate seamless delivery for the agents as well as the customers. An intuitive agent or driver app should include following features:

  • Easy driver onboarding
  • Delivery alerts & details
  • Availability status update
  • Location & route optimization
  • Proof of delivery
  • Daily earnings section

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What Is The Development Cost Of eBay Clone?

The development cost of eBay clone app depends upon numerous factors such as the UI/UX of the ecommerce marketplace app, list of features of online marketplace, location of the development company, operating system compatibility with Android/iOS, etc.

Depending upon these factors the development cost of eBay clone can range from $5500 to $12,500 per platform. Code Brew Labs offers an affordable solution! As leading online marketplace app developers, we offer ready-to-use solution for developing your eBay clone. The ready-to-use solution can be customized to meet your needs and as most of the solution is pre-written, it reduces the development time and cost.

Do you want to launch your eBay clone at an affordable cost with low launch time? Let’s connect now!

Watch this live demo of Code Brew’s Ebay Clone App:

August 29, 2021


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