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Blockchain Mobile App Development

by Code Brew Labs


Private Blockchain Development

Hire blockchain developers and private blockchain development experts who set up private blockchain with secure decentralized databases for enterprises for better transaction handling and supply chain management. Private Blockchains are owned and operated by organizations only.

Smart Contracts

To achieve complete automation of processes and decentralization of data, we build Smart Contracts that are linked to Blockchain. Smart Contracts help enterprises to have more transparency without the involvement of any middleman.

Smart Contract Audit

Code Brew Labs is one of the best blockchain technology companies as we have an expert auditor team that assesses the overall architecture of Smart Contracts to ensure that the codebase follows best and updated practices for Smart Contracts Development.


Solidity is a language used to build Smart Contracts and other Ethereum based Mobile Apps for Android as well as iOS platforms. Launch your blockchain app with the best blockchain development company.


Ethereum is a blockchain-based distribution platform that helps in Smart Contract development and DApps Development . Our blockchain solution providers create Decentralized Apps for your businesses as per different mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.


Code Brew Labs has an expertise in Cryptocurrency Wallet Development for storing crypto-assets in a secure manner. For blockchain app development, we create mobile wallets that differ based upon the platform, type, private key storage method or access.

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The Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain FAQs


At its core, Blockchain is a distributed database. It maintains a constantly increasing list of records, known as blocks. Every block has a timestamp and a link to the previous block so that anyone participating in a blockchain network can see all the previous records. All entries are stored in a cryptographic chain of blocks. At every stage, all network participants need to confirm the latest block of transactions. Then an agreement is reached by a process of majority consensus, eliminating duplicate entries and double spending. This whole mechanism makes blockchain irreversible and immutable. Blockchain is a perfect example of decentralized computing system capable of powering a whole host of applications.

Private blockchain is the complete opposite of the public blockchain. The clue lies in the name. Many of the functions that are open to everyone on a public blockchain are closed on a private blockchain. Unless someone has the permission, they can’t read/write or audit the blockchain. Here, the owner of the blockchain is usually a single entity or an enterprise that can override/delete commands on a blockchain, if need be. Down to such features, private blockchain isn’t decentralised in its true nature. It can simply be called a distributed fledged or database that has the security of cryptography. In comparison to public blockchain, it’s much cheaper and faster. You don’t have to spend an awful lot of energy, time or money here to reach a consensus.

Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain based distributed computing platforms. It features smart contract functionality. Ethereum provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM), that can execute scripts with the use of a global network of public nodes.

Ethereum allows developers to build and deploy decentralized apps. Since apps are made up of code that works on a blockchain network, they can’t be controlled by any central authority. So any type of services that is centralized can be decentralized with the use of Ethereum.

How Is This Related To Ethereum?

A smart contract, also popularised as a cryptocontract, is a computer program that can control the transfer of digital currencies or other assets between parties operating under certain conditions. It doesn’t just define the rules and penalties of an agreement but also enforces those obligations automatically. This is achieved by storing information as input, then assigning a value to that input from the rules laid down in the contract and then executing the actions required by contractual clauses. The contracts are stored on blockchain technology, which is a decentralized ledger.

We follow the agile model of software development to ensure a quick turnaround. On an average, the time taken to complete a Proof of Concept and an MVO can span anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks.  The later stages up until the completion of a fully fledged product can take several months. Code Brew Labs also offers the best blockchain development consulting services

On our backend we use Java. But to cater to some smaller backend system, we also use some Clojure and node. Angular and MySQL are our frontend and database respectively. Following are the frameworks we use:

iOS: storyboards, JSBridgeWebView

Android: gradle, bitcoinJ, apache commons, Junit

Web: AngularJS, NPM, NodeJS, Travis, ES6, Jasmine (for tests), BitcoinJS, Bootstrap

As a leading Blockchain development company, Code Brew Labs has a team of highly accomplished developers who have been involved in building top-notch blockchain applications for over 4 years. We offer industry-level blockchain development services. So far we have worked on a number of blockchain solutions, viz. mobile apps with biometrics, wallets, blockchain data cache for analytics, enterprise blockchain adapters, private, permissioned smart contracts and many more. Be it startup or enterprises, we have tested our mettle with both. Our experience across industries as varied as banking, property, aviation, recruitment and wealth management has enabled us to take on any blockchain requirement with full confidence. We are the obvious choice for businesses looking to hire dedicated blockchain developers in India, USA & UAE.

In theory, yes virtually anyone can mine cryptocurrency. But it differs from one cryptocurrency to another. Not all cryptocurrencies can be mined. Mining a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin involves a great deal of time and investment meaning your expenses can easily outweigh your profits. Countries where the power is cheap, such as China lead the way in Bitcoin mining capacity.  So to answer the question yes, anyone can mine, but it may not be the most economical option for everybody.

Encryption is there to provide data security. It ensures that the data transferred is encrypted so that none other than the receiver who has a private key may be able to read it. The process amps up the authenticity of the blocks in the chain rending them far more secure than otherwise. Only the best blockchain software development agency can be trusted to offer reliable Encryption functionality.  

Double spending is the instance where one digital token is spent multiple times. Ideally, this situation has to be avoided in all circumstances. It usually happens because the token is made up of a digital file that’s very easy to be cloned. In addition to causing inflation, double spending can also use huge loss to an organization. Blockchain technology mainly exists to put an end to instances of double spending. Only experienced blockchain technology development companies can ensure the development of flawless blockchain solutions.

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