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On 15th September, Uber the worldwide biggest cab service giant notifies its most recent data breach according to which hackers compromised internal computer systems. Though, it has been indicated that none of the customer’s data was compromised. 

An app-based cab service provider, Uber, reveals that an in-house internal investigation is taking place that probes to notify it as a “cybersecurity incident”. It happened after a hacker did claim that they had ruptured the computer systems of this globally operating ride-hailing giant by sharing the evidence with journalists and researchers.  

Further, a hacker stated how they compromised the employee’s internal workplace messaging app i.e. Slack. They did cast off it to all Uber employees with the message that the organization had wretched a data breach, according to an Uber spokesperson. It is reported that the hacker is a mere 18 years old chap and astoundingly they broke in due to the company’s fragile back-end security systems. 

Uber is yet to reveal the type of data breach and whether the user data leak got any sources. However, it is widely seen that this app-based carpooling giant has suffered a data breach in the past as well. In 2016, some hackers stole data from accounts of about 57 million Uber drivers and riders. Consequently, Uber had to pay to cover up the security breach.

An Uber representative said the company is rigorously running the fact-findings internally about the whole matter of this breach and is approaching law enforcement officials for further investigation.  

Did you know why such a huge hacking incident took place?

Has hacking become normal in the tech world? – YES.

Did Uber face this incident in the past? – YES.

Have they kept the incident in mind to deal in the future? – Could be.

It happened due to unreliable and low-key security systems? – May be!

This concerns not only the ride-hailing giant, Uber, but also a major concern for rest of the world who are actively relying on this technology-driven app stack. 

If you as an entrepreneur or an enterprise are seeking to get an Uber like app, must ensure that you begin with building and launching the Uber clone app on a single platform. This tech-savvy approach is suitable to save money while helping your company to place your brand name in the marketplace. 

How Code Brew can prevent such incidents?

The expert developers at Code Brew runs in-depth analysis before deploying and executing to build a mobile app like Uber. Based on the before-execution factors, we build Uber like clone app to gain maximum traction with less possibilities to break our thoroughly created app. 

We are the best in making safety and security systems that protects your customer data and company’s crucial information. 

We use a high-end technology stack that may vary for hybrid, iOS, and Android users. Kotlin for Android app, Paypal/Stripe, Swift for iOS App, Twilio, Amazon S3, Google Places, Node.JS for back-end development,,, APNS are some of the stacks to name a few. 

Data Recovery Parameters

  • We take full control to import/ export data to/from the databases or server 
  • The developers affirms to take data backup with the disaster recovery support and process in the event of any data theft or hacking takes place

Security Measures

  • Our white-label software solution works in compliance with the critical security requirements
  • We run rigorous checks of the software testing before deploying the app to check their failure frequency
  • An effective managing and monitoring from the back-end process
  • Once an app is built and ready to launch in the market, we run-through performance testing for its live environments and a smooth functionality check on various devices 

Final Takeaway

Our development team are high-end professionals who have years of experience building clone apps making it to rise to the success. To put the light on this scenario, it’s quite good to conclude that the future of the ride-hailing segment looks ever-promising.

To know all about the Uber like clone app development process, revenue generation techniques, and much more, read our in-depth guide on how to build an app like Uber.

September 17, 2022



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