Top Technology Trends In 2018

Top Technology Trends In 2018

It is 2018 already and there is nothing that is impossible in today’s world. Why? Because we have the superpower called technology. We, humans have become dependent on technology for everything. The smartphones have invaded our lives completely and there are other technologies, still in development that will disrupt our lives once again. While it is the most difficult task to predict what technology trends has to offer in future, this blog is based on the big trends that we are expecting in the year ahead.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI(Artificial Intelligence) is one of the growing revolutionary technology in the business world as well as in science. Nowadays many IT companies are investing in AI. Big giants tech companies like Google and Baidu investing around $20 — $30 Billion on AI in 2016.

Artificial Intelligence is basically a machine which has the ability to copy intelligent behaviour. Artificial Intelligence possibilities are endless, it is already present in our phones and we can find this with the help of Mobile, it can be embedded using chatbots or context-aware sensors.

When we are thinking about the smart applications or artificial intelligence (AI) Siri, Cortana, or Assistant probably come to our mind. Hundreds of linguists and software engineers dedicate countless hours to building these services into responsive personal assistants that can answer questions, track down information, send messages, launch services, and more.

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Virtual Reality

In layman language, “Virtual” means artificial or digital and “Reality” is what we experience as a human. Virtual reality makes possible to experience anything, anytime, anywhere. Virtual Reality provide us an artificial environment which is experienced through sights and sounds which itself provided by computer and our actions determine what happens in the environment. As a kid, we were told about the five senses that we possess (taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing). However, neurologists have identified 21 senses and with these senses we experience the virtual environment around us.

VR Games are becoming popular among masses. A lot of industries are ready to experiment with this upcoming technology trends to offer amazing yet virtual experience to the target audience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

If you have used Snapchat, well you are a user of Augmented Reality already. Augmented Reality, in simple terms is when you add some virtual effects to the real-time scenario of the user. Apple has introduced the animated emoji that use augmented reality. Last year, PokemonGo was one of most popular players in this domain.

Majority of the people might think VR and AR are the same things but in reality these are completely different concepts. AR enhances your reality with virtual effects whereas VR takes you to another world by taking you away from reality with the help of some gears.



Cryptocurrency is the latest buzz word. You might have heard someone or the other talking about investing in some kind of cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that got popular across the globe, there is a huge list of different cryptocurrencies that you still have not heard of. Cryptocurrencies are some database entries that cannot be changed by anyone without accomplishing certain specific conditions.

Cryptocurrency market is hot and trending everyday with different new additions to it. There are exchanges that enable trading of the cryptocurrencies. A lot of new cryptocurrencies come and go in the market. A few of them turn out to be promising while others fail in the first few months leaving investors with abandoned currency. However, people are still accepting it at a large scale because there will be no manipulation on the monetary front by any bank or government. Huge investments are being made on cryptocurrencies as people believe that this will change the world.

Internet of things

Internet Of Things

‘Internet’ of things refers to a network created by several devices with sensors, enabling the seamless sharing of information through bare objects. Things like smart mirrors, clothing, umbrellas and what-have-you are flooding the market, and they are all part of the new IoT revolution. In effect, the concept details that everything can be interconnected.

You might have heard about Smart Homes. Well, that is entirely based on the concept of IOT. Connected gadgets let you manage all your home activities through your smartphone and optimize your daily tasks and streamline operations efficiently.

Big data

Big Data

Data is the basic entity that is being generated enormously via millions of sources and is then distributed across the sea of networks. This implies that huge amount of data is being transferred over the internet. To help organizations manage the useful and authentic data, Big Data is the ultimate solution.

Enterprises are becoming more data-driven which directly increases the demand and importance of Big Data. Business insights and relevant numbers help organizations frame their marketing strategies as well.


Explore what all you can do with these technology trends or contact us for a free consultation.

January 27, 2018


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