How to Build An Elearning App Like Coursera?

How to Build An Elearning App Like Coursera?

Looking to develop an app like Coursera? The entire development process may take certain prearranged essentials as it involves time-consuming development and designing flowcharts. 

In better terms are we at the beginning of making the digital world a better place to learn and grow? This is categorically applicable to all those patrons who are looking to pursue online education and businesses who want to create an online education app like Coursera.

Let us begin with what are the core requisites of how to build an e-Learning app

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online educational platform that specializes in offering courses from top educational institutions and universities across the globe.  

With Coursera, students can log in and learn at their own pace without having to bother about the time. It is easier and more manageable for the students to learn through Coursera education app development. 

The future of eLearning and Coursera 

Education has been the biggest growth driver of innovation around the globe. Self-paced learning, in particular, has become more popular as it tends to save a lot more time and offers flexibility to learners. 

The increasing prevalence of self-paced learning made Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) go into the trend. The core reason behind online learning is the flexibility that allows learners to choose their pace of study.  

According to the survey, the e-learning market globally is forecast to expand to 400 billion U.S. dollars by 2026

In the previous years for instance, in 2019, the e-learning market worldwide was captured at $200 USD billion. However, in a similar year, the learning management system (LMS) market generated a revenue of around $18 billion USD.  

Benefits of Education App Development

With the success of e-Learning app builder platforms like Coursera, business owners, and entrepreneurs are affirmative to create an e-learning app with some really unique concepts, features, and functionalities.  

The world of online learning is expanding at a whistle-stop pace, showing no signs of looking back to traditional methods of learning. The eLearning future holds the maximum potential due to several factors such as: 

  • Self-paced courses
  • Hassle-free learning process
  • A convenient and comfortable learning environment
  • No rush to complete the lecture within a single day
  • Formative assessments and self-monitoring 

How to develop an app like Coursera?

As the role of the internet grows 10x across the globe, e-learning steadily becomes viable and accessible to a great extent. With that, opportunities to create online education clone apps as a result of which multimedia training methods create an urge to develop an app like Coursera.  

After selecting the best tech stack for development, entrepreneurs take a step forward toward preparing the SSP (software specifications sheet). The sheet could contain all the features and functionalities that the businesses would want to include in the mobile app. 

Note that in case you want to opt for ready-made software, again feature selection is important to help you select the right software.  

There are mainly three types of panels in the dashboard that makes the viability of the Coursera e-Learning app development more functional and reliable.  

Implement Necessary Features

The features’ selection and implementation in an eLearning platform play the utmost importance to make the platform a success. The features of the whole system can be divided into three categories – the admin, educator, and learner.   

Here is the list of features to include in the app:  

Admin Panel

The admin panel has control over every activity on the website. The admin has full control to manage all the user panels such as – teachers, learners, and the admin panel itself. The administrator can view all the active users and current courses.  

  • Dashboard

The robust dashboard allows the admin to see the total number of students and teachers, courses, reports, traffic, conversions, and detailed insights from this panel.  

Further, the admin has the option to remove and suspend any users if they are found violating the terms of use of the platform.   

Other key features of the admin panel are as follows:  

  • User Management

Admins have a record of all the users including teachers and scholars (learners) with each user’s in-detailed data, earnings & expenditures, discounts, vouchers, etcetera.  

  • Payment Management

The administrator would be able to check and monitor the payment history. For instance, they can evaluate how much payment is sent and received to determine the net profit earned through the platform.    

  • Commission Module

The commission module helps admins to manage the commission part as in what has been earned via each offered course while ensuring precise visibility and transparency.  

  • CMS

With Content Management System, the admin should be able to create videos and blogs. They can create or modify web pages, should be able to send alerts & emails, and a lot more to entice users to the learning app. 

Teacher Panel

The teacher panel allows the teachers to modify and upload the content as per their needs. Teachers can sign up on the platform, and upload & sell their self-designed courses to the learners registered on the platform. 

Key features of the teacher panel are: 

  • Dashboard

Instructors operate their own profiles and have a separate dashboard to track the progress of every learner’s activity and evaluate insights.  

Teachers can create the courses and allow monitor the enrolled student ratio under each course, best-selling courses, number of enrolments, ratings, etcetera.   

  • Course Creation

Teachers have access to the course creation tool that allows them to frame a course structure. It also allows them to add digital content for the learners such as audio files, text, videos, slides, quizzes, assignments, etcetera.  

  • In-built Chat 

The panel has an in-built chat feature for the educators that enables them to communicate with the learners to precisely answer their queries on the platform and give feedback to them.  

  • Pricing Management

Teachers are allowed to modify course fees, run discount offers, and create advertising offers based on promotions.  

Student Panel

This panel is for learners who have registered on the platform as students. They can create an account, set up their profiles, and select out of the listed courses with access to course material.  

Key features of the student panel are: 

  • Dashboard

This student dashboard makes it easier for the students to track their progress. Students can see the courses purchased, their level of progress (whether in progress or completed), time spent on every course, and several other useful insights.  

  • Search and Navigation

In the search bar, learners should easily search and discover the desired courses. The search navigation with autocomplete functionality helps the learners to find the recommended course. 

The filters in the search bar allow the learners to choose the courses on the basis of course duration, level, pricing, features, ratings, topic, language, and many more.  

  • Course Enrollment

Students can select and get enrollment in the selected courses. After making the desired payment, learners can easily get access to the course. The enrolled course, duration, syllabus, status – everything will be viewed in the student’s profile.   

  • Reviews/Feedback

Students can check reviews about anything on the platform. Further, they can also share their reviews and give feedback about the mentorship, course, experience etcetera. 

  • Recommended Courses

The platform gives recommendations to the learners about other similar courses that other students have opted for based on the courses the learner has already enrolled for. 

This reduces the hassle of students grappling to find relevant courses from hundreds of courses itemized on the platform.  

  • Secure Payment Methods

The secure and hassle-free payment medium listed on the platform allows learners to choose different methods to make payments for the opted courses.  

Create An Online Education App Like Coursera

There’s a growing emergence of online learning app development among aspiring entrepreneurs about online spaces. 

To create a well-established e-Learning app builder, Code Brew offers a state-of-the-art online learning app that is completely customizable. It can be used to build online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Verbling, and many more.  

Code Brew offers top-notch web development and design services, with a proven track record of building 150+ learning app solutions. Experienced teams of developers and project managers are the mavens who deliver the projects on time. 

Our expert development team at Code Brew has not only worked on learning platforms but has successfully created apps for various industries that include eCommerce, healthcare, fitness, on-demand food & delivery, real estate, and more.  

Check out our portfolio here. It will help you walk through our app-building expertise and industry knowledge. 

Final Thoughts

Online courses are certainly an impressive alternative to conventional methods of education. The leading eLearning platforms such as Udemy and Coursera attract millions of learners (users) who want to gain new skills.  

It is very much evident that e-learning is not going anywhere and will be here to stay due to the drastic paradigm shift that has evolved the technological factors that involve this online learning industry.  

Take your business to the next level and learn more about how to develop an app like Coursera. 


April 17, 2023



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