Should I outsource the app for my startup or build an in-house team?

Startup culture has taken a leap. Each one of us dreams to have our own startup. Fancy Dreams !! But these fancy looking dreams when executed come along with nightmares. Only a few survive these nightmares. One of the major challenges a Tech startup faces is Mobile app development. Startups are in a constant turmoil between Outsourcing and In-House development.

Here are some parameters that will help you decide whether you should outsource an app or hire an in-house team for your startup.

Outsourcing Development

Outsourcing an app is a wiser option for the start. Initially a startup has to focus on various areas like ideating the product, raising funds, product visibility, marketing and what not!! With constraints related to team – infrastructure – funds, whereas focusing on technical aspects adds on to the burden. The big names Skype, AliBaba are outstanding examples of outsourced product development.

Pros of outsourcing

    • Expert Handling: – Not all tech startup founders have depth knowledge about app development. Having a strong technical support is important. Outsourcing the application can not only help in development but with past experience the mobile development companies can also help the founders innovate on their product my sharing current market trends to produce a quality app.


    • Hassle-Free:-   Having an technical support team will reduce burden off the founders shoulder. The founders can focus on the non technical aspects without much concentration on technicalities. But they should ensure to maintain a proper communication with the team and take updates and review periodically.


    • Cost Efficient:- Hiring a Mobile App Development Company is cheaper than having an in-house team. It reduces HR and infrastructure investments. And who doesn’t like to save money 😉


Cons of outsourcing

    • Mobile app Development Company: – Choosing the correct technical partner is important. Startups want their products to be developed fast and are hasty in choosing the team with the required skill set.  It is important that the founders have atleast some basic technical knowledge before contacting the development firm.


    • Communication: – Usually as the outsourced company and the startup are not at same location therefore, it is difficult to keep a constant eye on the development process and progress. Some Mobile Development Companies sometimes hide technical details from the founder which in longer term can be harmful for the product.


One of the most important factors to consider before outsourcing is Mobile app Development Company that you choose to develop your product. With a lot of Mobile application developers available in the market it is a hassle process to choose someone reliable. Mobile Application is the soul of your product and finding someone who can love your product as much as you do is difficult. It is just like marriage between the startup and the development firm, where both sides need to be equally enthusiastic to make the relationship (Product) run longer. Some factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a mobile application development firm:-

      1. Experience and Skill Set: – Startups should ensure that the team has skills and experience that aligns with their requirement. Cross checking on the past projects and reviews of the company can be one measure to cross-check. Taking risk at this stage can prove to be dangerous.


      1. Similar Interests:- It is important that the mobile application development company and the startup have aligned  interests.


In-House Team Development

Having an in-house team feels secure but this security will surely cut down your pocket and increase burden. Once your product has been launched and has received funding having an in-house team is a better approach.  Once you know that your product is successfully launched and has received a great market response only then you should hire an in-house team that can help you enhance or pivot the product.

Pros of In-House Team

    • Close Focus on Targets and Progress:-You can monitor an In-House Team in a better way than an outsourced team. There is no middle man which reduced communication gap and produces better results.


  • Hand-Picked Team:-You can personally select the best team with required skills.

Cons of In-House Team

  • HR:-

     Hiring the correct person is not an easy task 100 interviews = 1 Hire and further team management is a difficult tasks.


Closed Focus on hiring is important as the famous proverb says ‘One dirty fish can contaminate the pond’. Startups are crucial and where on step can make the product successful on the contrary it takes no time for a startup to die out.

July 2, 2015



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