How To Build A Fitness App: Insight Into Features & Cost Of Fitness App Development

Have you ever used a fitness app? Yes, well we are not surprised. Fitness apps have gained a momentum in terms of increased number of users as people are becoming increasingly health conscious. The busy work schedule of millennials & the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have only added to the momentum.

So, why are fitness apps gaining popularity?

  • They are easy to use.
  • Fitness apps offer the convenience of modifying the workout as per individual requirements.
  • They allow users to work out when and where they want as per their schedule.
  • Users are not required to step out of their homes & head to gyms for staying fit.

No wonder, these reasons reinforce the popularity of fitness apps which is very evident from the fact the fitness app market was valued at $4.4B in 2020 with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6% from 2021 to 2028.

Have you also ever considered launching your own fitness app like Fitbit or Planet Fitness? If yes, you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss about everything you need to know before launching your on-demand fitness app. Some of the important questions that we will be answering in this blog are:

  1. What is a fitness app?
  2. What are different types of fitness apps?
  3. How to launch on-demand fitness app?
  4. How does a fitness app earn?
  5. What are the features of a fitness app?
  6. How much does it cost to build a fitness app?

So, let’s begin:

What Is A Fitness App?

A fitness app is a mobile application focused on improving user’s health on the go. The fitness app can offer a range of activities ranging from simple tracking of vitals to offering fitness advice or customized workout plans for the users.

From a user’s perspective, a fitness app offers an easy and on-the-go solution to monitor their actions or vitals such as heart rate, steps, workout adherence, diet, etc. Depending on the features offered by the fitness app, users may also find it a great platform to let experts monitor their health performance and offer meaningful advice.

However from company’s perspective, a fitness app is a communication tool or a digital interface that connects it with the customers and using which the consumers can purchase their tools or products.

Some popular fitness apps in the market are Planet Fitness, Calm, Fitbit, etc.

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What Are Different Types Of Fitness Apps?

Although basic aim of every on demand fitness app is to assist in improving health of consumers and helping the business in earning higher returns by reaching out to more consumers, the performance features added to an app categorize fitness apps into three types.

  • Activity Tracking Apps
  • Diet & Nutrition Apps
  • Workout & Exercise Apps


Types Of FItness Apps

Types Of Fitness Apps


Activity Tracking Apps: On-demand fitness apps that fall under this category track the user’s physical activity including steps taken, floors climbed, calories burnt, hours slept, distance run, weight, etc. These apps usually rely on in-built technology of mobile phone such as phone’s gyrometer, information from a connected machine, or information provided by the consumer. The fitness app collates the data into a chart to allow users track their progress.

Diet & Nutrition Apps: Diet & nutrition fitness apps are a step ahead of activity tracking apps. These apps are designed to help the users track data specific to their goals. The data helps users in tracking the required calorie intake based on factors such as sex, height, current weight and required fitness level. This type of on demand fitness apps also allow users to build grocery lists or save recipes based on their diet & nutrition suggestions. The app providers are also expected to offer features such as user community, support groups, scoreboards, consistency competitions, etc. to keep the users motivated.

Workout & Exercise Apps: A workout or exercise fitness app is designed to deliver workout or exercise routines to the users. These apps may also offer tracking features to provide an all-round experience to the users. In these apps, users have the option to choose from videotaped workout sessions, different coaches, workout types, etc.

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How To Launch On-Demand Fitness App?

On-demand fitness app market is beaming with growth so a number of entrepreneurs are venturing into the market. So, how will your fitness app stand apart?

Follow these simple steps to launch a successful on-demand fitness app like Planet Fitness:

  • Decide The Fitness App Type: Brainstorm your on demand fitness app idea and choose a suitable type of fitness app from different types mentioned above. This will lay the foundation for the monetization strategy of your on demand fitness app and the features you need to include in the app.
  • Choose Monetization Strategy: Choose a fitness app revenue model. You may opt for monetization options such as paid apps, in-app purchases, ads, sponsored content, etc. Detailed revenue model of on demand fitness app is discussed later in this blog.
  • Decide Basic App Features: By now, you will have a fair idea of the kind of fitness app you want to launch. Based on your idea, decide basic features you need to add to your fitness app. These features may include user profiles, notifications, activity tracker, social sharing, etc.
  • Hire A Developer Team: Hire an on demand fitness app developer team to develop and launch your app. Choose a team like Code Brew Labs that offers white label solutions and advanced features with faster take to market time at affordable price.

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How Does A Fitness App Earn?

No guide to launching a business oriented app like on demand fitness app is complete without discussing about the revenue model or monetization strategy of the app. So, here are some convincing monetization strategies or say revenue models for your on-demand fitness app.

  • Paid Apps: In case of paid apps revenue model, the user is required to pay an upfront cost before downloading app. The upfront cost will depend upon the type of application, platform compatibility, and the features.
  • In App Purchases: When choosing this revenue model, the fitness app download is offered for free but some features are offered against in-app purchases. These features may include premium workout content, healthy recipes, etc.
  • Freemium: The freemium revenue model is also known as premium subscription model. In this model, the consumer downloads the fitness app for free but has to pay on-time subscription for accessing premium features of the app.
  • Advertisements: This revenue stream involves coordinating with other fitness oriented businesses such as businesses offering fitness supplements, equipment, etc. As an entrepreneur, you can charge a cost-per-click fee.
  • Sponsored Content: This revenue stream or monetization strategy involves partnering with fitness experts or gyms. This will also add enriching content to your fitness app.

Do you have a query about how to add a revenue stream to your on demand fitness app? Let’s connect now!


What Are The Features Of A Fitness App?

When building on demand fitness app, deciding the right app features is an important question. Offering advanced features is essential to help the app stand out, attract more consumers and in turn earn high revenue with fitness app. Firstly, its important to know that a fitness app will have three different interfaces.

  • Customer Website/App
  • Trainer App
  • Admin Dashboard

Customer Interface: The customer interface of the on demand fitness app should include features that allow the customers to easily navigate through the products. Some features necessary to build efficient on demand fitness app like Planet Fitness are:

  • Easy sign up & login
  • Advanced trainer or product search
  • Choose or download workout or diet plan
  • Set reminders or alerts
  • Multiple payment gateways

Trainer Interface: Trainers are one of the key elements of on demand fitness apps. The trainer interface should allow the trainers to access the app features, connect with the customers and offer their services easily. Key features of trainer interface of on demand fitness app are:

  • Create workout schedules
  • Manage availability
  • Manage trainees
  • Payments & earnings tab
  • Set session reminders

Admin Dashboard: A powerful admin dashboard allows effortless and effective management of your fitness app. Essential features of admin dashboard of on demand fitness app are:

  • Manage customers & trainers
  • Manage user subscriptions
  • Push notifications
  • Real time reporting
  • Deals & offers management

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How much does it cost to build a fitness app?

When considering the cost of building on demand fitness app, you need to focus on a number of factors such as number of features, platform compatibility, backend technology, third party integrations, and location of developers. The actual cost may vary from $50/hour to $110/hour.

However, Code Brew Labs offers an affordable option! The company offers ready-to-use solutions to help you develop on demand fitness app while allowing flexibility to customize for suiting your business. The ready-to-use solutions allow faster take to market time and low cost as a major part of the app is already built.

Are you ready to launch your on demand fitness app? Do you need an approximate quotation for your fitness app? Do you have any other startup idea? We have a team of experts to help you with the process. Let’s connect now!

September 3, 2021



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