How Much It Costs to Build Food Delivery Apps like DoorDash | Business & Revenue Model Explained

The online food industry has been ruling the world for the last several years. Food delivery apps like DoorDash are inspiring budding entrepreneurs to invest in this industry. Do you know, there are over one million restaurants in the United States alone? In fact, the average fast-food franchise makes around $80,000 per year in profit. While there are several ways to launch your business in the food industry, nothing beats the profits you could earn by launching apps like DoorDash. Here’s a look at the growth graph of food delivery industry.

DoorDash like app


The revenue in the online food delivery segment amounts to US$23,991m in 2020. And, it is expected to grow up to US$29,222m by 2024. With around 82% of food order being the placed from home, the online food delivery industry is all set to take over the offline market by a huge margin. Moreover, 79% of Millennials choose apps like DoorDash to order their food online. These numbers clearly states the lucrative future of the on-demand food delivery businesses.

On-demand Food Delivery App

Planning to take your food business online? Building apps like DoorDash is the best thing to do at this moment. To help you get started, this article has all you need to create DoorDash clone. Moving further, you are going to explore more on:

  1. What is the DoorDash business model?
  2. What is the market opportunity for food delivery apps like DoorDash?
  3. How to create successful online food delivery apps like DoorDash?
  4. How grow your on-demand food delivery apps like DoorDash?
  5. How much it costs to start your food delivery apps like DoorDash?
  6. How on-demand food delivery apps like DoorDash make money?
  7. Why is it important to analyse your competitors in food delivery industry?
  8. When do you need funding for your online food delivery business?

Let’s find answers to these questions one-by-one.


What is the DoorDash business model?

This America based on-demand food delivery service has expanded its services to more than 4000 cities. Here are few important things to know about DoorDash:

  • DoorDash has its own team of delivery agents called- Dashers.
  • The platform charges delivery per order that ranges between $5 to $8 for the customer.
  • DoorDash also charges commission from the vendor which is close to 20% (approx).
  • DoorDash surpassed food delivery apps like GrubHub & Uber Eats in 2019.
  • The total revenue of DoorDash is close to $2.9 billion.

Watch This Video on DoorDash business model:


To understand the DoorDash business model, let’s divide into 3 segments:

Users: The customers who place food orders online.

  • Foodie people who don’t have to visit restaurants.
  • People who don’t have time or don’t want to cook.
  • People (students) and working people who don’t have kitchen facility.
  • The corporate or business people who want to treat their team without affecting their productivity.

Dashers: The agents who delivery online food orders.

  • People who are looking for a job that get good earning and tips.
  • People who want a delivery job with flexible work timings.

Vendors: The restaurant partners registered with DoorDash.

  • Food businesses looking for more customers and online branding.
  • Restaurants who don’t have their own delivery services.
  • Food joints/truck that lack a good sitting area.

Basically, DoorDash acts as an integrator between these three segments. While it allows users to place and pay for food order, it caters restaurants to deliver food at the user’s doorstep. And this delivery is carried out by the agents.

When it comes to value propositions offered by DoorDash, this food delivery app has a Y structure business model. Simply, it focuses on all the three sides, ensuring a seamless co-ordination between restaurants, drivers and users. The DoorDash business model value proposition for each segment is listed here:

Value proposition for customers

  • A vast menu with multiple restaurants and food options
  • Amazing food ordering experience
  • Affordable pricing and timely delivery
  • Live tracking of food orders
  • 24×7 customer service

Value proposition for vendors

  • Extended customer base
  • Easy, cheap and faster deliveries
  • Running offers, discounts, etc.
  • No worries for getting food delivered

Value proposition for dashers

  • Source of employment (full time or part-time)
  • Opportunity to receive good tips
  • The delivery agents at Doordash are paid a flat payment for every delivery.


What is the market opportunity for food delivery apps like DoorDash?

Before you explore the opportunities that food delivery app development services bring in, here’s a look on its working cycle. The current online food industry works by adopting a full cycle approach to the three basic components of a meal experience.

  • Ordering: Customer requests to prepare and deliver their favorite delicacies through online food delivery apps and website.
  • Cooking: The orders meal is prepared after an order is received by the business owner/partner restaurant.
  • Delivering: Prepared meals are delivered through different delivery models adapted by the business owner.

Every on-demand food delivery business models uses these components in their unique way. Let’s have a look.

What Are The Different Online Food Delivery Business Models?

  • Single Vendor: This allow customers to directly order food and pay online from their branded on-demand food delivery apps.
  • Single Vendor + Multi Stores: It includes building a multi-store online food delivery appthat lets customers order and pay with multiple integrated payment portals
  • Multi vendor: This business model offers customers a seamless online food ordering& delivery experience with multiple vendors on one platform. It is something similar to apps like DoorDashZomato & UberEats.
  • Multi vendor + Multi Services: It brings multiple services under one platform that helps food delivery businesses to expand customer reach and boost ROI manifolds. And that too without increasing the cost of operations!

Initially, it is a good idea to take your food business online with a single vendor or single vendor with multiple stores business model. With a robust technology solution and powerful marketing strategy you can expect it to turn into a profitable venture.

How to create successful online food delivery apps like DoorDash?

The secret recipe for a building a successful online food business can be summed up in three ways.

  • Choosing a right tech suite
  • Adding the best features
  • Having a great marketing plan

Now let’s dive deep in these one by one.

A Complete Technology Suite To Make Apps Like DoorDash

To make your restaurant/ food business successful, it is necessary to deliver a flawless, convenient and enjoyable meal experience to the customers. And it is here when technology comes into play. You will need an advanced tech suite that helps simplify ordering, speed up the delivery processes and give your customers a delightful experience.

  • Ordering Website & Apps: Give your customers a user-friendly & fully responsive website to let them connect with your restaurants and order seamlessly. Make food ordering more exciting and super easy with the help of customized iOS and Android apps.
  • Appointment Scheduling Solution: Do you plan to run specialized services such as baking classes or some professional services in future? Then you will require a complete solution that enables restaurants to schedule appointments and features tracking, rescheduling, alerts, etc.
  • Restaurant Management Solution: With an eagle eye view you can control and manage your online food business ideally. For this you will need a really powerful dashboard that helps add/edit catalogue, manage payments, check ratings & review and do much more.
  • Delivery Management Solution: To accomplish all your orders in a hassle[1]free manner, you will need a high-end delivery management solution. Choose one which offers optimized route planning, automated task assignments, tracking feature, agent notifications, & more.
  • Intuitive Delivery Agent App: Empower your delivery team with easy-to[1]use driver app. With complete order details & the most optimized routes, enable them to make multiple deliveries efficiently. Give them a tool to get instant task notifications, contact their customers, and track their daily earnings.
  • Customer Management Solution: It is important to build steadfast relationships with customers and technology can help you. For this you will need a CRM solution which manages all customer details at a single place. And you can use their order history in many effective ways like sending the deals & discounts as per their choice.

Build Apps Like DoorDash With The Best Features 

If you want to set your online food business apart from the plethora of competitors, you need to work on the overall experience you deliver to your customers. Building loyalty with them can really differentiate you and boosts your revenue exponentially.  For this, you need to improve the quality of services, which turns possible when you focus on the Four Cs.

Customer Experience

In The Fact- “A moderate increase in Customer Experience generates an average revenue increase of $823 million over three years for a company with $1 billion in annual revenues.”

And going that extra mile to provide an excellent customer experience isn’t that tough. Here are some key pointers to keep a check on the experience you deliver for your apps like DoorDash:

  • Interactive UI/UX:While designing UI/UX for your food ordering app & website, it doesn’t have to be confined to a list of features and functions. It must have real interactions in the virtual world.
  • Better Food Discovery:Enable your customers to search for the restaurants and food items easily. Let them filter your offering cuisine wise, distance wise, & even budget wise.
  • Easier Payment options:Leverage your customers with multiple payment options, allowing them to pay in cash or through their debit or credit card or even through electronic wallets.
  • Eliminate Waiting Time: Giving them the option to pre book the table or schedule a delivery in advance will help you win their heart.

Customer Engagement

In The Stats- “A fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average”

To put simply, your users engage effectively if they find value in your apps like DoorDash. Let’s check some ways to keep them engaged in longer run,

  • Offer Coupons & Discounts: Discounts are a great way to get people in the door. Just make sure there is a strategy around them and you communicate your message correctly.
  • Create You Brand: Customize a strong presence of your brand with your color, logo, etc. Self-branded apps & website engage users more effectively and efficiently.
  • Bring In More Interaction: The best way to interact & engage your customers is through in-app chat. It can help you onboard new users, offer new dishes, resolve their queries & even gather feedback.
  • Manage Your Catalogue: Adding mouthwatering photos or videos to your app & website can boost engagement. Get a unified control of your menu across all the channels to add, edit & publish categories, items, taxes, charges, etc.

Customer Satisfaction

Did you know, a restaurant will only receive 14% of all complaints directly & at the same time, 38% of all complaints are made public on either social media or review sites. Thus, it is very important for food business owners to make customers satisfied. Moreover, happy customers are known for showing appreciation for great service with their wallets. So you should invest heavily in measuring customer satisfaction and work to consistently give better service. Here’s some help;

  • Control Your Inventory: Cancellations can lead to frustrated users. You can drive down cancellations and proactively manage your stock to keep your customers happy.
  • On-Time Food Delivery: Make sure the food reaches on time & every time. Benefit your delivery team from route optimization and in-app navigation for efficient food order deliveries.
  • Value Their Feedback: Give your customers an easy way to leave feedback about their experience, despite the fact good or bad. Improvise on negative feedback to satisfy them in a future.
  • Update & Tracking: Allow them to track their food in real-time and keep them updated by sending them proper ETAs through push notification or text.

Customer Retention

The Data States, “Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits anywhere from 25% to 95%”

Not merely for profits, but also to outshine your competition, you need to focus on brand loyalty.  Hence, retaining your customers and turning them into your brand ambassadors needs to be in your plan. Find out how you can do this for your apps like DoorDash.

  • Reward Customer Loyalty: Persuading app users to keep opening your app is possible with well-planned customer loyalty programs. You can offer rewards in the form of coupons, promo codes, loyalty points, cash back, referral points, etc.
  • Regular Feature Updates: Getting timely updated on the new feature developments is one important aspect to increase the retention rate. Choose a partner offering automatic updates to ensure you receive the latest features immediately for your apps like DoorDash.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Implement better strategies to operate your online food business with the help of comprehensive reports & insight driven by AI. It enables you to make better business decisions and improve customer service.
  • Market It Right: Get 360 degree analysis of your apps like DoorDash and take out the guesswork out of your marketing plan. Look for unique marketing ideas to retain more customers & take your food business to the next level.
    Food deliver app doordash

How grow your on-demand food delivery apps like DoorDash?

That’s great to have a feature-loaded food delivery app. But to gain a competitive advantage, you need to plan for marketing your apps like DoorDash. Thankfully, there are several ways to do so. From the paid strategies to those that cost nothing, the list can be really long. Here are listed some of the most effective ones to head-start.

  • Inexpensive Ideas: To start, you can always choose some cost-effective plans. While you don’t need to stress much for investment, these are promising enough to bring some good results.
  • Tempt Them With Offers: You can create offers to entice more customers. From starting with a loyalty program to offering coupons and combo deals, you can attract old and new customers alike.
  • Host Online & Offline Events: You can bring in prospective customers by hosting some events like a wine tasting or dish tasting. Alternatively, you can increase your exposure by running some online events, challenges, or contests. Expand your customer reach by asking your existing audience to like, share & comment on the same.
  • Register on Top Review Sites: Attract eaters who prefer ordering from a more ‘well-known’ establishment. You can register your business on some of the internet’s top review sites like Yelp, Opentable, Zagat, and Trip Advisor. Make sure the review site has the correct contact details and menus. Post some good food pictures and content to boost your profile.
  • Add Details to Google My Business: Register your details to Google Maps by joining Google My Business for free. As maximum customers perform online research before choosing a restaurant to eat, your online information has to be correct and up-to-date.

These ideas will help you marketing at a fraction of cost. But if you want your app like DoorDash to grab the eyeballs & drive conversions quickly, it is recommended to invest in paid strategies too.

Paid Marketing Ideas

  • Leverage Google Ads: Using Google Ads you can boost your business to the top of search results for specific keywords. Plus, you can track your ad performance & pay only when a customer clicks on your ads.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Similar to Google ads, you can benefit from social media platforms too. Pinpoint your customers based on previous purchases, interests, location, age, & so on and run your ads with some investment. Though Instagram appears to be the first choice of restaurateurs, yet Facebook ads can also bring in better ROI.
  • Use Local Media: Beside online marketing platforms, try out your local media sources to target local customers. But as this comes with a little scope, going digital is advisable.
  • Try Video Ads: Do You Know, 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. With video advertising you can attract more attention as most internet users prefer watching a video rather than read a simple text.
  • Run YouTube Ads: This video-sharing platform is becoming a preferred place to advertise. With higher customer reach, advanced targeting and easily accessible statistics, it ensures greater ROI.

How much it costs to start your food delivery apps like DoorDash?

Similar to any other business idea, having your online food app too requires a minimum upfront investment. While this cost for launching apps like DoorDash depends upon various factors, it is crucial to understand these in detail before you start.

Technical Cost: The food delivery app development cost will largely depend on the type of business model and tech suite you choose.

Let’s first have a deeper insight on the tech solutions available:

MVP: Cost Range $3.5 K – $5 K

A Minimum Viable Product or MVP includes the most important and minimum features. Basically, it helps you validate your online food business idea with the help of the feedback received from the customers, as per the app usability.


  • Creating an MVP helps you set the core functionalities for your app
  • It helps you test features on an early version of the product
  • This is a really cost-effective solution which can help you reduce the risks by a huge factor before you launch the final version of your app.

SaaS Based Solution: Cost Range $5 K – $10 K

Now taking your food business onboard doesn’t have to be a month-long plan. Thanks to the SaaS-based solution.


  • Speed of Deployment: Being a ready to use technology, the time frame to develop your app is almost negligible.
  • Cost Effective: You don’t need a very huge investment for this case. Generally, you have to pay a one-time set-up along with some other nominal charges.
  • Multiple Features: The major advantage of choosing a SaaS-based solution is that you get access to ample features to grow your business.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your food delivery app up-to-date with regular upgrades which are released from time to time by your provider.
  • Tested Solution: These solutions have been tested on various parameters to ensure greater ROI.

White-labeled Solution: Cost Range $12K – $20 K

Leveraging your business with the power of branding, these solutions offer that native look your business needs to thrive in the competitive industry. From choosing the color palette to your logo, everything that matters is resolved with white-label solutions.


  • Easy to brand: The most obvious benefit of a white label app is that it’s quick & easy to brand. You can launch your food app with your logo, choose a color for it and do much more. It’s simple – add your own branding and get straight to the business.
  • Save time & money: Developing a solution from scratch will not only be expensive but also time consuming. You can save both, choosing the right white label solution for your food business.
  • Reduce Maintenance Hassles: Run your business smoothly without worrying for troubleshooting and maintenance. These are handled by your providers, charging you a minimal fee for the maintenance.

Own Your Source Code: Cost Range $20K – $25 K

You might overlook the significance of having your source code initially. But as your food delivery  business expands, you will realize the need for self-sufficiency. Owning your code gives you complete control to fix, improve, and scale food apps as needed.


  • Simplified Debugging: Trace into the code to find out why a feature is not acting as expected. You can easily solve the problems in a quick & efficient manner.
  • Hands-on Upgrading:  Enjoy the ease to upgrade with changing market needs, which can be the difference between the success and failure of your food business app.
  • Competitive Advantage: Embrace flexibility and adaptability to outshine your competition. You get advantage of additional customization capability, which gives you a unique competitive edge.
  • Greater Scalability: You will also get the flexibility to attract & manage new opportunities arising for your food business in the future.

Operational Costs: The cost related to the operations of your food delivery business depends on a number of factors like size, region of operation, model, etc. Overall you can consider the prime cost to be a key performance indicator for your business. And here’s why:

  • It consists of largest restaurant expenses & ensures you stay profitable
  • It change constantly and can be controlled by implementing effective measures
  • It affects almost every aspect of your on-demand food delivery business.

So, here’s how you can calculate the prime cost for your online food delivery business. To understand how this works, let’s breakdown the same with an example:

Online food delivery platform

Hence, 49% of your revenue is used to cover the prime cost.

Resource Costs: Similar to operation costs, resource costs are crucial to the success of any food delivery business.  You need to understand that it is a substantial investment. If overlooked, these can spiral out of control and negatively impact your profits- which you definitely don’t want. The good thing is that you can reduce both operational & resource cost with help of a right tech solution. Whether you are a single vendor or a multi vendor owner, having reliable restaurant management software can work effectively to cut these costs – no matter the size. It assists you in:

  • Managing restaurant billing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Accounting
  • Kitchen order taking
  • Call order management
  • Restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Time clock & payroll

Maintenance & Server Cost: Wondering, why do you have to keep paying for your app even when it has been launched? Well, launching your food app isn’t the end, but a beginning for your online food business. There will be so many factors that will affect your success. Right from the number of downloads, to ratings and daily active users, there will be a lot happening thereafter. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you need to cater an ongoing server and maintenance cost. And the best thing is it is not a massive amount, which adds hole to your pocket.
Server & Maintenance Cost- $80 to $100/ Month

Note: This cost is completely proportional to the number of transactions you make. The cost stated above is valid up to 10,000 transactions.

With a robust technology solution and powerful marketing strategy you can expect it to turn into a profitable venture. To understand how you can generate more profits out of your  apps like DoorDash, it is highly essential to understand the revenue generation process.

DoorDash like app cost

How on-demand food delivery apps like DoorDash make money?

It is essential to understand that the online food industry brings forth a highly progressive revenue model for the business owners and entrepreneurs. While it gives you an opportunity to start with the minimal investment and launch your offline restaurant online, it has the potential to build your own app like DoorDash with passage of time.

Understanding different revenue models of online food delivery industry

  1. Single Vendor: Also referred to as Standalone Restaurant, this model is basically meant to simplify the food ordering and delivery process. For the single vendors, increasing sales amidst the fierce competition and rapidly changing trends is the biggest challenge. The key to success is maintaining a balance between acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones. Here are some effective ways to mitigate revenue for your online standalone restaurants:Acquire new customers-A little extra effort to give your users a great first experience helps them turn into loyal customers. Enforce traditional & digital marketing tactics to yield the best outcomes.
  • Make use of social media marketing for advertising your food business
  • Plan for paid ad campaigns to get in more customers
  • Welcome new customers with ‘first-time’ discounts/ offers
  • Try out ASO (App Store Optimization) to increase mobile app ranking & downloads.Retain your customers-Once you’ve got the customer to your app, make sure you make them come back—and often. Retaining them is highly important to boost your revenue. While they help generating more every time they order, they also generate revenue offering free advertising through word of mouth.
  • Encourage repeat orders with customer loyalty program & provide some value back
  • Offer coupons, promo code & discount to instantly attract your customers
  • Gather customer feedback & act promptly to disappointments to show that you value them


  1. Single Vendor + Multi Stores: Enabling your customers to order from the stores nearest to their location is an added advantage to your online food business. Along with easy ordering & delivery, you can elevate revenue graph with some simple ways like:
  • Entice more customers with store-specific discounts & offers
  • Be innovative with your food menu; add/highlight some specialties for every store
  • Target region specific audience with geo-targeted ad campaigns


  1. Multi Vendor Marketplace: After establishing a successful single vendor marketplace, your next step will include on boarding alike food businesses to your platform.
    But at this step, there might arise the need for getting some funds to expand your business. Get a clear understanding on when & why your online food business needs funding in the next section.
    With readily available funds you can easily expand your offering and circumvent supply disruptions with multiple sellers available at same time. This will help your generating more revenue by following ways:
  • Commission Percentage: For the online food delivery businesses, the major part of revenue arrives through the on pre-decided commission rates based on the quantity of food order.
  • Delivery Charges: Another revenue stream is obtained from the customers. A nominal delivery fee is charged from customers, which might be increased during high order demands or unusual weather conditions.
  • Advertising: You can earn more through advertising your partner restaurants.
  • Banner promotions: Promotes and displays ads of your partners on the platform. A number of restaurants desire for greater visibility & banner promotion is a solution for them. While they get the promotion they want, they willingly pay for the same to you.
  • Priority Listing:  Another way of advertising could be to give some partners priority in the list of available restaurants. You can ask them to pay, if they want to be displayed higher on the list.
  • Subscriptions: Launching a special package with some ‘extras’ for your customers, you can convince them to enroll & pay for the same. Some example includes ZomatoGold, Swiggy Super, Grubhub+, Eats Pass, etc.
  • Affiliate Partners: Another way to earn revenue is by partnering with some financial institutions and generating affiliate income.This benefits your customers as well; they receive several credit/debit card offers from those financial companies.
  1. Multi Vendor + Multi Service Marketplace: Food industry is certainly a promising one. But being an entrepreneur, the wish to expand is likely to trigger you. Hence, launching your multi vendor food marketplace is not the end. In fact, it is the right start to grow your revenue exponentially. And technology makes it possible.Adding more services to your platform is all you need to do at this step. Explore how this will take your revenue to new heights.
  • Offer any number of services on the same platform.
  • Expand your customer base indefinitely.
  • Multiply your sales and revenue several times.

All this turns possible without worrying for increase in operational costs. Make best use of the same resources & delivery team for brand expansion. And before you head-start your online food delivery business, it is essential to understand the competition in your industry.


Why is it important to analyse your competitors in food delivery industry?

Running a thorough competitor analysis serves many purposes. By learning more about the competitors, you can easily understand your market and secure your place in it. It helps you create your,

Now coming to the more important question, how to analyse your food delivery competitors ?

For a complete competitive analysis, it is vital to consider your direct and indirect competitors, both. From analyzing their menu items to exploring their marketing tactics, business practices, brand positioning and pricing, there is a lot to know. You can start with compiling a list of competitors for your app like DoorDash. And once you are done with it, here is what you can do:

  • Identify Strength: Every business has its own strength and you need to explore that side of your competitor. For example, a supermarket’s offer convenient ready-to-eat meals, whereas fine dining restaurants have expert chefs who excel in a particular cuisine, & then there can be fast food restaurants offering food at really low prices.
  • Identify Weakness: After the strength, it is time to search for their weakness. For example, the supermarket’s ready-to-eat meals stale after some hours. For the fine dining restaurants, the food might cost too much to the customers. And for the fast food restaurants, the quality might not be up to the mark to retain all customers.

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors will help you lay down a success route map for your food delivery business. You need to choose a focus, taking into account the strengths & weaknesses of your competitors.

For example, you can start with your online food restaurant, delivering a service that your nearby competitors can’t match. It can be achieved offering fresh food of higher quality with a faster delivery service. Offering lower prices might attract consumers. But even in this case, avoid compromising the quality of your food and service. Why don’t you checkout a comparison we made between the two top players SWIGGY Vs ZOMATO.

Even if you are already running a food business, it is crucial to stay alert. Analyzing the new competitors immediately will help you identify the potential drains. Start planning and adjust your business operations to stay atop the competition. And remember never relax your standards. Remember, there’s always a chance for a competitor to identify your vulnerabilities and swoop in to step you down.


When do you need funding for your online food delivery business?

Every business owner & entrepreneur wants to make it big online. To help it reach the pinnacle of success, you probably are thinking of getting some funds. Well, the exponential rise in popularity of online food delivery business brings forth a lot of funding opportunities. However, it is equally important for you to understand that when your food business actually needs funding.

Transaction from single vendors to multi vendor: If you are a single vendor, it is ideal to invest your own money and keep distance from funding. As in these cases you will not be spending much on your operations and resources, you can somehow manage your business independently.

Investing in a SaaS-based or white label solution will be a good idea initially. Launch your online store and start acquiring customers. After you start making a reasonable number of transactions and you plan to onboard different vendors to your platform, you can start looking out for investment. Though your requirements might vary, yet the apt time to hunt for funding is when you want to start with your multi vendor food marketplace.

What are the different types of funding options available for your online food business?

So when you really think your food business needs that extra boost, you can start looking for additional funding. Certainly, securing and contacting investors for funding is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, the other fact you need to know is that there is more money available today from investors than ever before.

Do you know, the average funding for startups in 2017 was between 1 to 5 million dollars?

Moving on to the next, it is about the types of investors you can get. Generally, there are 5 types of investors to fund your app. Let’s find out:

  • Crowdfunding: As the name put it clear, it refers to the type of funding where a lot of people invest in your business. The logic is that everyone chips in a small amount, leading to a larger end goal amount for you. Hence, not an individual holds too much equity & power over your food business. Popular platforms include Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe.
  • Angel Investors: The investors who chip in their own money and time to guide you for your business are referred to angel investors. These are individuals not a company. Some common names are Mark CubanEsther Dyson, and Scott Belsky.
  • Venture Capitalists: When a group of investors collectively consider your funding request, they are known to be Venture Capitalists. Being professional investors, their primary concern is the ROI. There are good chances for them to ask you for a huge chunk of equity. But they can help you raise your chances of going to the next level.
  • Incubators & Accelerators: Another great way to get funding is through these programs. While they nurture your idea by injecting a little cash into it, they also let you facilitate your growth. Along this, they can help you come in contact with other people who are going through a similar phase. When differentiating incubators & accelerators, the latter have a fixed timeline. Whereas the former take more time, but offers greater long-term benefits.
  • SBA loans: Small business administration refers to the government agency and these offer loan guarantee. Definitely, it is the hardest one to get but if you succeed, you get up to 85% of the loan amount acquired. And that too at a very reasonable interest rate and lower down payment. Make sure you have a really good credit score to get this one.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you assess your food business needs deeply and figure out what direction would suit you the best. In case, you need expert help to launch you food delivery app, we’re just a click away. Or you are on hunt for the best food app development company, Code Brew serves you the best. Let’s connect now!

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