How Do Mobile Apps Help Real Estate Businesses Attract More Customers?

Date :
February 20, 2023
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Aastha Khanna

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How Do Mobile Apps Help Real Estate Businesses Attract More Customers?

Today, if your business does not have a digital presence (website AND app), it virtually does not exist. 

Think about it; when you want to order your favorite pizza, you instantly google ‘buy <insert brand name> pizza’… or something on these grounds. Then you download the app, sign up, add the item to cart, and place the order.

But here’s the catch! 

Besides there being a website, you choose to use the mobile app, right? That is because of the sheer convenience of getting the pizza from the app with just one click.

This is why investing in mobile app development is crucial if you want to get more clients, increase brand reach, customer engagement, and eventually, the bottom line. 

And prospective homebuyers/renters seek the same convenience when checking out properties. But that’s not all. 

A very understated benefit of using a real estate mobile app is that it requires much less maintenance than a website. Also, boosting a marketing campaign on apps is more cost-effective. 

Here are some other reasons why you absolutely need to invest in real estate mobile app development to increase your customer base:

1. Save Buyer’s Time and Hassle

For buyers, visiting the properties on-site to assess if their housing needs are being met takes a lot of time. Besides, most prospects have professional and familial commitments, which makes it difficult for them to devote time to an in-person property viewing. 

Then, buyers need to get the contact details and negotiate the price with property owners. Further, they meet the agents, who can arrange deals for them. 

All this makes property buying a hassle and very time-consuming. But with a real estate mobile app, buyers can connect and negotiate with an agent quickly and easily. 

The agents too, in turn, can use the app to arrange some terrific deals for the buyers. 

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2. Put the Ball in the User’s Court

Ask your mobile app development Dubai to make property listings as per locations. Make sure that your prospects can easily view all relevant information like price, site images, area, etc. 

Moreover, allow your clients to use filters and see the corresponding property listings. At the same time, you too benefit from a mobile app as you collect client data. 

Accordingly, you can target specific ads to specific customer segments. This will ensure that your marketing budget is fully and optimally utilized. Eventually, you’ll see your revenue soar consistently. 

In other words, you’ll keep getting more and more customers. What’s more? You won’t need to deal with almost everyone who comes to inquire about your property!

3. Offer Seamless and Immersive User Experience

The mobile apps for real estate businesses are loaded with various interactive features. To start with, users can enter search criteria as per their preferences and get results within seconds.

They can further select the results data and compare listings to find the best deal available. Besides, there are features like GPS integration that allow users to navigate the property address to find out its exact location and get directions.

Also, LIVE chat, email, SMS, and call features are integrated within the app to directly call the agent(s) or realtor(s). 

Not to forget, users can access the mobile app right from their handset while getting a better user experience as compared to a website. 

4. Send Push Notifications to Market New Schemes

Make your prospects aware of the new schemes or discounts you have launched on the listed properties by sending them push notifications. Once the users click on the alert, they automatically land on the mobile app and interact with it.

You can also use the push notifications marketing tool to remind the user of a listing they were viewing or inform them about a new app feature. The best part is that alerts are way more cost-effective as a marketing medium than traditional tools like newspapers, radio, or TV commercials.

Besides, realtor apps allow you to use the best technologies such as Big Data or Augmented Reality to engage customers. These technologies further add to the customer’s experience by allowing them to get virtual tours of your property from anywhere and at any time. 

Must-Have Features of a real estate app

5. Mesmerize Them with an Intuitive App Design

Properties that sell for millions of dollars have a great deal to do with their appearance and layout. The same is the case for a real estate mobile app.

Its layout should be intuitive–just after a single glance, a new user should automatically know how the app works (Yes! Though they should have the option of taking a guided app tour, they should not need one).

Moreover, the app users must have access to high-quality property photographs and videos. This hugely increases your chances of sealing the deal with your lead.

And as word-of-mouth marketing spreads like wildfire, your freshly converted leads will recommend the app to their friends and family who are looking for property listings.

So, with an intuitive app design in the first place, you’re already off to a great start as it sets off a chain of favorable events for your business.

6. Make Decision-Making Easier for Users

The entire process of searching for and selecting a property, connecting with agents and homeowners, negotiating, and finalizing a deal becomes much easier through a real estate mobile app.

The app’s real-time messaging feature allows buyers to communicate in a direct, fast, and hassle-free manner with agents and house owners. Besides, the users can easily contact and get support from an agent, who is available at their disposal 24X7 on the app.  

Further, if the prospects want to see more photos of a particular property to finalize the decision, they can request the agents to share the same.

Real estate mobile apps also have a real-time analytics feature that allows users to track the campaign progress and make quick decisions. 

7. Fasten the Process of Closing a Deal

Build the real estate mobile app keeping in mind that the customer journey is in line with your business objectives. 

So, while your real estate app has all must-have in-built features that make things easier for your clients, it won’t matter as long the end product they’re getting isn’t worth it. Make sure there’s no mismatch between the photos shown on the mobile app and how the property looks like if or when the prospect comes to look at it in-person.

Also, do not forget to add the feature of EMI/loan/mortgage calculator on the real estate mobile app. When you put the simplest yet integral tools in the app, you instantly get an edge over your competitors in attracting more buyers.

To reduce the delay caused in closing, add prompts within the chat feature that steer a conversation towards closing a deal. Adding this simple feature phenomenally speeds up the sales process as the brokers can also act fast to make purchases for their clients.

8. Back-Up Your App With the Best Technology 

There is already intense competition in the real estate industry. Property dealing companies and agents are constantly competing against each other to attract the same set of buyers and sellers. 

With a mobile app, they can reach out to more property buyers and sellers, better connect with them and impress them to use their services.

And if your real estate app is AI-enabled, positive business results become even more promising. As Augmented Reality has the ability to overlay a virtual image on the physical world itself, it can be of great use in the real estate mobile app development process

Say, for example, one of your customers wants to renovate a particular property site. Instead of coming up with a 2D renovation plan, you can take them on a virtual 3D tour of what the renovated site would look like by incorporating AR/VR into your real estate mobile app. 

In most cases, a user has their heart set on a dream home they saw on the app. But still feel the need to view the property on-site. Generally, it’s not feasible for them to visit the property in person due to personal or work commitments.

But the AR/VR home tours feature has converted this very problem into an opportunity for agents and homeowners. Users can just take one such tour and get to know everything about the property. 

Also, don’t forget to add the visual alterations feature. This will allow your clients to craft their own tour experience and accordingly, make a decision regarding the closing.

Final Note

To reach more users, it is crucial to build and launch a real estate mobile app on both platforms–App Store and Google Play. So, if you have a real estate business and have still not invested in real estate mobile app development, reality check; you are losing hot leads to your competitors.

But the good news is that it’s still not too late to put your business on the right track. Partner with our ace developers at Code Brew Labs to get a robust, one-time deployment real estate solution made in no time and well within your budget.

Whether you want a white label or a customized app solution, our expertise is just what you need. So, if you’re ready to take the leap, talk to our team to book a free demo and get an estimate.

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