Real Estate Mobile App: Must-Have Features To Make You Profitable In 2023

Date :
February 24, 2023
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Aastha Khanna

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Real Estate Mobile App: Must-Have Features To Make You Profitable In 2023

The primary goal of developing a real estate app is to make the buying and selling process smoother for all parties involved.

When you build a real estate app, you don’t want to offer your users just another run-of-the-mill solution in the app stores that gets lost in the digital mayhem we’re experiencing.

In other words, you want the users to actually download AND use the app. After all, that is the only way you can earn revenue (duh). 

But in the haste to launch their app, business owners often forget something very important: to build a robust, top-of-the-line app solution in the first place. 

To achieve that, it’s essential to incorporate the best features into your app that always leave your prospects wanting more! So, here are some simple, intuitive features that will deliver groundbreaking results for your real estate business:

1. User Signup and Login

Quick and seamless user onboarding is the starting point of casting the best first impression on the user. 

There are three ways to achieve this effect: social media authorization, phone verification, and authorization via email. When you build a real estate app, add any of these login methods to enable users to easily sign up on your real estate app. 

You can even provide the user with all of these options so that they choose and pick the most convenient method

2. User, Sellers & Agents’ Profile Creation

Tell your real estate app development services provider to configure a mechanism wherein different user types can create different profiles.

After all, most of the options displayed for the buyer’s profile will be very different from the agent’s profile–a buyer will be able to access the home listings, see individual listings in detail, save favorites, make an inquiry, etc. 

Meanwhile, an agent can see his own schedules, listings, list of interested buyers, advertisement options, number of views to individual listings, etc.

At the same time, there are also some common features like maps and messaging, accessible to all user types.

3. Property Listings and Database

While briefing your partner real estate app development company about your app requirements, tell them that users wanting to rent or sell their properties must be able to easily add listings.

Further, they should be able to add all the necessary details in the listings.

Then, over time, as there will be more users and the property listings will keep growing, you will need a big database. So, ensure that the database or servers are flexible enough to support the scale-up operations.

4. Advanced Search Filters & Virtual Tours

Though it easy to search for properties online, finding the RIGHT property is very tedious.

To make this process easier for your users, you must add advanced search and filter options. Clear, well-defined categories allow users to easily find properties that best suit their needs.

Moreover, as it is not always possible for prospects to visit the property in person, back the app with an Augmented Reality feature so they can take a virtual tour of the property.

Advanced Search Filters & Virtual Tours

5. Maps Integration

When you build a real estate app, integrate maps in it so that your prospects get all the valuable information about the property in a single click.

This could be getting to know about schools, hospitals or convenience stores, etc. in the neighborhood. Besides showing property locations, you can also display statistics related to certain properties. 

These could be crime rate, infrastructure, average income, the risk of natural disasters, and much more.

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6. Property Profiles

Just like users, properties too have profiles. This includes extensive information like property descriptions, photos, videos, prices, neighborhood information, owner details, and so on.

You should also include the contact details of the property owner or agent so that the prospect can get in touch with them to know more about the particular property.

7. Shortlisting Favorites

Your real estate app development services provider must build a real estate app that allows users to shortlist and save their favorite properties. This fastens their decision-making process.

Simply by visiting their personal profiles, users should be able to access their favorite properties.

8. Push Notifications

You must absolutely have this feature in your real estate app to get a competitive edge in the long run. Push notifications are a powerful marketing technique as these allow you to stay on top of the customer’s mind AT ALL TIMES.

This marketing tool is effective in promoting your services and yields results in the form of better customer retention rate.

Besides telling them about new offers or discounts, you can also use these to:

  • Send industry news to your prospects every now and then,
  • Notify the users when the prices are changed, or
  • Tell them about a new property being added in a specific location.

But make sure that the messages are personalized; high relevance is directly correlated with better customer response.

Push notifications

9. Book Appointments and Set Reminders

Inform the app development company Dubai to add a calendar too as it significantly streamlines the communication between buyers and agents.

How? The chances are that when a prospect is available to discuss a concern, the seller isn’t, and vice versa. Using the calendar, buyers can check the dates when both are available and accordingly, schedule an appointment. 

Correspondingly, buyers and sellers must also be able to set reminders about their scheduled appointments.

10. Property Cost Calculators

Price/mortgage/loan calculators are extremely crucial in a real estate mobile app. When you build a real estate app, ask the developers to add a custom cost estimation feature that gives users an accurate idea of the total property cost.

The calculator should allow users to arrive at a final estimate that is based on various factors like initial payment range, loan interest amount, taxes, and loan repayment schedule.

11. Call or Direct Messaging

Providing users with in-depth property information is just crossing Stage One of the sales funnel: making them aware of the property and increasing their buying interest. 

To take the users to the consideration stage, allow them to smoothly communicate with the sellers or agents at their convenience. Adding the call or direct messaging feature fulfills this purpose.

Now that you’ve added all the must-have features to boost your profits, do not forget to include the crucial digital real estate that gives you clarity about your profits: analytics. 

When you build a real estate app where users can buy, sell or rent their properties, it’s imperative to know how the end users are interacting with your app.

Analytics gives you valuable insights into your app performance. Depending on this, you can take steps to improve its performance. Through it, you can also track user in-app behavior or metrics like time spent per session, time spent on a specific screen, etc.

 P.S. To get the most out of data, segmentise your users based on their behavior and accordingly, add them to different marketing campaigns.

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