Things to Consider While Developing Your First Android App

Developing Your First Android App?

Are you an aspiring android developer who has got an amazing android app development idea? Cool! But how would you build your first ever app? Are there any important considerations to be made while you are developing your app? These are few questions which would pop up in your mind and you would have to make decisions. We have listed some imperative considerations you should be making. Check them out!

1) Intense market research

Before you step into the domain and begin developing the app, you must run a thorough research. Researching on the market deeply would provide you insights on your competitors, their plans and their weak areas too. This data could come handy in avoiding the mistakes the competitors committed. It usually happens that android developers overlook reviews of the customers. Such reviews are really important for you to know what users think of an app. Hence, you should make sure you observe what people expect so that you can resolve them. This move can help you be a step ahead of the rest!

2) Give your best

When you are doing a task, you could as well put your 100% best and precision so that you succeed or just stop doing it. This is what even the consumers look for from every app they download. The users look for efficiency in the data as well. Android apps that extensively use the high-speed internet are soon forgotten. Don’t put your app into that category. Make your app the best by giving it data efficiency.

3) Do something different

Do you ever think why some ideas become an instant hit? If yes, you also know the answer. They all do something very different from the rest. Fresh ideas are always welcomed by users. This is because it is human tendency to get bored with something soon. Same would be the case with android applications too. There are applications, millions of android applications for smartphones that are available. Among these crowds, you will triumph if you give them something they have never experienced before. Besides, you must also take care that it keeps them engaged.

4) Take care of the load time

You will lose out on your consumers if the loading time of your app is too much. This would make them feel that your app is not functioning properly. Besides, it will also produce a bad impression about your app in their minds since they have had a not so convenient user experience. This is one thing you would not want to happen. Hence take utmost care of it.

5) Pricing

This is one among the highly challenging and important tasks while creating an app that you shouldn’t ignore. Fixing a price to your app which you might have developed in the android studio or any other platform is very crucial. Deciding the price of a product is easy but deciding a cost for a mobile app is considerably difficult. Plenty of aspects go into fixing a price and you need to consider all of them before you conclude upon a price.

6) Zero in on potential audience

You need to clearly define who your target audiences are going to be. This will play a vital role in the development of your android application. Questions such as who are going to be the users of the app, how will my app help them should be answered before you begin developing it. Only if you meet the requirements of your potential audience can you expect your app to become popular.

7) Specialization

One of the prominent questions you need to find an answer for before you start working on your app is how you want your app to specialize in the android platform. It is always best to be the master at the platform you are working on. If you can manage to find success in the platform you have chosen, that is only possible if you specialize in that platform.

8) Marketing strategy

There are hundreds of thousands of app on Google Play Store. How can you expect your app to triumph over all of them? You can’t, but you can always try to. And that is possible with a good marketing strategy. Creating the hype before you launch your app is very vital to receive amazing responses during the launch. You must make sure you start endorsing your app at a proper time. Many android app developers fail in executing the marketing strategies efficiently. Statistically, it is better, to begin with marketing the apps nearly three weeks before you actually launch the app.

August 27, 2016



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