Dubai Rest App: One-stop Solution For Real Estate Services

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May 3, 2023
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Shilpi Chhabra

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Dubai Rest App: One-stop Solution For Real Estate Services

Real estate is a thriving industry in the UAE, which has undergone significant changes over the years. With the advent of digital technology, many commercial and corporate processes have been automated, further revolutionizing the sector.

Mobile apps are now one of the newest and most widely used marketing strategies used by businesses in the UAE. They help organizations achieve optimum ROI by enabling them to target a larger user base and boost overall efficiency.

According to Khaleej Times, Dubai’s prime residential market is set for the world’s strongest growth.

Dubai’s rental market has experienced tremendous growth. And now it’s your turn to build an app like Dubai Rest App that can bring a place for others to live in.

Let’s dive deep and learn all about Dubai Rest App, which is bringing new waves and setting an example for establishing your own on-demand rental marketplace. 

What is Dubai Rest app?

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DLD has introduced the groundbreaking Dubai Rest App to go paperless and improve the convenience of landowners and tenants in Dubai Real Estate.

The app functions as a thorough platform offering a variety of real estate-related services. Tenants, landowners, real estate agents, and other stakeholders can use the app to obtain legitimate real estate data sets.

In order to address residents of Dubai’s prevalent real estate issues, the Dubai Land Department launched the REST App in 2018. Read this blog carefully if you have any questions about what this application is, how it functions, or what it is used for.

But first, here are certain things you should be aware of. Thanks to clever and user-friendly features, the REST App serves important real estate players not just in Dubai but throughout the UAE. The DLD launched it primarily to establish its place in the worldwide competition of smart cities. 

Let’s examine the features and services of the Dubai Rest app in more detail.

How to use Dubai Rest App?

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You can get this software from the iOS Software Store or the Google Play Store. After downloading, you must use the details from your UAE Pass to create an account in the Dubai Rest App. 

Your Emirates ID is required after logging in, in order to register as a tenant or property owner. After providing your Emirates ID, you must wait for DLD to confirm your submission. You will get access to all the information about the properties after the confirmation.

You can only log in or create an account using this process. Users are asked to go to the Property Trustee office or the DLD office to update their profiles. 

Key Features Of The Dubai Rest App

Best real estate app Dubai

In a nutshell, this clever program can be really helpful to complete a number of real estate-related chores without having to go to the DLD office. Various real estate business trading and transactional activities can be carried out using the Dubai Rest app. 

It can be utilized by various entities for the following diverse purposes:

Real-Time Information

The Dubai Rest App’s choice for real-time information is its best and most intelligent feature. Thus, you can obtain all the information about off-plan properties simply by utilizing this app. Most important, you may keep track of the progress of the construction, view the actual pictures, and find out a lot of other information. 

The information stated above merely serves to make it easier to follow the progress of Dubai’s off-plan properties. The REST API also provides access to information on the property service charges index and the sales index in Dubai.

 You can get real-time information about properties, including ownership information, transaction history, and property prices, using the app, which will save you a tonne of time. Buyers and sellers can easily make more educated selections regarding homes with the help of this app.

Real Estate Brokers

This clever program also serves as a listing of licensed real estate agents in Dubai. Real estate agents’ names and identification numbers are available, but you may also look up their reviews to determine which one is the greatest and most dependable. Additionally, you’ll have access to crucial details regarding contractors, vendors, managers, etc. 

Real Estate Services And E-Payments

This app provides access to all real estate transactions as well as other services like leasing, renting, and selling. In addition to these services, you can send applications, a letter of concern, and requests for value certificates. You can purchase, sell, or rent any flat, villa, or townhouse in Dubai with this app. Noqodi, an authorized payment site in the United Arab Emirates, accepts payments for all of these services.


Unquestionably, this app may be used by banks for numerous services including transactions, mortgage lending, mortgage withdrawal, and other services. Moreover, it is not just for home buyers, sellers, property owners, and tenants.

Complete Ownership Transfer Online

You may perform the ownership transfer online with the Dubai Rest app instead of going to the actual government offices. You can upload the necessary documents and proceed through the transfer process step by step until it is finished.

Property Transactions

This app functions similarly to a real estate wallet by enabling users to carry out various real estate transactions. Anywhere in Dubai, a user can rent, buy, sell, or mortgage their unit.

The Dubai Rest App Offers Additional Services

Indeed, here are a few of the main services offered by the Dubai Rest app, aside from the obvious ones. 

  • Title deed verification and registration
  • Services list
  • The current state of off-plan developments with pictures
  • Deals involving real estate of various kinds
  • Several generations of certificates
  • Calculating fees

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Benefits of the Dubai Rest App

The Dubai Rest App offers more than just the opportunity to save both time and cash. For all parties involved in the property industry, it has several other significant advantages. Among these advantages are:

Spending less

You can visit fewer or no government offices with the app! Thereafter, you can do this to save the cash you would have spent on transportation.

Increasing Transparency

The app gives you access to real-time information, as we’ve already said. This tool improves the openness surrounding the choice you ultimately make when renting or purchasing a property.

Increasing Security

Modern security techniques are used by the Dubai REST app to protect user data and ensure the privacy of all communications. The knowledge that their information is secure and private provides them peace of mind while purchasing or selling real estate.

Summing up, for property owners, tenants, real estate brokers, and anybody else who works in the real estate industry, Dubai Rest App offers a one-stop shop for all their real estate needs. 

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Bottom Line

Without delay, if you are willing to stay in the competition and build a more substantial business in the online markets, then having the best Mobile App Development Company Dubai, UAE is the best effort. Imagine if we told you that you could conduct real estate transactions from the comfort of your own home. Exactly this is permitted by Dubai REST.

Furthermore, it has been developing into the ideal option for UAE residents who wish to oversee their real estate deals fast and efficiently thanks to its intuitive user interface and multi-language support.

For individuals who are interested in investing in property, Dubai can provide excellent investment prospects. Nevertheless, the procedure for either purchasing or renting a house might be complicated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dubai Rest App used for?

It is the smart real estate platform for real estate services. However, the property owners, tenants, real estate brokers, developers, real estate appraisers, investors, and all other real estate market participants execute all real estate services through Dubai REST. 

Can I build an app like Dubai Rest App?

Yes, you can also build an app like the Dubai Rest app. For creating a real estate app you need to connect with the best app development company Dubai. To know more about you can connect with us at

How much time does it take to build a real estate app in Dubai?

A mobile app development Dubai generally, decides the frame of the app development.  The development of the app depends on several factors like project understanding, development, execution, testing, and deployment. This time frame, nevertheless, can vary based on the customized features changed.

How much does it cost to create a real estate mobile app in Dubai?

The cost of app development in Dubai depends on various factors. The Mobile app development company Dubai can only define the actual cost of developing an app based on the set of features required. Plus, the overall cost varies based on the hybrid or the native app nature. 



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