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  • "Obelit team want to thanks all CodeBrew Members that have been collaborating with Obelit Tech Projects, as have We found a very professional and dedicated team working overseas accommodating to our time-zone in the other part of the planet. Code-Brew have been delivering everything we have agreed just in time. We can easily interact and understand each other with all team members. Great team, Great People, Great Professional Work. I really hope we can continue building good things together for the future to come. Thanks you very much for your help and your professionalism. "

    Martin Scalia.

  • Code Brew labs delivers a high quality product. They consistently try and provide the best service possible. I would recommend them to anyone because they have always treated me like a owner more than a client. My project manager Anurag was amazing not only did he take the time to fully understand what I wanted from my project, his helpful insight brought my project to life surpassing my original vision. He has truly been a partner and friend throughout this process.

    Rod Brown

  • I have been impressed with the technology at Code Brew Labs and more importantly the customer service from Prabhjot Singh, the project manager heading up my product. Awesome product and awesome people! Keep up the good work.

    Linaker P

  • "Code brew Lab had been fantastic and professional right from my first phone call to make an inquiry seeking to develop an e hailing app. The app was delivered 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled date of delivery. Tamanna, our contact person with the code brew lab is always every ready to respond to our queries. No weekends and no day or time with her. After delivery support is supper. Thank you, Code brew for a wonderful app"

    Emmanuel Iza

  • We've been in business with CodeBrew since a year now and so far the experience has been above our expectation. The key aspect for us is quality of the product which is a key component in our company and a good communication with the development team. The product is ahead of the game and the communication channel with Codebrew is really good. A special thank you to Anurag and the dev in his team as he is a very good project manager, always available to answer our numerous requests and seeing through them. I definitely recommend this company and we will continue our journey with them. Keep up the good work guys and warm regards from Canada.

    Sébastien Godbout


  • It was an amazing experience to work with the team of code brew for my e-commerce application. Thanks to their support, knowledge, and determination. My application looks great and functions really well. Their design and development were amazing with the industry standards. I recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to give them a call and they will guide you in the right direction. They exactly gave me something which I was looking for so far. I highly appreciate their suggestions for my e-commerce application. I am very happy with the results.

    Thomas M.


  • Code Brew Labs is the best company that support your needs and your app and idea requirements.they are very helpful and faithful and well-rounded .they are more flexible and they offer their best to make your product for the market . They only ask for fair price and offer more than you need. I work personally with their sales team and operation team to develop my project. Through my experience, I was amazed by their professionalism and flexibility to help you to make your project successfully. They will be supported for ever. I will be their loyal customer because they deal with you to be successful and they are looking to be successful with you .mr taha was the sales manger , was good person. The project manger I proud to work with him, mr. Sanjeev, he is the best manger, he has critical thinking and understanding the requirements and trying to help and support every minute.he is flexible and well-rounded and offer recommendations for better solutions. Mr sandeep was the iOS developer , was respected and smart while Rishi was the android developer, was intelligent and professional. All team members were perfect and I wish them all the best and am looking forward to work with them in the future for the support the project.

    khaled alsulame


  • I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work and support were given by them, and I am gonna continue to use their services for all my website-related work. It's a pleasure to work with this amazing team, and I have had a very pleasant experience to date. Code Brew Labs made my entire project smooth, fast and efficient. My project was completed right on the time to meet my business launch date. It is obvious the team is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to technology. There is nothing that I have asked that has not been able to be accomplished. Highly recommend!

    Zaid A.


  • I successfully created an E-Commerce platform. I still remember spending weeks upon weeks looking for a company to develop my application, I ended up speaking to them. This company left me with a great impression. Code Brew is reliable, proactive, and a pleasure to work with. The values they offer are phenomenal and projects are completed within the budget. A great advantage is that code brew runs their office in Dubai, which simplified our collaboration and communication with the customer quality. I remained in touch during the development process and my feedback was completely accommodated on the website. Time delivery is ensured. The team was very responsive to my requests and completed the project ahead of schedule and to an excellent standard. Great company, and even better team members, Well done team!

    Sayyad A.


  • I came across Code Brew on Facebook and the sales rep hooked me up just to the right man, Mr. Abhimanyu. He has a very devoted team of developers who went above and beyond to ensure nothing stood in the way of my project. They developed a very fast and accurate marketplace app for my online business and in record time. Very easy for my clients to use yet simple to manage vendors. Like any other preliminary builds, the app had a few modifications that i requested and they sure fixed it before our deadline. Abhi and his team, Mr. Chirag and Alpna are very responsive and just by what they do you can tell they are the masters of app development. If you are out there looking for a developer to bring your ideas into reality, this is the company to go to, and preferably, ask for Mr. Vij. I highly recommend them.

    john njau


  • I am currently working on two development projects with this company, fairly large projects with complex faculties and programming. So far they have helped me by working with my budget while still delivering a product to my satisfaction. I was unfamiliar with the development process but this company's representatives have put me at ease, a special thanks to Dhriti Ahluwalia who has been at my side the entire way.

    Ezavelli Lyrics

  • "Abhimanyu Vij & the Code Brew Labs team have displayed so much professionalism and expertise throughout the process of developing my app, CYCL. They helped me achieve my goal of launching my app and I'm looking forward to continue working with them in the future to update and grow the concept behind CYCL. CYCL was an idea that I decided to pursue in November 2019. I have no experience in the tech industry and my only experience with apps is downloading and being a frequent user of them. I found Code Brew Labs through UpWork. There were multiple proposals provided but Code Brew's was the most detailed and would provide so much more in terms of development. They provided everything that was promised and definitely over-delivered what I was expecting. The result is a beautifully simple and user-friendly app that I'm excited to share. Abhimanyu was available at all hours of the day to answer questions, update me on the project, and reassure me when I was confused about the process. If you're looking for an app to be developed I highly recommend the Code Brew Labs team! Check out the app on both the iOS App Store & Google Play Store to see their excellent work."

    Vivianne Mai

  • The app was built quickly and accurately. Also, Code Brew Labs immediately made modifications that the client requested. The team was very enthusiastic about the project. They were responsive and provided solutions to all encountered issues.

    "John Karuma-CEO, Traditional Products Store"


  • he Code Brew Labs team is very proactive in working on a project and are always aware and knowledgeable of the new tech tools. Great team effort and very ambitious when given a task at a project. From our team's' experience, Code Brew Labs have never disappointed and exceeded expectations.

    Aybiz Staff


  • My experience with Code Brew Labs was very professional. A perfect company which is responsive and makes changes until we are happy. It was great working with them. They are always on the top to support even after the delivery. They are easy to work with. They also recommend with solutions and gave regularly update of my project. Solve all my requirements on time. This team served to be the finest technology partner. Highly satisfied!

    Abdul S


  • Code Brew worked iteratively with the internal team to help us release our product at the earliest. They have good project management and technical team. Throughout the project, they were highly responsive and supportive.

    Jennifer L.


  • Excellent, working with Code Brew Labs was great. Thanks to their knowledge and determination our website looks great and functions really good. I am recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to give them a call and speak to Harsh, he will guide you to the right direction.

    Abbas A.


  • My experience with Codebrew has been positive, the team doesn't hesitate to take initiative and does a good job of providing suggestions and solutions throughout development. Their project manager Twinkle Goyal is exceptional to work with, highly recommend asking for her if you plan on working with Codebrew.

    Max Thomas


  • It was a wonderful experience to work with the team of code brew for my e-commerce application. The team members reviewed my needs and product in full depth and provided intuitive ways to enhance the visibility of the product and target them to the potential audience. Their design and development were at par with the industry standards. I highly appreciate their suggestions for my e-commerce application.

    Sultan A.


  • Overall, I had a great experience with Code brew. From the beginning, they took the time to understand my business and for what I need an E-commerce application. Finally, working with them is easy as they are passionate about their work, extremely accessible and they perfectly managed in the execution. They put the extra time in to compare my product to my competitors through a competitive analysis and focused on how I can differentiate myself from them. I was happier to pay for all the work that they did for me because without them my business wouldn't be where it is today. If you feel you have a good idea this is the company you want to share it with. And if they truly believe in it they will take it to a new whole level. Perfect team!

    Javier M


  • We are very happy with the results. The app reached 40k+ users within 2 weeks after launch. And it also has a 4.5-star rating in the leading app stores. This success was made possible with the help of excellent UI/UX design, development, and QA. Thank you Code Brew!

    Kenneth F


  • "During the pandemic, I came up with an idea about a food delivery App. I searched google to find a company that could help me fulfill my dream. Code Brew name was the first one on the search engine, so I called them. I spoke to Pavneet and when the call was complete I knew I found the right company so I never bothered to continue my search. I was not interested in comparing prices etc. From then on, I've been working with the most professional, knowledgeable, smart, very efficient team. My main contacts are Abhimanyu who never seems to go to sleep. We're on different time zone and if I call him in the middle of the night which is my daytime, he's there to answer my questions. Shivana is always very prompt to assist me. Chirag very awesome and patient in training me on how to use the App. Just simply the best team overall. Looking to get an App done? Look no further, these guys are the best!!"

    Coleen Hunter


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