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  • We hired Code Brew about six years ago to help rebuild every aspect of an emergency app we created. The staff was friendly, courteous, and very professional. He provided expertise beyond the terms of the agreement as well being available just about whenever. We continue to work together on several other projects.

    Donald Tapper

    Business Advisor at Stryde Solutions

  • We could not have asked for a better partner than the Code Brew Labs team. We truly feel like they are part of the LokaTrain team and family instead of seeing them as a service provider. They have shown tremendous passion and know how the trust and relationship we have built will last for the next 10, 20, 30 years.


    Founder, LokaTrain

  • Codebrew Labs was an excellent partner to work with on the Safecity Mobile app which crowdsources sexual violence in public spaces. The team was very attuned to our needs, worked in tandem with our team, we're open to suggestions and did a quality job whilst adhering to timelines. The feedback we have received is that the app is really well designed and easy to use. I would highly recommend CodeBrew Labs.

    ElsaMarie D'Silva

    Founder, Red Dot Foundation

  • I think Code Brew is passionate enough about what we’re doing and really wants to help grow and support that. I think that’s why our relationship has lasted as long as it has and continues to do so.

    Neil Patwardhan

    Founder, Skoop

  • The quality of their work is amazing! Also, they have been very patient and understanding of all of the sidetracked issues I have faced in my business during the time of the built. Thank you very much!!

    Mohammad Alshuwaier


  • The work done by Code brew was exceptional. They were very supportive at all instances and helped complete the job with ease. I would surely recommend their team to others out there, who are looking to convert their ideas to a product.!

    Balaji Kishore


  • I really enjoyed working on the project! Thanks for the great working experience, Sarah. Look forward to working with you again

    Sarah Nanasi


  • Code Brew is a great team. The team is very nice and has tried their best to work with us. Thank you.

    Steeve Simbert


  • Superb quality of work. Very customer-focused and oriented. Prompt support and delivery. Easy to work with and a joyful to the team. Highly recommended.



  • The most impressive thing about working with Code Brew was that they weren’t just blindly following directions. They had inputs, they had insights. There were so many instances where I would step in with an idea that they then made suggestions to improve. Their focus on the quality they promise is very tight. Constantly having informed and intelligent opinions made the overall product experience so much better; therefore improving the overall product output. All in all, it was a great project top to bottom!

    Taran Singh

    Founder & CEO, BidRide

  • You have headed the whole project with focussed determination. I am grateful to you for reviving the project after it was handed over to you. I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for the amazing work you have done on the development of the ‘360Badminton Mobile App, The level of professionalism with which you have conducted throughout the course of the project is highly regarded. I look forward to working with you again in the future iterations of the app.

    Koijam Koroushen

    Founder 360Badminton

  • They know what to do, they do understand the app/work/project mission and vision and the team deliver on time, in other words, they are the BEST in project management, delivery on time and for sure they deliver in high quality and they look on the detail. Thank you Code Brew Labs team for the GREAT WORK.

    Abdulrahman AlKredees


  • This is the second project I hire Code Brew team for and I am very satisfied with their work. We have built a great relationship working together over the last few months and I am definitely happy with how well they work and communicate. I am already working on a third project with them! I highly recommend these guys. Feel free to use me as a reference if you have any doubts about hiring these guys. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

    Felipe Rivera


  • Great team to work with and did an excellent job on building the app. They understood it fully from the beginning and were very structured in getting it built and launched. There were parts I missed that they easily captured and were flexible with some changes. I appreciate their hard work and support.

    Honey Patel


  • I am extremely happy with working with Code Brew! They have great communication and work extremely well providing quality work! I am working with them for another project and will DEFINITELY be working with them for future projects!



  • Our experience with Code brew was absolutely fabulous. Not only did they complete each milestone with efficiency, they were extremely timely as well. The turnaround time on various new requests was extremely quick yet there was no sacrifice in quality of work. They were always available to contact and communicate new ideas with and they were able to take action right away given their extensive resources. My team is very pleased with their work and look forward to our continued relationship. I highly recommend them to anybody in need of mobile app development.

    Gold Coast Affiliates LLC


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