How Android and iOS App Development Drew Inspiration from Uber

The rise of On-Demand services has changed Android and iPhone App Development for good. Before the coming of these services, applications were mainly focused on basic utilities like games, education, entertainment, and so on. However, with the arrival of these services, users are now seeking better interfaces for all their apps, even the ones that had no relevance to these on-demand services. The reason for this sudden change can be attributed to the app designs that have been introduced in the era of on-demand services. Interfaces plagued with excessive information and options are a thing of the past, and users are now pursuing developers to go for applications that are easier to use and get more done in a lesser amount of time.

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So, as an Android and iOS developer, what should you be focusing on, given the recent emerging trends? To begin with, embrace change. Minimalistic design is the thing for the future, irrespective of whatever opinions you might carry. In the early days of website development and mobile application development, developers got away with designs and interfaces that were not easier to use, clogged the information, and used graphics that are no longer in fashion. Some designers and developers continue to tread that path and would be obsolete soon, and therefore, the onus lies on the developer new technologies, especially native, in order to create applications that are successful in meeting the expectations of the modern-day user.

Fortunately, developers and designers have quite a few apps to turn to in order to seek inspiration. To begin with, we shall take the case study of Pokemon Go that has changed mobile gaming for good and forever. Clearly, the developers went for native technology and complemented it with an interface that made it enjoyable to use. How else can one explain the phenomenal numbers that were registered by this application? Alongside, we have the example of Uber, along which many other on-demand services modeled their applications. The interface was made simple, with limited, yet complete options that helped the user request for a cab. A major part of the interface was dedicated to the map that showed the location of the cab, and that proved to be the significant part in the long run.

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For a developer, it is important to embrace the latest technologies in the market. If you are left behind in this aspect, catching up becomes an impossible, or in some cases, a difficult job. Also, stay updated with the trends as most users and clients want their apps created on a design that is similar, if not same, to the successful apps in the market. Clearly, the big players are calling the shots when it comes to iOS and Android app development, and you should not allow yourself to be left out. More businesses are embracing on-demand services, and soon, a hefty sum from each big company would be invested in mobile technology. This opens up an array of opportunities for developers who are looking to cultivate a career in Android and iOS application development.

October 18, 2016



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