Why Do You Need To Launch A Branded Online Consultation Solution In 2021?

Did this lockdown make you think of starting your business and be independent? Feeling clueless about where to begin? 

We have got a solution for you: Online Consultation Business. It is easy to start a business regardless of the industry you step in, further, it has endless advantages over the offline business. 

As the pandemic worsens, more and more people have shifted to the unconventional way of online consultation. As per reports by Practo, the global increase in online consultation has increased up to 500% ever since the pandemic hit. This massive increase in demand in the market gives you the perfect reason to set up your branded online consultation solution in 2021. 

It is a budget-friendly option to start with a lower risk of losing financially. The most significant advantage is that both the mentors and the consulting clients can have their sessions from any part of the world. 

7 key advantages of branded online consultations

The benefits of online consultation for any major brand has an impact of its own. Let’s look at the top nine reasons why you should choose online consultation in 2021. 

  1. Low set up cost: The front-end cost for setting up any consultation business offline is enormous. Starting from the location, space setup, human resource, marketing, etc., all these add up to a considerable expense even before starting your journey. Branded online consultation setup requires minimum expenses, including your social media presence and marketing. We at Codebrew provide you with a tried and tested online consultation base where you can build your dream platform at a reasonable rate.
  2. No geographical or time boundaries: One of the major setbacks for any excellent business plan is either the location or lack of time—online consultation curbs this problem. Everything you work upon and schedule takes place online, so you don’t need to worry about which location can drive in the best customers or how much time you need to dedicate every day. The branded online consultation helps you manage the advance appointment booking as well.
  3. Global reach: The online platform provides you with global access in no time. It otherwise isn’t possible for every consultation service if you set up offline. Unless your brand is firmly established, setting up different branches even across states comes with many financial and human resource requirements.
  4. Drive business 3x faster: There is a reason why most brands have gone digital. All you need on social media are a few strategic ads and content curation for your online market to flourish in no time. It is the best place to drive a large number of potential clients if planned out well. 
  5. Top-notch customization to meet your needs: If you have a strong platform foundation, you can customise as per your market needs and your own preferences. Every brand has their own unique approach and to maintain your own choices and customizations, we provide a strong foundation for your online consultation apps and platforms. 
  6. 24*7 Marketing: There are no particular office hours for your consultation business when you set it online. Hence, the marketing strategies that are executed will do their job 24*7. All of the ads are automated; therefore, they don’t need any human intervention to drive prospects and enhance your consultation services. 
  7. Credibility: Ever wondered why is it such a big task to make yourself visible when you set up something offline for the initial phrase? One of the reasons is a lack of credibility that ultimately leads to a lack of trust. 

Your online presence becomes your biggest credibility as your friends, followers, your content, and their response to the same. Also, getting your hands in some testimonials from your favourite customers and making them visible on your online platforms will give credibility in just a few minutes. 

Platform development for online consultation

Be it a startup or an industry giant; consulting services have always been on-demand. But how do you choose between a readymade solution and a self-made online consultation platform development? If you can spend only a limited amount of time and investment, readymade solutions are your go-to. But if you want better personalization, building from scratch will be better. 

Here are some of the examples of successful consultation platforms in different industries:

Best Doctor Consultation Platforms


Source: Mobihealthnews

  1. Lybrate

This online healthcare consultation platform aims at making its customers more informed about their health condition. It is one of the best platforms for patients to ask their queries and consult one-on-one with doctors. It is also an excellent platform for doctors to earn popularity in the medical fraternity’s online community. 

Lybrate has witnessed an over 60 percent increase in doctor consultation on its platform on account of the coronavirus crisis. Their platform has been actively helping patients to detect their COVID-19 symptoms, and their growth has been unstoppable. Consultation platforms are a booming business, no matter what time of the year. It is high time you should start considering building such a platform.

  1. Practo

Practo is one of the most trusted platforms among all telemedicine consultation apps. It offers a wide assortment of healthcare facilities such as booking diagnostic tests, getting medicines, finding the right doctor, storing health records. This software helps healthcare specialists to connect with their patients very engagingly. 

Online consultations witnessed 600% growth since the lockdown, and Practo as a platform has enjoyed a high share of this growth. Nearly 50,000 patients used the online doctor consultation platform after the onset of the pandemic. Further, almost 10,000 transactions were recorded every day on Practo. Given the current scenario, there cannot be a better startup idea than a digital consultation company.

If you want to create one health consultation for yourself, we are here at your service.

Best E-learning Consultation Platforms

Source: Pixabay

  1. Byjus

An e-learning platform that has changed the entire landscape around education has to be this one. It has always focused on technological up-gradation to build a personalized learning experience for every student. Their technical ecosystem with the right blend of “real learning challenges” makes learning a fun activity. 

They have witnessed a staggering 52 percent growth only in the first few initial months of the pandemic, and the boost has still been continuing. Currently, the valuation of the company has gone above $10.5 billion. If you want to start your digital consultation company, our software development platform can help you at every step.

  1. WhiteHat Jr

This E-learning platform offers several learning features like coding logic, structure, sequence, game development, animations, websites, and applications. Within less than 18 months, their portal saw a growth of almost 700,000 registrations. Their revenue rate has gone up by $40 million within a year. 

Though the pandemic acted as a deterrent for so many businesses, the month-on-month growth of WhiteHat Jr accelerated more than 100%. 

Finding this E-learning business lucrative, and in demand? Do you want to start your business? We will help and ease out the setting up process for you. 

Best Online Legal Consultation Platform

1.Legal Match
This one is one of the best online platforms designed to connect lawyers with their potential clients just at a single click. It helps people find the best legal attorneys in their locality and automatically connect with a high-rated licensed lawyer. 

The platform deals with 4 million cases on an everyday basis. With the rise in the number of cases during a pandemic, this platform has seen an appreciable growth. The platform has continued to grow and make profits since the beginning.

2.Up Counsel
This platform is a hugely popular one for online legal services and has a network of more than 5000 lawyers. Top brands like Airbnb and Visually rely on this platform for expert legal help. It is an amazing online legal consultation platform for easy communication and document management. 

The majority of people prefer online legal consultation services over offline because of the convenience factor. The lockdown has pushed people more towards online consultation services than ever as social distance becomes part of our lives. 


How can consultants/consulting businesses manage their fees?

How do you, being a part of a consultation business charge your clients? How should you decide what is the correct price for your services? 

Consultation businesses who have been in the game for decades still, undercharge their services. Why does this happen? Because in the consultation industry, your competitors keep their prices hidden. So, it is quite difficult to get a fair idea of what your hourly consultation fees should be. 

An easy method can be to use the Hourly Method formula. 

Search the average salary of the related roles in the market. 

Calculate their monthly pay-rate and with the help of this data, make an approximate assumption of what an hour of their service is worth. It can be done by calculating the number of hours they might roughly work in a month. You can accordingly set your hourly consultation charges around it.  


How can consultation businesses market their services?

Here are some creative ways for consultation services to market and promote their services:

  1. Learn Personal Branding: A consultation business is nothing but a brand. As a consultant, you need to constantly learn fresh ways to showcase your skills and services, to your clients. Sell your services by forming your “brand’s image” in the customer’s mind.
  2. Create a personal website– The best way to form an impression in your client’s mind is to have a great website. Your website is like the first look of your business to your potential clients. Give them enough resources on your website so they can research your business. 
  3. Grow your social network: Until and unless you network with the relevant people in your industry or people who might require your services in the future, you are losing big time. The best way to market your consulting services is to grow your professional network and show off your skill sets and expertise in the area you are consulting upon.

Steps to follow to start an online business (E.g. Fitness coach consultation)

Top consulting businesses expected to thrive in 2021

As the pandemic condition raises more uncertainty in offline businesses, online consultation is thriving and shining in various fields for 2021. Here is a list of 5 consultation business that is booming in the upcoming year:

  1. Fitness consultant: People are realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle now, more than ever. To help people achieve their desired healthy lifestyle from the comfort of their home, fitness trainers have shifted to online consultation platforms making this consulting business extremely high in demand. 
  1. Doctor consultant: People are only paying a visit to their doctors in person only when the situation becomes inevitable. Otherwise, the common mass is seeking medical online consultancy regularly to keep their health condition in check. It makes it extremely crucial for doctors to build an application platform to ease their online consultancy process. 
  1. Marketing consultant: As the businesses take a huge toll from the offline platforms into the online media, the demand for a marketing consultant has peaked. On an average basis, every other business is seeking a marketing consultant to help them out to cope up with the change. It makes this whole business a thriving hot niche for 2021. 
  1. Advertising consultant: The world is well known for its love of the power of advertisements. It is the reason why all various brands cannot sustain for a very long time without proper adverts. The demand for advertising consultancy has increased to a huge extent making this a terrific business to establish your online consultancy upon in 2021. 
  1. Human resource consultant: The global pandemic brought in a lot of job crisis when it comes to offline jobs. But at the same time, various businesses are now looking for human resources for online jobs. This creates a huge demand for HR online consultancy to help meet the job demand and employees. 

The majority of people prefer online legal consultation services over offline because of the convenience factor. The lockdown has pushed people more towards online consultation services than ever as social distance becomes part of our lives. 

So no matter how difficult the economic crisis is, an online consultation startup will never fail you since the demand is always high. You are now a step away from creating your own branded online consultation business today and bring a change in your niche. If you need help with telemedicine app development, doctor consultation app development, e learning app development, or any other online consultation platform development, connect with us at CodeBrew. 

January 9, 2021



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