What to keep in mind while hiring a remote development team?

Hiring a remote development team is a crucial step for any startup. Choosing the right development team requires a lot of patience, testing and thinking. It is similar to a marriage where in you need to find someone perfect, someone with whom you can go a long way.

Here are few tips that will help you in choosing the right partner (Development team) for your business:-

Pen down what are you exactly looking for

Usually we tend to have vague ideas of what we exactly want and explaining that to a third person is more of a disaster. Write down your exact requirements and you can make wire-frames to be more precise on your requirements.

Do your homework

After you are done with the requirement part. Its time for you to do some homework :p  Specially, the non technical founders fall apart at this step. Whenever you look for a technical team, make sure you are well versed with the basic technology to be used in developing the app.

Here is a presentation for all the non technical founders that will ease out the complete journey –

Proper selection

Who doesn’t like options 😉 Don’t just take a hasty decision. This step requires a lot of patience and attention. Firstly make sure to reach out to maximum number of people, you can use online freelancer sites or also can directly reach out the app development companies.


Focus on


  • Price – At first, clear the money matters. This is something that creates problems at the later stage. Don’t compromise over quality but also don’t overpay on the name of quality.
  • Portfolio – Study the portfolio well and Do cross-check source files!  It is an added advantage if the company has worked on projects/features that match your requirement.
  • Testimonials and Reviews – It’s always good to have a small background check about the company. Will give you some details about the working style of the team.
  • Communication and Time – Usually we tend to outsource our projects to development teams that are in different time zones. Set out what communication channels and what time works best for you to ensure no lack of communication.
  • Team – These are the people who are going to work with you. It is very important that the founder and the development team are aligned towards the same goal.

Just like its said never lie to a doctor and a lawyer!  Same applies here. Discuss all that is in your mind as the team has past experience maybe they can suggest you some better ideas. Do sign a NDA before disclosing your idea.

Make sure to settle for the best package.

Document everything

Like an old proverb says: – Fill the paper with breathing’s of your heart and it stays forever.

Set up documents for – timelines – requirements and – price details to ensure that you don’t end into any kind of conflict at the later stages. I don’t want to sound scary but it is always good to be clear on points before the final commitment.


… And once you have found the right partner their is no looking back !!

July 8, 2015



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