We Work From Home To Make Sure Your Business Works Smoothly

We Work From Home To Make Sure Your Business Works Smoothly
  • In the light of the corona outbreak, Code Brew offers remote working for the safety of all the employees.
  • Continues to work efficiently, ensuring timely deliveries of all the running and potential projects.
  • Brings forth new opportunities for industries like healthcare, pharmacy, grocery, e-commerce, online education, etc.

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly across the globe, it becomes challenging for small and large businesses to run their operations smoothly. Understanding the severity of the pandemic, Code Brew enabled work from home facility for all the staff members. While all are employees are quarantined at their homes safely, they are working with the same zeal to make sure that our clients are safe from the coronavirus effect.

How Corona Outbreak Is Impacting Business World?

Originated in China, coronavirus has infected more than 350,667 people so far. And certainly, its spread has made businesses around the world counting costs. Have a look at the graph stating the economic impact of the virus on the stock market.

We Work From Home To Make Sure Your Business Works Smoothly

While the pandemic is turning economies, it has turned the daily lives upside down. The fear of the virus spread and the government’s strict advice has made customers stay at home. And this has terribly impacted the offline businesses, across the various industries.

But as it says,

“When one door is closed, don’t you know, another is open”

~Bob Marley

Though the solution to Coronavirus is still unfound, there exists a solution to the problems being faced by offline businesses.

Anti-dote To Coronavirus Effect For Your Business Is Here!

Offline businesses are struggling and no one seems to be happy about their financial portfolios nowadays. However, even these challenging times are having great opportunities for entrepreneurs. The solution lies with technology.

It is the time to make a right move- a move to take your business offline to online.

And the reason is pretty clear; your customers won’t feel safe to come outside of their home, to purchase from your offline stores. But definitely, you can ease the fear of coronavirus. You can help them order and get delivered everything they need at their doorstep.

Here’s an infographic to explain – how taking your business online will thrive you successfully?

We Work From Home To Make Sure Your Business Works Smoothly

Before you go…

In the midst of a pandemic like COVID-19, we understand that you are worried equally for your business health. For this, Code Brew stands strongly by the entrepreneurs. We are here to help you launch your offline businesses online.

Whether you have an offline business or you want to contribute the fight with corona, starting with an online business serves your purpose ideally. Get in touch with us to take your business onboard.

March 23, 2020



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