Start-up Venture To Stakeholdership: Code Brew Brings Third Unicorn in Dubai

Start-up Venture To Stakeholdership: Code Brew Brings Third Unicorn in Dubai

Code Brew Labs is a top-tier mobile app development company based out in Dubai and Chandigarh, delivering scalable and custom tech solutions. The company has recently taken the social media channels by storm with the announcement of its collaboration with Ashneer Grover, Co-founder of BharatPe. 

From a failed start-up to becoming a stakeholder in the new venture of Ashneer Grover’s “Third Unicorn” – Code Brew Labs CEO & Founder Aseem Ghavri, has set his series of previously failed start-ups to offset with its latest announcement in establishing “Third Unicorn’s” footmark in Dubai


His pertinacious approach to the belief of ‘Baat Karne Se Hi Baat Banti Hai’ grabbed the spotlight soon by joining hands with Grover in his new project. Ghavri has proved that success has no boundaries with a vision of its expansion in the Gulf and launching mobile app development services. 

‘Third Unicorn’ In Dubai At A Glance

Dead-started journey of 4 unsuccessful ventures to finally landing “Third Unicorn” in Dubai was a journey of constant reminders to pursue aspirations for Mr. Ghavri.    

His unyielding dedication to bringing fresh ideas to the table with a strong entrepreneurship mindset made him become an ally with Mr. Grover in Third Unicorn. One cold message on LinkedIn to Grover has completely transformed the business outlook at a large. 

Being the first creators of delivering mobile app development services in Dubai in collaboration with Third Unicorn, the success shout is going to be huge! The company has a promising long-term vision to make it a win-win solution for Code Brew and Third Unicorn. Certainly, this is a piece of marvelous news for enterprises and SMBs! 

About Code Brew 

With Code Brew, developers can develop mobile apps and websites with software solutions, alongside customized frameworks, including UI/UX design and analytics. As part of its recent expansion, the company has launched a marketing and growth consulting firm called Venture Souls as well as a blockchain-focused company called Block Brew.  

There are more than 10,000 clients of Code Brew, according to Ghavri, including BharatPe, Vodafone, Nielson, RedVault, and Prostop. Besides its headquarters in Chandigarh, the company has offices in Dubai, New York, London, and Mexico. This company has a team of approximately 600 employees and generates revenues in excess of Rs 100 crore per year, according to Ghavri.

Get in touch with the marketing experts at Code Brew so we can discuss your business needs and help you make the most of your unique ideas. 

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April 7, 2023



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