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Find Out How On-Demand Beauty Business Works

On-Demand economy is transforming every business vertical and is now disrupting the strangest businesses. Among all verticals, on-demand beauty has seen a significant rise over a short period of time. Embracing this huge disruption, Online Beauty Services now stand at a total of $4 billion market value.

Home Salon is the new salon that offers beauty parlour services at door steps. Give an edge of technology to your traditional beauty business and provide your services to your customers effortlessly. Modern customers are not short of choices as there are endless applications offering more or less the same services or products. Having a beauty app does not solve your purpose but you have to ensure an end to end product as well as quality.

Simply put; There are many pizza providers but majority of the people prefer to order from Dominos for the amazing pizzas and policies they have.

Modern customers are not short of choices. Hence, having a beauty app does not solve your purpose but you have to ensure an end to end product as well as quality.

While the quality part is covered by service providers, we cover the technology part for you. Glam360 is a complete on demand beauty platform that we built to bridge the gap between beauticians and customers. With reference to this application, here is how an on-demand beauty app works:


Customer App

Customer Interface is the most integral part of any online business. For your home beauty business, you need a highly usable and intuitive app that simplifies appointment scheduling and service selection.

  • Customer registers on the app and then logs in using the same credentials.

  • Home Screen displays all categories of beauty services that user can select from. Based upon the selected category, services will be listed. Once the user has selected the service that he/she wants to avail, list of nearby salons will be loaded.

  • Customers are able to book or schedule appointments within a few clicks.

  • Payments can be made simpler by integrating payment gateway such as PayPal.

  • Ratings and Reviews let customers submit honest feedback based upon their experience at a particular salon.

  • Chat section enables customers to connect with their beauticians in real-time.

Beautician App

Beautician App is for your beauty agents to manage their bookings and daily tasks. Here is what all can be done with the Beautician App:

  • Beautician App is for freelance beauticians and beauticians who work for other salons.

  • Beauticians get notified about every new booking. They can choose to accept or reject a booking with a touch of a button.

  • Reminders ensure that no beautician misses his/her appointment.

  • Daily tasks can be recorded in the application for reference.

  • Google Maps help beauticians to locate customer’s location and reach in time.

  • Using the calendar, beauticians can mark their availability.

  • Beauticians can also rate customers based upon behavior or other parameters.

Modern customers are not short of choices. Hence, having a beauty app does not solve your purpose but you have to ensure an end to end product as well as quality. (1)


If you are running a salon that has several beauticians, then you would require a super admin panel where you will be able to monitor and manage every activity. All your customer data and beautician data will be accessible through the Super Admin panel.

To manage beauty vendors, you can get a vendor panel, like Glam360 where you can see all the listed vendors and choose to perform actions like add, edit or delete.


Uber for beauty is a hot trend and people are actually getting used to this on-demand paradigm shift. While the base of every online beauty business remains same, there can be variation in specific requirements of every business. Thus, you can customize the flow as per your business model.

The right time to launch your mobile beauty services is NOW.

September 14, 2017



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