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Some Not-So Happy Clients

Though We Don’t Like These Reviews, We Have Dealt With Them Gracefully!

Rabil Ahmad CEO, Capcorp

Review on

After a few weeks of service, Code Brew Labs hasn't met the client's expectations. Since the client has a fixed budget, they haven't paid the second time because the team hasn't delivered any results yet. See More

  • Problem: Misunderstanding related to scope of work & miscommunication led to project halt.
  • Solution: Top management resolved the concern & the project is now close to launch.
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Lamees Al Hajri

Review on


Our contract entailed that they would provide the design for the app but they kept adding bought vectors to the design. We had to outsource the design and pay more money to another company just for the design. We haven't even been compensated for that. See More

  • Problem: Undervaluation of the project led to a misunderstanding with the client.
  • Solution: Leading resources helped to unravel the issue with proper evaluation & getting things done in budget.
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Sudesh Mittal

Review on


I am part of the company who hired them to build new features, but they did not deliver at all. No professionalism in their team. See More

  • Problem:Confusion related to white-labeled & custom-built projects was the reason.
  • Solution:Resolved the issue using our headless approach to build a customizable solution for them.
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Roberto PadresCEO, Parket

Review on

There has been no measurable outcome and the app has not launched. There have been communication issues between internal stakeholders and the vendor team when their point of contact was replaced. See More See More

  • Problem: Timeline & communication issues annoyed our client.
  • Solution: Contacted by top management, the problem was resolved with new timelines that were accomplished successfully.
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Fahim. A

Review on

I had a project which started at June 2020 and now we are in May 2021 and the the project is not delivered till today See More

  • Problem:Time lag due to customization made the client outrageous.
  • Parking Solution:Management settled the project delay adding more senior resources for faster delivery.
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Sachin S.

Review on

Absolutely useless team and can never deliver. Please avoid.I had signed some work with them to be complete and after giving them money they refused that it can't be completed. See More

  • Problem:Client was upset with the late delivery of some customized features.
  • Solution:Senior project managers communicated the reason for delay & delivered highly advanced features for a delighted experience.
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Jeremy F.

Review on

From my experience all positive reviews on this company must be fake. We had a simple web application to be developed. We were given a very competitive quote which we believed. Little did we know that as the project progressed the company would come back and say "this is out of scope, we need to charge more." It clearly their way to earn more and to dupe clients into signing up to their estimations. See More

  • Problem:Client was upset due to a change in the budget estimate.
  • Solution:Initially, it was a white-labeled solution required. But the client required customizations that were chargeable. Smoother communication resolved the concern.
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