How do You Really Decide If Your Business Needs an App?

How do You Really Decide If Your Business Needs an App?

Our dependency on mobile apps these days can be simply estimated from a statistic presented by According to the website, as many as 102,062m mobile apps download have taken till date worldwide. Simply gauge the kind of craving people have for a mobile app. While having a mobile app for your business definitely boosts its productivity manifold, it is highly recommended to analyze your business requirements before going for that.

So how do you do it? How do you decide if your business needs a mobile app? Read on to find out!

1. To be with customers 24*7
Though there is a surge in the average use of mobile by the humans in a day. With an array of apps being installed in our apps, having a mobile app for your business would only bring you close to your customers. If you want your brand to be hooked into the memory of people, having a mobile app is surely a good idea.

2. Bridge the gap of customer service
Is handling customer service a problem for you? Are you not able to be accountable to all your customer problems? If so, your business is in urgent need of a mobile app. Through a mobile app, customer services can be improved without having to attend frequent calls and providing the same solution to each of them separately. A well-designed app helps the customers in receiving answers to frequently asked questions. It reduces a great deal of your time and increases productivity. Customer service mobile apps can also serve by enabling customers to submit the service requests, through video tutorials or by connecting to your customers through online chat.

3. Act as direct channel for marketing
Mobile apps can be utilized for many benign purposes like providing general information about the business, user accounts, prices, messages, booking forms etc.

Mobile apps are beneficial in providing information to the customers regarding promotional events, special sales etc. The mobile apps keep the customers updated about new products and all the information is right at their fingertips. Moreover, push notifications let you interact with your customers even better.

4. Increases customer value
Forget about the old days when rewards were limited to point collection cards. Provide a new trend to the loyalty programs by rewarding customers through mobile apps. This will enable to earn you more customers and more downloads. There are various websites that provide services related to the creation of loyalty based programs. Consult one today!

5. Know your audience
For beginning to adapt to the mobile app, you should know who your audience is and their medium of communication. If a major portion of your customers choose to use smartphones and the web to get information, then building a mobile app for your business would be beneficial for the target audience.

The mobile app will be a total turn around upon how you engage with your customers and how they engage with you. If your mobile app consists of a feature that would solve the customers’ problem or something which proves to be valuable to the customer, the audience can choose to download the app.

When your company or business have a tech-savvy base i.e. most of the activities are done through the web, investing or choosing to have a mobile app for your business would be a smart decision.

Now that you have decided to go for a mobile app, why not try the app maker services by Code Brew? Code Brew has its own mobile app builder through which you can easily make your android and iOS app at the low budget!

June 10, 2016



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