Ramadan 2020: Opening The Gates Of Success For Business World

Finally, the holy month has knocked on our doors. This is one of the most awaited times of the year. A month of spirituality, reflection, blessings, and lot more- Ramadan.

People will be getting up early, spending time with their families, and will be enjoying the communal spirit of this pious month. While it marks the beginning to new hopes and journeys, for the business world it is certainly a time to look upon. Each year during this period there is observed a substantial hike in the demand and consumption for goods and services. As per a report, the customer spend increases by 53% overall during Ramadan.

What makes it more interesting is that 83% of customers are open to trying new brands and products. Hence, business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe seek it as an opportunity to head-start with their new ventures.

Ramadan 2020- A Golden Opportunity For Online Businesses

As stated above, customers are ready to explore new brands during Ramadan. For the entrepreneurs who have been planning to invest in new business ideas, it is the time to act. Moreover, for those who are already running offline businesses, it is time to make a switch. Taking your businesses online is what actually serves your purpose.

The Coronavirus pandemic has to lead to disruption worldwide. The governments of different nations are enforcing situations like lockdown and requesting citizens to maintain physical distancing. Amid this chaos, technology comes as a savior. Online businesses have been growing for a long time, and COVID-19 has raised their value greatly. Even the Dubai Municipality is encouraging residents to switch over to online shopping for this Ramadan.

From ordering food to buying gifts and groceries, customers feel it safe and easy to shop online. This holy month is also about gratitude. So, being a responsible citizen and a business owner, launching your own online business, you can express your gratitude towards them. Now you must be thinking about,

The Most Promising Business Verticals During Ramadan, right?

Here are listed some of the top-performing businesses;

1. Food Delivery

For the restaurant owner, it is a perfect time to boost their sales and brand loyalty, altogether. Most of the customers will be fasting in the day time. However, they prefer to order more than normal for their meals before dawn ‘Sahoor’ and after the sunset ‘Iftaar’. It is reported that the food bills increase by 50-100% during Ramadan. Moreover, 83% of families change their food consumption habits. Give your customers a simple way to order meals online through your branded food delivery app. Serve delicacies to their doorstep and make them buy again with some exciting offers.

 2. Grocery Delivery

Similar to the restaurateurs, grocery shop owners observe a surge in demand for groceries and daily need items during Ramadan. Amidst the Corona-effect, e-grocery startups have been turning into a savior. Meeting customer demand and maintaining shorter delivery times, online grocery delivery apps are becoming a preferred choice. In recent times, UAE-based InstaShop recorded a spike of 70% in-app downloads. Plus, their daily rate of orders has increased by 53%.

3. E-commerce Marketplaces

Ramadan is certainly is a time of generosity and giving. Customers spend a generous amount of their time buying gifts for families and friends. They are constantly on the hunt for new discount, promotions and deal searches. Last year, there was a 106% increase in e-commerce activity during Ramadan. As this time customers prefer spending more time indoors, they are more likely to make online purchases. Having your branded an eCommerce website and a mobile app can help you offer extended help to them.

4. Medicine Delivery

The demand for medicines is constant in the market. The lockdown situations have made it difficult for customers to buy medicines offline. Especially for the elderly, vulnerable patients, and those living in remote areas, the problem is severe. It is time for you to take a stand for the community. And what could be better than this pious month? 

Even the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has urged people to switch online for their pharmaceutical needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Take your pharmacy business online and let the patients reach out to directly to order medicines.

5. On-demand Delivery

Whether you are running a single store or a marketplace, it is essential for every business to now reach out to their customers’ for doorstep delivery. Pickup and delivery services have observed a surge globally amid the coronavirus crisis. Hence, regardless of the business size and type, you must prepare your business for this Ramadan and even after, with the help of a robust delivery management solution.

Adding More To The Spirit Of Ramadan With ‘Deliver Safe’

Code Brew is always on the verge of helping business owners and entrepreneurs with the best technology solutions. To make this Ramadan more special and help businesses keep moving, we are launching ‘Deliver Safe’ tech solution. It is the comprehensive solution, serving the need of the hour for every business owner. While you can run multiple services under one single app, it also enables easy registration for delivery passes. Simply, you can provide safe and government approved deliveries for all essential commodities to your customers.  

That’s not all!

If you are willing to support your community by launching your business online, we are readily supporting the idea with a discount up to 50%*. Yes, you can avail the same on the first kick-off amount and get running with your own branded app in less than a week. In case, you need our expert’s advice, we are always available. Get in touch with us now.

Ramadan Mubarak!

April 24, 2020



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