How Petchatz became the trending Pet App?

Petchatz is a tech solution for all the working pet owners and those who wish to adopt one but cannot because of their jobs. The smart solution offers a lot of smart features like Treat Release, Camera, Motion Detector etc. It is a complete solution that not only keeps your pet entertained but safe as well, even when you are at work.

Amazed by this whole concept, we decided to interview the company. We got in touch with Joe Meyers, Director of Marketing and who shared a lot of interesting things about their journey towards success. Let’s learn from Petchatz.

Q1. Could you brief us about how your business model works?

A1. We are a tech company that offers a pet solution. Petchatz is a product that allows pet parents to be at two places at the same time. We describe Petchatz as a digital daycare doggy app, that allows pet parents to connect with them from anywhere in the world. Our solution has an App and a device that does the entire job. The camera lets you video call your dog, keep it entertained through Dog TV, release treats at a tap, ensure your pet’s security with motion detector, talk to them and a lot more. It is based on Internet of Things and everything is seamlessly connected with the App so that you stay on top of everything.

You just need to connect your Petchatz App to Wifi and then login to your Petchatz account. Next, you add units to your account and access it. Considering that most of the pets are treat motivated, Petchatz also enables pet parents to offer treat, even when they are not around. Obviously, dogs take some time to learn new things. In 5 minutes, dogs can be trained to respond to the distinctive ringtone, which is more like a dinner bell for them.

Q2. How does the Pet-safe scent feature work?

A2. A lot of pets suffer from separation anxiety when their parents are not around for long time (say 8-9 hrs). We introduced Aromatherapy for the pets to ease their separation anxiety. There are pet safe essential oils, and a pad unit on which you can add the drops of the essential oil and it dispenses the aroma of the oils that helps the pet to calm down. It gives them a sense of security like-mommy is going to be home soon.

Q3. What would you describe as the Success Mantra for Petchatz?

A3. The success Mantra for us has been that we are a “Pets First” company. Our aim was to make a product that is pet safe to ensure the physical and mental health of pets. Petchatz is pet safe as it doesn’t have any exposed chords or anything that could cause potential damage. Also, the pet owners have control over the treats to make sure that the pet stays healthy and does not starve or overeat in their absence. There is also a game mode in petchatz that keeps the pet busy and gives them the ability to earn their treats.

Q4. Do you plan to expand your brand presence across other regions?

A4. Yes we do. Currently we are selling in US and Canada. We plan to expand our presence to Europe and Australia by next year, and also in Asia in 2019.

Q5. Share the biggest achievement of your company till date?

A5. Our company is not driven by money and we do not measure our achievement in the terms of revenue. The biggest achievement for Petchatz was when we were able to give a total of 90 days together time to pet owners with their pets in just one month.

Q6. Where do you see your industry going in next five years?

A6. PetTech is growing at a fast pace and the same has been mentioned in a recent report. As per the report, PetTech industry is expected grow at the rate of 26% per year from 2017-2021. Well, Petchatz will lead this industry as we that first-mover advantage with us.

December 24, 2017



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