Nothing too conventional: A List of 7 weird Uber for X startups

Nothing too conventional: A List of 7 weird Uber for X startups


The tech world only gets inundated with Uber for X startup ideas with every upcoming year. While there are obviously a lot of those to keep track of, we can admit that entrepreneurs can go stir crazy with their business dreams. Sometimes, people go to great lengths to bring out the unique, the unusual and the simply unconventional – so if you’re thinking you’ve gotten crazy business ideas, the ‘x’es in these Uber for X startups may make you think again.

There are obviously more of these out there – this list simply features those which happened to catch our eye – and we tried being as versatile as possible.

Mix ‘N’ Match Creamery (Uber for the Ice-Cream experience)

Mix 'n' Match Creamery Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Portland, Oregon

The residents of Oregon clearly have a lot going on with their ice-cream fantasies – because a startup there has taken the experience to another notch. Mix ‘N’ Match creamery gets you the friendly neighborhood ice-cream truck but with a pair of top-notch chefs that can create frozen desserts with Liquid Nitrogen. Yes, that’s right – the stuff from Masterchef right in front of your eyes. I guess it’ll be a hit with the kids and the cuisine-savvy, experimental types.

Elysium Space (Uber for Space Burials)

elysium earth

Have you heard the term ‘space funeral experts’? Well neither had I, till I managed to encounter this interstellar startup. Elysium space combines the expertise of some seriously diverse fields – anthropology, to space engineering – to create truly awesome funerals. While many would call this excessive, you can literally send the ashes of your loved one into space.

All you need to do is send them the ashes, which will then be launched in a grand event – and you will be able to track their journey THROUGH space on your phone. Truly a funeral for the Gods?

Tennis Buddy



Well, we didn’t feel like adding the Uber for X bracket in the title here cause this does exactly what it says – grants you a tennis buddy. For those who indulge in the game and need to hone their skills for setting the court ablaze, Tennis Buddy will locate people who’re seeking a game near you and connect you with them – all in three minutes, filters included.

EAZE (Uber for Weed)



The legalization wave for marijuana seems to have hit hard in the startup world, particularly the US as Uber for X companies eye this lucrative market. Eaze brings together medical marijuana patients with local dispensaries which sell their fix, and promise a delivery time of as less as ten minutes.

Logistical concerns aside, this startup seems to have immense potential for scaling up.

NIMBL (Uber for Cash-in-Hand)



Just when you think there are a few things that couldn’t be outsourced by the Uber for X denizens, we encountered this strange startup. Nimbl brings you hard cash with the help of a runner, right in your hands, wherever you’re standing.

Now you might just think this is an excessive Uber for X idea, what with the flood of ATMs nearby – but the $5 fee doesn’t thrill those who cannot pay for these luxuries anyway.

Airpnp (Uber for the loo)



You may laugh, yes, but Airpnp means serious business in the Uber for X bracket. I mean, the sort of business that is unavoidable for every human being – using the restroom. They’re in the business of providing relief to those who need it – by renting out home-dwellers commodes at a price, on-demand.

Well, I guess that puts a pin on public indecency in the very least – or attempts to.

Manservants (Uber for a Man-on-Demand)



On-demand can mean ANYTHING on demand; including handsome, strapping men. Before you get any funny ideas, let us introduce you to Manservants, an app that lets you hire a well-groomed hunk for a variety of purposes other than the sexual kind. They’re very insistent on that.

This gentleman can be arm candy for a party you needed to go to, can braid your hair, serve drinks and literally wait on you for hours, to pamper you to pieces – all for a price, and the gentleman promises to be multi-talented while also being easy on the eyes. Well, Uber for X is a modern concept for modern sensibilities, so make of it what you will.

January 12, 2017



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