The Appreneur’s Marketing Cookbook: Introduction

“We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.”

– Josh Bernoff, author of “Marketing in the Groundswell” and others.

A big hello to all you aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs out there! My name is Sachin, and I am the CMO for Code-Brew Labs.

This post, and subsequent ones are to address a key concern that plagues many of us today – Mobile App Marketing.

I use the word ‘concern’ for a reason. Any entrepreneur (appreneur, in this case) worth their salt markets their app with the help of careful research.

If you’re scouring through this blog, you’re already in that category, and you’re someone who likes to be informed. I’m sure you’ve encountered several blog-posts and articles containing the magic words Mobile App Marketing.

Still, when you try bringing your idea to life and finally want to make that app viral, you may encounter many hurdles that didn’t seem to be covered in any of those articles. On the other hand, there are entire books dedicated to this field, which attempt to cover all sorts of scenarios, strategies and information – but they can get too dense to process, or far too technical. This easily daunts the unseasoned appreneur.

As a CMO, this is a concern I’ve faced several times. Experience can be a harsh teacher, especially with money and time at stake. I realised that it was perhaps time that we struck a balance between being technical, and being too casual, or offhand when it came to writing a guidebook for mobile app marketing.

This series of blog-posts (which will be combined into an eBook too, for your benefit) is my way of striking this balance. While these posts will not be dense, they will attempt to be as inclusive as possible. We will try and equip you with all the information you might need to take a firm step into the world of app marketing, and we divide the process into seven sub-sections for an easy, modular approach.

These sections are:

  • 1. User Acquisition
  • 2. Retention
  • 3. Engagement
  • 4. Lost user Re-activation
  • 5. App Monetization
  • 6. Analytics and Tracking
  • 7. Useful Tools

While these posts will be extremely beneficial for those who have no idea where to begin, the seasoned appreneur could also go through it and see if the ideas given here resonated with their approach. After all, we can only achieve perfection through idea exchange!

We look forward to your response!

Happy Reading.

March 24, 2017



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