Mobile App Development – The Darker Face of the Moon

Mobile App Development – The Darker Face of the Moon

Want to make your own mobile app? Want it to be in 7 steps or less? Well then, this is not the article for you. Many casual entrepreneurs are taken in with the simplicity of mobile app development. The numerous websites online don’t really tell them what awaits them – the nitty-gritties are often outsourced. The point is, anyone can get an app out there with the right technical finesse and money – but we’re trying to empower you by making the process more transparent.

So, this is more of a post full of warnings – showing you the perils of mobile app development, and what to avoid. In addition, this may just give you an idea of the level of commitment you need to have in order to get into this business. Mobile app development is not for the faint of heart, so let’s explore the darker face of the moon, while we’re at it.

Mistakes, mistakes

Everyone makes them, right? Well, we’d rather avoid the mistakes that are too costly for you, or those that crush your dreams after you’ve put your money into something you didn’t even understand.


Mistakes can be of all varieties, technical and conceptual. For most people, manifesting an app into reality is so far-fetched because they don’t know what they want an app for – they’ve just heard it’s the popular thing to do.

For others, it’s the conversion issue – they want to convert their business front (website, or otherwise) into a mobile app version, and do a bad job at it. The business and its mobile version may be nothing alike! The world of mobile apps is its own universe, and direct translation doesn’t always succeed.

Platform Problems


Well, does your app want to target Windows, iOS or Android sporting phones? For those who think the App Store is an instant money makes because of the costs involved initially, think again. Some apps might not even work in the US, which is where the App Store frankly shines, but Android is still a global force. Possibilities and alternatives need to be thought of when it comes to making your mobile app because it’s a huge consideration keeping your targets etc. in mind.

Apps that help you find toys for your pet hamster?

bad apps

Ever heard of those wacky app ideas that sound like a stoner’s wet dream? Well, this is not the page that supports renegade thinking of the sort. If you have the money, sure, go ahead and be our guests – get that app out – but there needs to be a market for your app for it to float.

Don’t create apps simply because you’re the only one who thinks it’s the best idea to find toys for your pet hamster to play with – if there are a ton of other people with similar concerns, then again, be our guests. You have analytics and marketing to help you with that. Feedback is always good – know what your consumer wants before you dive deep.

Viral can also be dangerous

scale up

Say you’re the guy whose app is just killing it in the market right now. Well, good job – but what about this little thing called unsustainable growth? Just as it is not good to overestimate yourself – it is also not good to underestimate yourself either, especially if you start realizing you can’t scale up fast enough!

In the world of mobile app development, rises and falls are both meteoric – you might be here one day and gone the next. That’s why you need to be on your toes. If you cannot handle the growth, find ways of curbing it. If providing service and support to rapidly growing numbers of end users becomes completely unscalable and costly, it can result in angry or confused end users who either leave a negative App Store review and/or delete the app (according to Flurry, a majority of app users churn within 90 days)

So if you know the worth of your idea and are actively tracking its growth, then be prepared.

The downsized Web experience


Too cluttered? Thought so.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs just come out with an app that’s a downsized version of their website. This is a clumsy move. The mobile UI/UX experience is not to be taken lightly, because it makes or breaks app usability. If they came to your app because they wanted a more efficient, faster way of accessing your services, do not let them have the same thing – it’s clunky, and mobile is another world altogether. Think smartly.

The Right Guys


Well, they keep saying – know who you’ll be getting into bed with – and this goes double for all your tech needs. If you don’t have the right company and haven’t investigated them enough, or have questionable transparency issues – then you might want to reconsider.

Most businesses take external help, so this step is crucial – also, while it may be a mistake to think high-cost outsourcing is the best way out – it is definitely a mistake to think low-cost sourcing is better either. Rolling back your project and starting over is a painful feeling that you don’t want, so go beyond pricing when you’re taking someone on board.

Security Breaches

Cybersecurity Homepage Feature-650x350

Well, this is one of the most obvious ones – most app development folks go their merry way when it comes to reinforcing security and data leaks on their apps, thinking it to be entirely secure. Despite many of the same security flaws as web applications (XSS, insecure storage, Cross-Site Request Forgery, insecure communications), many mobile app developers assume mobile devices are more secure by default and don’t go through the same security-vetting process as with other applications.

Just remember, it’s the customer’s money and information on the line (in turn, yours?), so not plugging these up early is both a long and short-term problem.

Stopped at the finishing line?


Well, many people don’t consider this – but simply making a kickass app, and having an idea to boot is not the only process-based hurdles you encounter. Your app is in someone else’s sandbox – Google, Apple and the other big boys – so debug your app as much as possible, and run prototype tests as much as possible. Apple in particular can be quite picky, and what’s the point of the next multi-billion-dollar idea if it’s not even on the market?

Monetize fast and furious


Start thinking about monetization early in the development process, and be pro-active about pursuing the correct path – or you’ll fall flat. A lot of people don’t know what model will suit their business well – subscription, commission – whatever it is, a test run is most needed. You won’t find that unless you make the considerations early so that you can even bounce back from temporary losses – later on, it may just be too late.

Well, these are a few things to take care of. Holler at us if you find any more intense issues, and we’ll be sure to take your feedback for the same. Also, about choosing the right guys? Well, if you’re not that shy, don’t hesitate to give us a call regarding these matters and we’ll be more than happy to talk over some brew!

April 19, 2017



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