Launch App Like Lyft: Know How To Build App Like Lyft & Development Cost Of Creating Lyft Clone

A mobile app is the major resource for any on-demand service provider and the fact holds true for taxi dispatch apps like Lyft as well. The Lyft app connects users with drivers to book a ride as per their convenience and desired location. After being founded in May 2012, Lyft has grown to become second largest ride hailing service with 31% share in US market.


Why Lyft Has Become A Popular Ride Hailing App?

Before Lyft started its operations, there were already many players in the taxi dispatching market. So, how did Lyft expand its share in ride hailing service market? Lyft offered some innovative benefits to create its niche.

  • Easy & Affordable Ride Booking: Being unique is important to outdo existing competition in any market. Lyft understood this concept and focused on altering the traditional taxi booking system. It started with an aim to create an experience that would make riders feel as if riding with a friend and not a driver. Secondly, Lyft offered lower fare as compared to its competitors this idea clicked with the target audience and helped in improving the popularity of Lyft among users.
  • Problem Solving Approach: Lyft has focused on taking actions that would solve real world problems such as enrolling to carry medical beneficiaries in Arizona. This approach has helped in improving the credibility of the ride hailing platform among consumers.
  • Uniqueness: The idea of building a community has been a driving force behind the advertising strategy of Lyft. Ideas such as encouraging drivers to set up punk fluffy moustaches in front of their cars and encouraging riders to sit in the front seat to facilitate better communication with the driver set the service apart from other taxi dispatching services in the market. Also, Lyft offers attractive business rewards to its drivers to ensure their loyalty and long term association with the platform.


How Does Lyft Work?

If you want to create a Lyft clone, you need to have prior knowledge about Lyft works, what is Lyft business model and how Lyft earns money. While this article is primarily focused on how to create taxi dispatching app like Lyft and its development costs, check our blog to know about Lyft business model – ‘How Lyft Works: Understanding Lyft Business Model & Revenue Model’.

Let us have a brief talk about how Lyft works for riders and drivers.

  • Open Lyft app and click on request ride.
  • Enter the start and destination point.
  • Request a ride.
  • When a driver accepts the request, rider receives ride details.


  • Receive notification when a rider requests a ride.
  • Accept the ride as per convenience & availability.


Growth Timeline Of Lyft

Since its inception, the ride hailing platform has witnessed huge growth in the number of riders, partner drivers and revenue.


Statistics Of Lyft App


As of now, Lyft has its operations in 644 US and 12 Canadian cities with over 2M drivers. Looking at the broader picture, the global taxi dispatching services app market is expected to reach a value of $150B by the year 2026.

If you are impressed by these numbers and want to create your own Lyft clone or ride hailing app, here is a guide to help you.


How To Develop Ride Hailing App Like Lyft?

A ride hailing app has three interfaces:

  • Customer Interface
  • Drivers Interface
  • Admin Panel

In order to build a highly responsive and revenue generating taxi dispatch app, focus on including following features in your own Lyft clone.


Customers App
  • Map: This feature helps in automatically locating the rider. Customers can also use the map to select pickup or drop locations instead of manually entering an address. Additionally, map can be used to track the location of the ride.
  • Price Estimation: Riders can get price estimation for the ride based on the ride distance, surge, etc. after adding pickup and drop location.
  • Ride History: This section of rider app allows riders to have a list of recent rides with information of payments made, fare review, etc.
  • Multiple Payment Integrations: Offer multiple payment options such as cash, credit card, digital wallets, and more.


Drivers App
  • Status Update: This feature allows drivers to switch on/off their status to work at their convenience.
  • Earnings Section: This section provides drivers access to information related to their daily and weekly earnings.
  • Referrals: Add a referrals tab to help drivers refer their friends for free of cost marketing and growing your driver base.
  • Route Optimization: This feature helps drivers in finding the right route for picking up the rider and reaching the destination without delay.


Admin Panel
  • User Management: Allows you to manage riders and drivers.
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications about discounts, offers, referral bonus, etc.
  • Real Time Analysis: It helps you track the rides and have insight into your business.


What Is The Cost Of Developing Lyft Clone?

Developing a taxi dispatching app like Lyft costs more than generic app development because it includes three different interfaces or apps. The actual cost of development depends upon a number of factors:

  • Number of features
  • Platform compatibility (iOS/android)
  • Advanced features
  • UI/UX design features
  • Location of developer


On an average, the approximate cost to develop a ride hailing app like Lyft lies between $5000 to $15000. However, Code Brew Labs offers a white label solution at an affordable rate. The ready-to-use taxi dispatching app solutions offered by us include complete tech solution necessary for developing a highly responsive and revenue generating ride hailing app like Lyft. Do you want to launch your own Lyft clone or want to get an exact quote for developing app like Lyft? We have all the answers you need. Let’s connect now!


August 26, 2021



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