Inspiring Ecommerce Success Stories – What You Should Do?

Inspiring Ecommerce Success Stories – What You Should Do?

Do you know that the global eCommerce sales are going to reach nearly $3.46 trillion in 2019? 

Building a prosperous online business is not an easy thing to do, However knowing how others made it is the best way to get started. You can learn plenty of things from their achievements, and in some cases, even more from their mistakes. These types of stories can be priceless for any determined eCommerce business.

From small businesses to the large online sellers, there are a lot of excellent eCommerce practices all over the place. Although uncover inspiration for your own website, we have brought together 3 of our admired eCommerce success stories here. 

Along with it, we’ll give you a piece of practical advice that will help you follow their same approach.

  • Amazon

Inspiring Ecommerce Success Stories - What You Should Do?

Let’s start quickly with a massive eCommerce success story from a business everyone is aware of. Whenever we talk about “eCommerce,” Amazon is often the first website that pops into our head. It means that they apparently did something great and in the right way.

Amazon was formed in 1994 as an online bookstore in the beginning. The company boarded the eCommerce market at an early stage and expanded by gradually increasing its product-base progressively.

One thing that makes Amazon distinguish as an eCommerce store is its cutting-edge online affiliate marketing model that a lot of vendors still follow. 

Amazon’s affiliate marketing model comes with two main benefits:

  1. It expands the number of customers who connect with Amazon’s website, giving their services and products more disclosure.
  2. It allows other seller’s markets and sells products on their website, making Amazon a share of those acquired profits.

Why is this Method Rewarding?

If your website is getting plenty of traffic regularly, and there are products with respect to your content, then think about executing an affiliate marketing program.

By only providing proposals for services and products you enrolled with from your website, you may discover yourself producing a notable stream of passive income.

  • Alibaba

Inspiring Ecommerce Success Stories - What You Should Do?

When it comes to successful eCommerce platforms, we cannot ignore Alibaba. This eCommerce giant was founded in 1999 from China by Jack Ma. 

Alibaba not only limited to end consumers but also to retailers. The third-largest market in the world has total control in China, and It is sufficient to add it to the list of top eCommerce companies in the world. 

This successful company is now working hard to get a hold in the global market. In the beginning, Alibaba didn’t have the money to hire graduates in his sales team. He then hired farmers from the countryside and offered them sales jobs, that was a big move for the young men.

If you are hesitant to start an eCommerce business, whether it be a garage platform with multiple vendors or an eCommerce website for furniture, Alibaba can be an inspiration for you.

  • eBay

Inspiring Ecommerce Success Stories - What You Should Do?

eBay is one of the top eCommerce companies in the world, founded in 1995, in San Jose, California. 

Its bidding feature is what makes eBay so exceptional and one of the top eCommerce companies in the world. 

Do you know that every transaction bags eBay a bit share in the sales amount? This little bit of share amassed to $9 billion of revenue in 2017?

If you look at the business model of eBay, it seems quite simple. But its revenue will startle you. That’s the power of eCommerce.   

Final Words 

You need tons of effort to differentiate from the crowd in today’s eCommerce market. To stay ahead of your competition, think about hiring a professional mobile app development company. 

Professionals are familiar with the customer’s point of view thoroughly and understand what to offer them and what not! 

As a beginner, you might not know the standardized customer view required to be successful. The professional mobile app development company, on the other hand, has the deep customer insights needed to connect with potential customers. 

If you have any queries related to the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace, feel free to get in touch with Code Brew.


December 2, 2019



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