How To Find Features That Dovetail With Your App?

Competitiveness in the business world today is measured in a variety of ways. One of which happens to be mobility. Whereas in the past having a website that was responsive and mobile optimized was considered to be amply sufficient, today a mobile app has become indispensable. Absent mobile app, a business’ digital presence is said to be incomplete. But simply having a mobile app just for the sake of having one is of no use. An app has to be created with proper care and thought to be able to make a difference and be successful. It can be safely asserted that an app’s features are what determine its ultimate success. So how does one create the most useful features in a mobile app? Read on to find out the answers in this blog.

Research Well

Defining The Purpose

Creating a digital product calls for a great deal of research. So you have to keep a constant watch on your target audience, market shift, success factors, and the audience’s trouble areas to come up with the most compelling solution. After that, you’d want to figure out the various technology and resource-related requirements to achieve the set goal. Throughout this process, your vision for the app should be crystal clear. The value of research in app development can’t be emphasized enough. All sorts of information, stats and unlocked secrets you’re going to learn will serve you brilliantly through the product lifecycle, not least when the user and market demand undergo any changes.

Define The Purpose

Knowing what you’re trying to accomplish or in other words, the purpose of your app should be clear in your mind. Try to address the following questions – What problem will your app solve? Who will be its target audience? What are your USPs? How will it make people’s lives easier? What’s the value proposition etc. This might sound like a very basic step but it carries huge weight. The answers you get in the app defining process go a long way in helping you get the grip of the solution you wish to build.

Choose Mobile App Features

Features are crucial to give a product its own distinct identity. Make sure the feature requirements are conveyed to the development team in an unambiguous manner. Set about listing the mobile app features that you believe will be instrumental to achieve your app objectives. Determine in what ways they solve the problems identified? Are there multiple objectives? What features will assist the attainment of what objectives? All these questions will help you arrive at the perfect vantage point, from where you can state the purpose of each feature. Pass down the same to the development team to facilitate better understanding.

Prioritize App Features

Prioritize App Features

As an app owner, you should be able to set the priority of each requirement, thereby making it clear as to what areas in the app are most important to measure its success. While some app features are quite crucial to the app, others are just there to support it. It’s important to set feature priority inside each classification. This way the important app features get greater focus and don’t experience any setbacks owing to project timeline or the team roadblocks. You’ll find that product definition proves instrumental in order to manage the scope creep, that is a time when the project reaches far beyond its original size. A perfect example of a scope creep is when a team member has a change of mind and decides to introduce a feature that’s totally irrelevant to the original product idea. This often results in product failure. Product definition helps you alleviate that scenario.

Determine Success Criteria

Whatever product you’re trying to develop, you’ll want to know its minimum requirements. A success criterion helps you achieve that. The product development team stands to benefit the most with this approac. They have a much better understanding of what’s considered success with regards to each app feature. For instance, if a given feature is supposed to bring up the drop-down menu upon click/tap, then the success criteria for that feature could be the successful completion of that action during the app-usage.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what you’re setting out to create is the most significant step in any mobile app development project. The whole host of questions that pop-up once you do dig down deep to understand your product idea better are of huge significance. An accomplished mobile app development company will help you run through all these steps and with absolute ease. Hope you found this blog useful. Let us know what other tips you think are crucial to ascertain the right features for your mobile in the comments section below:

November 14, 2018



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