Build All In One On-Demand Delivery App Like Mrsool: Features Of Mrsool Clone & Development Cost For On-Demand Delivery Apps

Build All In One On-Demand Delivery App Like Mrsool: Features Of Mrsool Clone & Development Cost For On-Demand Delivery Apps

On-demand delivery is a growing industry with an annual growth rate of 49%. A report by Harvard Business reveals that on-demand delivery apps serve 22.4M consumers annually. The latest entry in this dimension is Mrsool. Mrsool is a smartphone app for on-demand delivery which has been creating waves in Saudi Arabia. With its unique business idea, Mrsool has become a pioneer and fastest growing on-demand delivery solution in the region.


How Mrsool Works?

Mrsool is an all in one on-demand delivery app as it is not limited to a particular sector of service. Here is a brief account of how this on-demand delivery app works:

  • The consumers have the liberty to order any product from any store in the city and the app connects the consumers to available on-demand courier services in the area.
  • The courier services give a quotation which includes the price of product and their delivery fees.
  • The customer has the option to choose from multiple courier services based on the bid placed by them.
  • When customer accepts the quotation, the selected courier services purchases the required product from the store and delivers it at the doorstep of the consumer.
How Mrsool Works

Work Flow Of All In One On-Demand Delivery App

The success of this business model is evident from the fact that Mrsool has grown to 1M+ users and 500K+ courier partners in a short span since its launch in 2015.

This rate of growth has created a stir among the entrepreneurs planning to launch a startup. In fact, while you are reading about Mrsool, there are entrepreneurs who are already grabbing the opportunity and launching their on-demand delivery app like Mrsool. Click here, to launch your on-demand delivery service and earn high ROI.


Scope Of All In One On-Demand Delivery Apps Like Mrsool

When building your all in one on-demand delivery app, it is important to understand the scope of on-demand delivery apps. An all in one on-demand delivery app can be used to offer following facilities:

  • Delivering parcel to one place
  • Delivering parcel to multiple places

Using an all in one on-demand delivery app like Mrsool, you can venture past the limitations of operating in a single market. It allows you to conduct business in multiple markets.

  • Grocery Delivery
  • Food Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery
  • Courier Delivery
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Home Services


All In One On-Demand Delivery App

Business Prospects Of All In One On-Demand Delivery App


Why Build All-In-One On-Demand Delivery App Like Mrsool?

On-demand delivery has penetrated every market as millennials find it highly convenient to get the products of their daily requirement get delivered to their doorstep. What does this mean for the entrepreneurs?

The increase in use of on-demand delivery platforms has led to increase in revenue generated by these apps. Here is a list of reasons why entrepreneurs are compelled to launch their on-demand delivery platforms:

  • Ease: On-demand delivery apps facilitate swift delivery of a large number of products for consumers. Service providers also experience easy delivery of their products leading to higher profits. This ease of use results in higher number of customers and partners for an on-demand delivery app which translates into higher revenue for the app. Additionally, it is easier for the entrepreneurs to manage their all-in-one delivery business using the app.
  • Wide Reach: One of the major problems of people residing in remote areas is the lack of accessibility to a large number of services. However, all in one on-demand delivery apps can be easily accessed by them. This results in a wider consumer reach for all in one on-demand delivery apps as compared to ground level delivery solutions.
  • Low Maintenance: Building and maintaining all in one on-demand delivery platforms requires few efforts on the part of the entrepreneur. All you need is to hire a good mobile app building company that offers complete tech suite and white label solutions for your on-demand delivery business.
  • Affordable: Building an all in one on-demand delivery app is affordable. Companies like Code Brew offer feature loaded and faster to launch on-demand delivery platforms at affordable price.


Features Of All In One On-Demand Delivery App Like Mrsool

When building an all in one on-demand delivery app, you need to create three different interfaces, namely:

  • Customer Website & App
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Delivery Agent App

Let’s first start by discussing a general feature required to ensure the success of your on-demand delivery app.

Hassle-Free Download: Make sure that the name of your app is easy to remember and search from Google Play or iOS app stores. Complicated names make it difficult for users to type the spellings and download the original app. Alternatively, you can consider providing the download links on your on-demand delivery service’s website.

Here is an account of necessary features that should be included on every interface when building an all in one on-demand delivery app.

Customer Website & App: The customer interface of the on-demand delivery app like Mrsool should be designed to offer a seamless ordering experience. Here is a checklist of necessary features for customer interface:

  • Easy Sign Up & Login
  • Product Catalogue
  • Advanced Search
  • Order Placement & Tracking
  • Bid Accepting Portal
  • Multiple Payment Gateways Integration
  • In-App Chat
  • Review & Feedback

Admin Dashboard: The basic purpose of admin dashboard is to allow you to manage and control your on-demand delivery service effortlessly while providing real-time insight into the business operations. Check this list of features that help in building a powerful admin dashboard for your on-demand delivery app:

  • Consumer & Delivery Agent Management
  • Accept/Reject Orders
  • Order Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Delivery Management
  • Real Time Reporting & Analysis

Delivery Agent Interface/App: The delivery agent interface/app should be designed with features that allow them to view order requests and fulfill orders efficiently. Some necessary features for delivery agent interface are:

  • Bidding Panel
  • Order Approval
  • Route Optimization
  • In-App Chat
  • Order History
  • Earnings Tab
  • Ratings & Feedback

What Is Development Cost For All In One On-Demand Delivery App Like Mrsool?

The development cost of Mrsool like app is higher as compared to generic apps because it includes three different interfaces or apps. Other factors that govern the development cost of Mrsool clone are:

  • Advanced Features
  • Platform Compatibility (Android/iOS)
  • UI/UX Design Of App
  • Third Party Integrations
  • App Development Company

Here is an affordable and efficient solution! Code Brew Labs offers a ready-to-use all in one on-demand delivery platform solution including three interfaces. The mobile app development company offers you the flexibility to customize the solution as per your requirements. As most of the solution is already built, the solution is affordable and offers faster launch time.

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September 1, 2021



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