How to build a Social Media App that goes Viral?

Let’s go back to the time of our forefathers. No technology, no smartphones, no internet access. And surely no instant updation of your daily chores. Can you imagine living a life like that? Well, I can’t, and I am sure many of you too can’t. That’s the importance of Social Media we hold in our lives. Most of us begin and end our day scrolling through the pages of Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and, Linkedin etc. Ten years ago, none of these Social Media Apps made sense and relevance in our lives, but today Social Media has its claws dug deeply and have become a huge influence in our lives.

Importance of Social Media

In a perpetual world, Social Media Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have made a profound impact on the lives and cultures of society. Be it the 24/7 connectivity with no Geographical barriers, two-way communication, keeping up with the present and global trends or instant sharing of live pictures, videos, and documents, Social media has allowed us to connect with people and ideate in no time. I am not bragging Social Media or neither being inimical about the use of social media. But all I know is the world is literally at our fingertips with the immediate power of Social Media.

The Need to build a Viral Social Media App

Today we all are connected by the source of Social Media apps. Many of us have consumed the virtual persona of social media apps to immediately meet the evolving digital trends and needs. It has built a strange and obsessive urge to implement every new feature an app offers in real life. Earlier Social Media was considered to be the lifeblood in our daily lives but with such an amazing growth, social media has become an important medium in creating many professional success stories too. The strategies used to engage the audience has exponentially increased the growth rate.

How to build a Social Media App that goes viral?

The importance of developing a popular social media app is only understood once you start trying your hands in the market. If done right, then your app is here to stay for a long run and if not then jumping into the bandwagon of social media was never a good idea to start with.

Now if you are sure and have jumped into the business of building a social media app that not only tops the trending apps but also goes viral with the inbuilt features, then this is where you should be. Go on reading with the blog to get started with building a social media app that becomes the favorite of many.

1. Know your market and competition

Know your audience and market

Tim Ferriss, a speaker, entrepreneur and an author once stated, “One can steal the idea but one cannot steal the execution and passion” blends best on every day changing needs and technology. Doing market research before building an app makes you well informed, stronger and well equipped in the best possible ways. Thanks to websites like Google Trends and Keyword Planner that helps in knowing the current and emerging trends to know the market more mindfully.

2. Make it for the audience

“Impress the audience,” says it all and can be the best guiding light for any entrepreneur. Identifying your target audience can be a vital step in creating the roadmap of any social media app. Many apps have seen a setback by making changes that were already making miracles to the users. Therefore, understanding the preferences who are ultimately going to download your app will take you to the big league.

3. Top it with Onboarding

Remember installing an app and dropping it to the trash bin within seconds because of the bad splash screen. That’s the importance a good onboarding screen holds. A good app onboarding can help the users unlock the inherent value of the product and attract more users. Apps like Friendster, Orkut and MySpace etc. failed even before making an impact.

Get users for that WOW moment to help your app go more viral.

4. Ace with Personalised, On Demand Content

Snapchat’s timely customization of filters and on-demand content appeal have targeted millennials to build a long-lasting brand value. The major reason why Snapchat is still the master of Social Media Apps is the entire experience and mode of instant communication it provides. Personalized and on-demand content adds a more stream-of-consciousness style of sharing the content.

5. Thrive the trend chart

In a fast-changing world of trends, it is very important to adopt the trend change in your app quickly. By adopting the changing trends, the landscape of social media becomes more exciting and involves more users.

Let’s take a look at the already emerged trends which has taken a toll in the world of mobile apps.

a) Augmented and Virtual Reality:

Trends like augmented and virtual reality have attracted many users and have made social media apps more fun with the unique features by giving a real-time experience.

b) Chatbots:

The Chatbot trend has made social media apps more user-friendly and instant.

c) Live Streaming:

Live streaming- a relatively new phenomenon has created a medium to engage customers in a real and viable way.  Earlier started as a niche, live streaming now has been adopted by Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and have emerged as a dominant trend.

6. Unites the world

unite everyone with social media apps

The entire objective of Social Media comes down to one purpose which is to bring the users together. To build a successful social media app it is very important to ease the connectivity between the users sitting at different geographical locations. Social media apps that are effortless in user connection helps you fetch great fan base.

Closing Thoughts

Of course, creating a social media app and making it viral is beneficial in every way. The only need is to gather the knowledge related and implement the ideas with smart work and dedication. Therefore, the above-discussed strategies will help you build a social media app that goes viral with the best Mobile App Development Company. But apart from this, you can try encouraging people, share through different mediums to help your app gain popularity in no time.



October 12, 2018



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