How A Mobile App Can Help Augment Your Brand Identity?

How A Mobile App Can Help Augment Your Brand Identity?

Google Play Store recorded a whopping 2.1 million apps in the third quarter of 2018. The advent of technology and the need for instant availability hastened mobile apps’ journey from a luxury to an absolute necessity. The case is even stronger in present times, given the fact that apps have become the first preference to get things done.

We are living in the times of instant gratification, and all Uber for X businesses are the driving force as well as the beneficiaries behind this phenomenon.

So, when business owners wonder whether they need a mobile app or not, the answer can’t be sufficed in a simple yes or no, for the correct answer is backed up with reasons. The first and foremost reason is better brand identity. Let’s see how a mobile app helps you put your best foot forward in your market:

Better Customer Engagement

Talk to any mobile app development company about how important apps are for a better customer engagement; they’ll ask you to think of 5 apps on your phone that you use the most. Apart from social media apps, two major app categories will most probably be a food app and a cab booking app.

Now, ask yourself why these particular apps? Why not some other brand?

An app’s popularity lies in how quickly and easily it gets things done. Thoughtfully created apps score high on customer engagement scale, the major factor behind every established brand.

Improved Traffic

Improved Traffic

Customer engagement is in direct correlation with mobile traffic since both of them improve in tandem with each other. A highly engaging mobile app with an equally intriguing logo establishes itself as a reliable brand.

Since the logo is the first thing end customers notice on the App Store or Play Store for that matter, an interesting logo drives curiosity and the desire to download an app and try it.

A clever logo design attracts quality leads by giving them an idea what your app is all about. This is especially important because unlike popular brands, people are yet to know about your business. You can, and should use this fact to your advantage.

  • Design a logo that defines your work
  • Create a memorable design
  • Give it a unique personality
  • Use positive and action based colors
  • Keep updating the logo with time

Your business app’s first impression relies heavily on the logo. Get it right to pave a fruitful path.

Instant Customer Support

Earlier, online customer support used to mean conversing through emails. Then came messengers that a customer had to log into. All these hassles are easily addressed by mobile apps. With an integrated chat option or a button that would route a call immediately to a dedicated representative, mobile apps made customer support quicker and more efficient than ever before.

This new communication channel offers one of the fastest customer support services, and every business owner knows how important customer support is for establishing a strong and dependable brand identity.

Additional Marketing Channel

Apart from other marketing channels such as email marketing, social media, search engine and such, a mobile app comes across as a handy marketing tool. From timely push notifications to in-app updates, the options to engage your audience are galore.

And then there’s the fact that your app is visible to millions of people on App Store or Play Store. The global presence of your app can also drive on the wait for your arrival in a particular country.

Starbucks India is a very good example of the same. The world-renowned coffeehouse chain was anticipated to open an outlet in India. At the same time, the coffee mogul also launched their app, Starbucks India to engage the audience on the go.

Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

Mobile apps have evolved from a mere extension of a business to a virtual business assistant. With the introduction of augmented reality (AR), human interaction with mobile apps has evolved manifold. The new interaction method delivers a more immersive experience.

Take Tata Automobiles for example. While launching a compact SUV named Nexon, Tata also launched an AR mobile app that could be used in tandem with an AR matrix they published in newspapers. Interested buyers simply needed to download the app, open the app and face the camera on the newspaper. A Nexon would pop-up and give them a more detailed, real-life like viewing experience.

Add biometric security such a fingerprint, retina and/or face scanning, and your app becomes more secure and private for your audience. Giving your customers an app that is secure and gives quick access at the same time is an effective way to establish your credibility among them.

Need of the Hour

24Seven, India’s prominent 24-hour retail chain comes with a customer app that offers awards, reward points, referrals and many more additional offers that customers won’t be able to avail otherwise.

In a similar fashion, CCD mobile app, like many other consumer apps, allows customers to collect points for each purchase. These points can be used as a payment method in future.

Business owners have realized the potential mobile apps pack. Conventional business model stores are benefiting heavily from them. Online businesses just can’t do without one.


Mobile apps are no longer considered a futuristic business tool. Mobile apps offer instant access, are available on the go and deliver a more personalized user experience. Put all these factors together and you’ll realize that customers nowadays rely more on an app than they would on a mobile website. Before availing service from any business, checking offers and deals on a mobile app has become the norm. People want to see how much effort you are ready to make to provide a remarkable customer journey.

That said, a good business app is more than just deals, discounts and an amazing interface. Research, analyze and decide what kind of app would be best suited for your business. The best idea would be to talk to an experienced business app development company that can understand your requirements thoroughly and come up with a suitable solution.

December 3, 2018


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