What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About GoJek’s Business Revenue Model? Find Out!

The age of information technology is a legendary period that started in the mid 20th century. In this era of technology, we have seen the impossible become possible. Like, have you ever thought that with a few clicks on the smartphone; taxis, food, and many other services would come to our doorstep. It is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? Nowadays, you can order almost anything using your smartphone from the comfort of your home. Now, what’s next? A new breed of tech dragon is rising from the South with the concept of the super app model. When it comes to super apps, the one name that strikes in mind is GoJek. Also, GoJek is a super app that offers services like transport, food delivery, grocery delivery, and much more. There is nothing wrong with saying that GoJek’s business model is an investment in the future. 

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Are you excited to know about the GoJek business model? Stay tuned! This is all about GoJek’s business model, revenue model, and how it works for customers, retailers, and delivery drivers. So, let’s get started, it’s time to unfold the GoJek business model. 

What is a Super App?

A super app allows the users to fetch different services from one single app. Basically, GoJek’s business model follows a super app culture. It is a one-stop shop where the users can get numerous services under the same roof. Moreover, there are many popular super apps, including WeChat, AliPay, Paytm, Grab, GoTo, Zalo, Kakao, and more. 

GoJek Business Model – Introduction & Journey

PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa, better known as ‘GoJek’ is an Indonesian on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group based in Jakarta. Initially, they used to connect consumers to courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services. 

In 2015, GoJek launched its app with four additional services: GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood. This step totally transformed GoJek’s business model forever, and turned it into a super app.

At present, GoJek is a unicorn, and it is ruling the market with a value of over US$10 billion. Moreover, the company has tech giant investors like Google, Mitsubishi, Astra International, Northstar, and many more. 

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GoJek Business Model – Growth Timeline 

  • In October 2010, GoJek started as a call center with a fleet of approx 20 riders. 
  • In 2014, the GoJek business model grabbed the attention of the investors with the rise of Uber
  • In January 2015, Gojek reached 400 riders in its squadron. At this stage, the company decided to launch the GoJek app with services like transportation, shopping, and courier services for Jakarta and nearby cities. This move is the building block of the transformation of the GoJek business model. 
  • In April 2015, GoJek launched the Go-Food service and expanded to Bandung. 
  • In September 2015, GoJek launched go-mart. Also, it crossed 30k riders and expanded to Makassar. 
  • In October 2015, GoJek got funding from Sequoia Capital and some other investors. Later, it launched new services like Go-Box, Go-Massage, Go-Glam, Go-Clean, and Go-Busway. 
  • In December 2015, GoJek launched Go-Tix. It is an event ticket booking service. 
  • In April 2016, GoJek launched Go-Car to expand its ride-hailing from motorbike fleet to cars.

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GoJek Business Model Statistics Window 

Following are some of the eye-opening stats related to GoJek business model:

How GoJek Business Model Works – Business Model and Revenue Model

GoJek is a multi-service platform, with three main segments; Customers, Merchants, and Drivers. It is a one-stop shop for those who want multi-services under the same roof. So, if you want to launch a multi-service app like GoJek clone app for your business, don’t forget to hire the most reliable mobile app development company. Request a quote now!

Now let us see how does GoJek business model works;

GoJek Business Model For Customers 

GoJek business model is a single-stop solution for those who want to experience all the services under the same roof. Let us see how GoJek business model works for customers:

Search For Services 

First of all, the user needs to identify the service they wish to use. They can choose from the list of various services available on the app, such as GoMart, GoFood, GoShop, GoMed, and many more. Else, the users can also directly search for the service of their choice. 

Book The Service 

GoJek’s business model is a boon for those who want different services in their courtyard. Users can choose the service of their choice using the GoJek app, such as cab service, house cleaning professionals, on-demand food delivery, On-demand grocery shopping, and many more. The users can select and book the service they wish to use. 

For example, if a customer wants to get groceries delivered, then first he needs to choose GoMart. After that, he can add the items of his choice to his cart. 

Bill Payment

Once the users are ready with their service/shopping cart, they have to pay for those services. The platform provides them with various online payment modes, such as G-Pay, Paytm, Card payment, and more.  

Get The Delivery 

Once the users are done with the payment, they can expect the delivery at their doorstep in the given timeframe. 

GoJek Business Model For Merchants 

Gojek offers services in collaboration with thousands of retailers who join the platform to expand their sales and grow their business. Moreover, GoJek not only provides businesses with exposure but also intensifies their customer reach. Let’s see how the GoJek business model works for merchant

Receive Orders

As the customer places an order, the merchants will get a notification on their Go-Biz app. After that, they have to keep the order ready by the time the delivery driver arrives to collect the order.

Get The Order Ready For Delivery

The next step is to keep the orders ready for the users. If they have some confusion, they can contact the customers for better clarity. After that, they have to make the order ready to deliver. Moreover, it helps the delivery drivers to make the delivery of the order in the shortest time possible. All in all, GoJek’s business model enforces clarity in every segment of the application. 

Delivery To The Driver

When the order is ready from the merchant, the delivery driver arrives to collect the order.GoJek business model aims at wallet-to-wallet payments between the drivers and the merchants. When the merchant hands over the order to the delivery driver, GoJek deducts the payment from the merchant’s wallet. 

Note: This process is the same in almost all the services offered by GoJek. Moreover, all the transactions on the platform are made via Go-Pay. Moreover, watch this video to understand how the vendor panel works for your app. 

GoJek Business Model For Drivers 

Drivers and delivery partnerships can partner with GoJek by obeying a simple process. Now let us unfold how the GoJek business model works for delivery drivers:

Download The App

First of all, the delivery drivers need to download the GoJek application on their smartphones. Secondly, they have to sign up for their account by filling in their details. Moreover, if we talk about personal details, it includes vehicle number, license number, and more. 

The internet connection should be stable because the signal strength of their network connection is directly proportional to the number of orders they receive. 

Account Creation 

Once the delivery drivers are done with the registration process, they have to turn on the online icon to get orders, this is how GoJek business model works for drivers. Also, this icon shows their availability to deliver the orders. Moreover, if a delivery driver is engaged with some order delivery, it shows him busy, and the order will automatically be assigned to another delivery driver. 

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GoJek Business Revenue Model – How Does GoJek Make Money?

If we talk about the GoJek business revenue model, it has several waves of income for the business. To understand how GoJek makes money, it is important to understand the GoJek business revenue model. So, let’s get started;

Commission from Merchants 

GoJek charges commission from the retailers who use their platform to market their services. It is the principal model of how GoJek’s business model makes money. Additionally, the company supports the retailers to mount their incomes and expand their business to more outstanding paths. 

In return, the retailers have to pay a part of their income on each order which they receive from the GoJek app. The part of commission automatically deducts from the e-wallet of the retailers once they hand over the order to the delivery driver. So, this is how GoJek’s business model charges commission from merchants.

Note: In GoJek’s business model, all the transactions are made from the e-wallet and all the orders are paid by GoPay. Are you interested in making a digital payment app like Paytm? Book a free demo now

Commission from Drivers 

Secondly, the drivers and delivery partners also need to pay a commission of 20% to the company on each order delivered. This is the second model of how GoJek makes money. Moreover, it encourages the delivery drivers and delivery partners to work more as they are working on a profit-based model. On the other hand, delivery drivers get paid per order; the more they deliver, the more they earn. Moreover, they get performance-based bonuses. So, this is how the GoJek business model charges commissions from drivers. 

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Commission from Consumers 

Commission from customers is the third income tier of GoJek’s business model. In short, consumers also need to pay the service charge of 10% of the order to the company to get the services at their doorstep. However, the company charges a minimal amount to the customers to improve their reach among customers. 


This is all you need to know about GoJek’s business model and how GoJek makes money. If you are planning to build an on-demand multi-service app like GoJek clone, we recommend you go with the best mobile app development company. 

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